Sunday, May 6, 2018

You ought to be in Pictures.

Let me just begin by saying I like to Re-Vamp my logo Annually. Have a Look above and you'll see the change.  Additionally, I'm going to start up on adding both new-comers and old timers (Females only at this time) who never had a chance to get their photos and flicker links displayed (as shown on the right). To allot myself time directing  future projects I'll solely be listing the model along with several photos and their flicker link. They'll be no questionnaire.

Photos will be taken by two professional photographers and dear friends of mine. Dusty Pedroia and Peeter Tamerlane. Both photographers have an extensive bio and have worked in a plethora of Magazine Publications, Designer Blogs and Flicker group banners both in and out of the Adult Industry.  

Photo Courtesy of Dusty Pedroia

Any female models interested in being linked to my production blog can contact me directly and i'll have you set up with either photographer. There will only be a total of 3 nude shots taken, on solid backgrounds.  Do not contact the photographers directly as they're busy on their own projects and will be assisting me on an as needed basis.  Models must be wearing mesh from head to toe. (No Exaggerated Boobies).  I'm open to all females alike (Tgirls/shemales welcomed) but no cock shots will be taken. If you can leave your appendage off,  you can still partake in the shoot.

Photos are at no cost to you. Once they are linked to my blog you may feel free to add them to your flicker. It would be appropriate  to list their credits in your description.

Photo Courtesy of Dusty Pedroia

Any models linked can be sure at some point I would call you in for a role, providing you have the patience and are interested in being in productions. Ask the fellow Models, Photographers or Directors already Listed.  Most who have at some point worked or currently working with me.

Have a look at the creative work both Photographers have done on their Flicker Link.  Just click on their names below

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