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Up Close & Personal: Isa Cheviot-Lights Camera, Action!!!

There are certain Directors that capture my attention, and then there are those that don't. The attention factor comes as a result of the quality of work they produce and also that blissful feeling of euphoria when you watch their piece of work and tell yourself "mmm that was hot." The porn induced arousal that's linked to many parts of our brain when an action is performed as well when it's observed. That surely plays an important role in both the male and female arousal. This Director does not fall short in that aspect. Every current piece of work she's produced along with some of her older pieces have gotten my attention. Everything from the theme to the insatiable sex presented. The truth is if i'm looking at someones work I'm looking to learn what could be beneficial in my pieces as well. Not to copy but to create in a different form. 

I'm gradually approaching Directors out there to get some Porn Collaboration pieces done. I feel if we collectively work together it can show the public just how appealing we want to keep the masses of players in the industry. Isa Cheviot is surely one of those Directors I plan to work with. I sat down with Model, Actress, Blogger, Pornstar and Director Isa Cheviot to get a feel of what it's like for her behind the scene. This is a MUST read.

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz: How Long Have you Been in the "Porn Industry"

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): I was in my first porn movie back in I think 2012 with a guy named Priapus.  At that time I didn’t know there was such a thing as the sl porn industry; I thought we were doing something revolutionary!  After that I started working with a director named Liam Erde, who had just started a group called Dog Star Productions.   I was in maybe 5 or 6 of his films before he left SL more or less for good and he asked me to take over Dog Star.  I think that was in late 2012 or maybe early 2013.   We made 2 films sort of together that were my training films – Training Clarissa and Izzy’s Bad Day – Part 2.  We worked on those together and he showed me how to film and edit and all of that before he left.

Alexandria Topaz: How many film projects have you created?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): So I went back in counted – I’ve directed 91 one films to date and I’ve performed in a total of 58 films so far, almost all of them mine.  That doesn’t include a few compilation films I’ve made.  It’s been a learning experience for certain!  I look at the early films I made and compare them to the newer ones and the quality has really gotten better.  I still have tons to 

Alexandria Topaz: How far would you like to take your "Porn Star Career on SL?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): I would like to act in more films rather than direct.  It may be a direction I go in as I continue my RL studies in the coming year.  I won’t give up filming but it’s so labor intensive that I can’t keep up the pace I’ve been going for the last couple of years.  I really enjoy blogging as well and that also pulls me from the camera, so to speak, but I’m happy with that as long as I’m still engaged with the industry.

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star who would it be -(Please list as many folks as you like according to your gender)-If bisexual and you want to list both that's fine..

Isa (isabelle.cheviot):  I’m only going to include ones I haven’t worked with because there are way too many to list that I’ve worked with through the years.  I’d love to work with Holly Arkright, Stacia Renoir, Kei Frequency, Yana Grau, Damien Goddard…and I’d love to get Carter Holloway in front of the camera!

Alexandria Topaz: What have you learned being behind the scenes as a model/actor or Director ? What has that been like for you?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot):  I think the main thing I’ve learned as a director is to be organized going into a shoot.  Performer’s time is valuable and I try to respect that when I work with people.  It takes roughly 2 hours of filming for every 10 minutes on screen, not including editing, more if it’s a group scene, so having some knowledge of the animations and what I want to film is pretty important.

I’ve also learned that we’re making pornography.  For me the most important aspect of any film I make is the ‘hotness’ factor.  I am less concerned with the artistic quality than I am with the qualities that arouse the viewer.  That is my driving motivation in every scene.

Photo Courtesy of Isa Cheviot

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): As far as being a model I’ve learned to totally respect the vision of the director or photographer.  Everyone has an idea of what they’re wanting to see on screen or in a picture and my job as a model isn’t to tell them how to do that but to make it easy for them to do that.  Being engaged during shoots, even long ones, is vital.  There’s nothing worse than someone being away from their keyboard while you’re trying to get them to take off their shirt or something!  

Alexandria Topaz: Some roles can be scarce due to the lack of Directors at this time. What do you do while you await for the next role?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot):  This isn’t exactly relevant to me anymore but it once was and it’s relevant to a lot of women out there who are really anxious to be in a movie.  When that happened to me, I learned how to film.  I was lucky to have had Liam but the SL porn community is pretty open about helping out new people.  I know for a fact people like Emily, yourself, Racheal, me and many others are 
more than happy to answer questions about what software to use and how to edit, etc.  Then you just need to find your voice.  

Isa (isabelle.cheviot):  Also, if you’re waiting to be in a film, show up to the parties!  If you just send IM’s to directors, no one is going to take you seriously.  You need to get out and show off your body, let people see your personality, get into some pictures,etc…soon you’ll have a film role…and then another.  Pretty soon people will know who you are.  But I think everyone should keep things in perspective and think about what your goals are.  Is your goal to be famous or create good porn?  It’s just like in life – set your priorities and goals and then go after them.  OMG I sound like a fucking life coach!  Shut up, Isa!  

Well there's only way of shutting her up so we'll have to go to a quick break

Oral Intermission

Alexandria Topaz: That was yummy Isa.. Lets keep it our little Secret..grins

Photo Courtesy of Isa Cheviot

Alexandria Topaz: Are you an active flicker fan? If so please list your link

Isa (isabelle.cheviot):  I’m really not much of a photographer.  Most of my pictures in my Flickr are still shots from my films but here’s the link:

Alexandria Topaz:The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): Everyone for the most part has been great.  I don’t let most things bother me so the occasional bullshit I’ve come across just rolls off my shoulders pretty easily.  I’ve found most everyone to be very helpful and willing to share information. Like any group, there’s different cliques but if you are a reasonably cool person to be around you’ll get in.  I would say that if you are having trouble getting to know people at the parties and all of that, the problem is probably with you and not the other people.  

*Check your diva-self at the door and leave your whiny, mopey attitude at home because no one wants to be around people like that.  Be friendly, positive and humble and I can’t think of anyone in the industry who won’t like you.  

Alexandria Topaz: Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of most of the other actresses in the business or do you find you get along with most of them? lol

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): I get along with pretty much everyone, or at least I think I do – wait, do you know something I don’t??  Ha ha! If you say you’re going to show up at the time agreed to, BE THERE…because trust me, there are 10 other girls in line behind you that will be happy to take your spot.  Once you get there, be engaged.  That’s not the time to be watching a TV show or cooking dinner – you’re there to act!  

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz: How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind or in front of the camera?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): I felt comfortable in front of the camera from day one.  Behind the camera…maybe I’m still not comfortable.  I mean I guess I know how to work the controls lol but I feel like I have so much to learn.  Lately I’m realizing how much I’m suffering due to computer issues.  I really need to upgrade but that’s not something I can do right away so I have what I have.  But I guess I’m 
comfortable enough that I can make a decent film in a reasonable period of time.

Alexandria Topaz: Are you stimulated by some of the sex with your co-stars-Be honest. :).. and answer if applicable.

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): Of course!  As I said earlier, stimulation is my driving force.  I make my best movies when I’m horny – really, I can tell the difference!  Whether I’m behind or in front of the camera, my vibrating egg is never far away and I actually tell the viewers how many orgasms I have in the creation of almost every film I make!  It’s right there in the movie…sort of an easter egg lol.  
It’s happened once or twice that I got so turned on that I stopped filming altogether.  Those are fun times.  

Alexandria Topaz: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): I’m going to give you two for each sex:

Male:  Sam Harris – he looks like Ben Stiller but his intellect really turns me on…nerdy girl!
           Jimmy Fallon – lol – he’s funny and creative!
Female:  Scarlett Johannsen – she’s so sensual and pouty and full of life….yum!
               Alex Morgan – I don’t think I need to explain this one!

Photo Courtesy of Alexandria Topaz/Scarlett Johannsen

Well Scarlett and I were getting comfortable and feeling a bit insatiable about you. The minute I mentioned your name things just got a little more heated. As you can tell from the above photo we just had the most Amazing &*(&(&( . Captured a quick pic with a message from her directly to you after our encounter.

Alexandria Topaz: What role would you not take part in if offered or never present in any of your films?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): I would not take part in a rape scene or a forced scene.  Ever.  In my opinion, no woman should agree to that and we should make scenes like that taboo.

Alexandria Topaz: Do you have to make pre-sex small talk on set and if so are you comfortable with it?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot):: I don’t HAVE to – I’m usually really busy filming so don’t get to talk or emote much outside of the direction I’m giving.  I will on occasion flirt or emote a little bit if the other person is into it.  I don’t mind if my performers are emoting just as long as they don’t start ignoring my direction cause they’re too horny!

Alexandria Topaz:Have you ever been involved in any super weird niche Porn?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): My Taboo series is a bit of a niche.  I haven’t done much beyond that – I’m not really interested in super weird porn lol.

Alexandria Topaz: It's been known that like real life.. some Porn Actors/Actresses are stalked by "Sl Fans" have you experienced any of that?

Photo Courtesy of Isa Cheviot

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): I wouldn’t say ‘stalked’.  I have a few guys that are fans of my films and they may let me know how much they enjoyed a film I’ve recently released (nudge nudge wink wink) but I’ve never had a stalker.  It’s so easy to block people in SL that I’m not too concerned about that.

Alexandria Topaz:  As a Director what type of Models do you search for or get your attention?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): The first thing is they must have a mesh avatar.  In my early films I worked with people who didn’t have one because *I* didn’t have one either.  I was not an early adopter of the mesh avatar but once I finally did, I pretty much changed my policy.  I may have hurt some feelings of people I worked with a lot before but I think I was honest about it being a mesh avi issue and anyone can get one.

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): The second thing is an ‘it’ factor.  I’m looking for some unique quality about your avatar or face that makes me think of them in a film.  It’s a quality I can’t quite describe but I know it when I see it.  One thing that’s making this harder to do is the advent of the mesh head.  I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of them for filming in particular.  I can’t argue that they look good but many of them look really similar to each other.  I’m not saying I won’t cast someone who has one – I’ve cast many that have them but I guess I’m saying I’m probably more ‘taken’ with someone with a non-mesh head that looks super hot.  Maybe a good looking model with a nice mesh avi and a standard non-mesh head will be more likely to be cast than someone WITH a mesh head.  Maybe not.

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): The third thing is personality.  I get a lot of requests from people who just don’t really say much or just seem…’flat’.  Maybe they’re nervous, I don’t know.  People who are fun and interesting are just that….more fun and interesting to be around.

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): Lastly I tend to look for people who can film when I can film, of course.  That’s a pretty big dilemma at times because people I’d like to work with more are on the other side of the planet and it’s hard to make the scheduling work.

Alexandria Topaz: Your blog seems very informative. I've noticed you have quite a selection of staff working with you. Who are they and what are their roles.

Isa (isabelle.cheviot): Thank you – I really enjoy blogging and I think it serves an important role for sl porn.  first, I have Katina Cazalet who helps me with posts and general help.  I also have Scotty07, Sunday Whitewood, Ali Fox as my primary photographers.  Kayla Bombastic, Chris C and Marika Blaisdale also help out on occasion.  Note that I don’t really have ‘staff’ per se…these are people who are helping me in their free time and I’m so very grateful.

Photos Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz:  In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene?

Isa (isabelle.cheviot):

1) Look as good and as unique as you can.  Note that I am not saying to have the largest tits or 3 eyes or something.  I mean don’t look like everyone else.  Mesh avi’s are a must.  No one will cast you if you don’t have one any more, I promise.

2) Show up to parties and learn the business.  Meet people.  Learn who is who…follow the blogs, watch people’s films.  Learn.

3) Don’t be an asshole.

4) Don’t whine about not being in roles.  If you whine about not being in roles, that’s probably why you aren’t in roles.  Just saying.

5) Be sexual.  This is about sex FIRST and foremost.  If you’re in this for the fame, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

6) Try to create your own content.  Even attempting beginner content shows effort and creativity and will endear you to people who can put you in films and pics.

7)  Have fun.

Thanks so much for these GREAT questions! - Isa

No Thank You, for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and give me yet another wonderful Interview now get back to work.. And as legendary director frank capra said "There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness"   keep the sinful treats cumming my dear friend.. continued success to you. Spanks.. Smiles


  1. Wonderful interview with a talented, beautiful director, model and blogger. It is always a pleasure to watch her works and read her blog!!!

  2. Awesome interview and awesome lady. Isa put me in my first movie and it was a wonderful experience. Working with her on her blog is so much fun.

    Isa, huggles you beautiful lady.