Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Upclose and Personal: Tiffi Stevens - Attractive,Conversable and Enjoyable

I've taken a liking to this next newcomer for several reasons. Every time i'm in  her presence she always manages to pop in a hello to shoot the breeze in the most pleasant way. Tiffi Stevens has the makings of an excellent model with her stylish look and presence. Additionally, she seems to have a pleasant personality, gets along with others and surely enjoyable to be around. I've been glancing her flicker for quite some time and am impress with her work. I sat down with Tiffi during a pool party event hosted by my friend Sonji Prevost and here is what she had to say. 

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz: What brought you to Second Life? 

Tiffi Stevens: Well a long time ago I came here from There.com , and it became an addiction to me 

Alexandria Topaz: How Long Have you Been in the "Porn Industry"? 

Tiffi Stevens: Actually not that long I have spent12 years as fashion model doing runway and print work and decided it was time fora change but porn is pretty new to me.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffi Stevens

Alexandria Topaz: How did you get started in Porn? Was something I always had an interest in and some friends were in it got me really interested and  I am having a ball , sometimes two even,  I do love it.

Alexandria Topaz: How many film projects have you been a part of, be it as an extra, featured or Starring role? (please list Film/Director/Role. I like to give due credits where appropriate.) 

Tiffi Stevens: Well none as of yet but hopefully very soon :  )

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz: What are your favorite pieces of work that you were in (photos/videos, list up to 3, include links if available)?

Tiffi Stevens: I would say learning to do my own flickr has become my favorite work and also some shots others have done : 

 by Rache Avro:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rache_avro/40991721790/in/photosof-157767864@N08/

Alexandria Topaz: What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed? 

Tiffi Stevens: Well negative people  has been the biggest one  but not going into that 

Photo Courtesy of Tiffi Stevens

Alexandria Topaz: How far would you like to take your Porn Star Career on SL?  

Tiffi Stevens: I would like to take it as far as possible  I hope people like who I am and what I do. I enjoy the people in the industry and love looking my very best.

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with a photographer or producer who would it be?  

Tiffi Stevens: Well I would have to say the one I work the most with Rachel Avro , love her skills and the way she brings out the best in the models

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz:  What have you learned being behind the scenes as a model/actress? What has that been like for you? 

Tiffi Stevens: Well I have learned that porn is far less cutthroat then runway work it is a much more relaxed fun loving group of people 

Alexandria Topaz: Some roles can be scarce due to the lack of Directors at this time. What do you do while you wait for the next role? 

Tiffi Stevens: I work on my flickr skills try to come up with ideas and locations  to shoot 

Photo Courtesy of Tiffi Stevens

Alexandria Topaz: Are you an active flicker fan? If so please list your link 

Alexandria Topaz: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

Tiffi Stevens: I have met a lot of people and  have not had that kind of problem at all 

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz: Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of some of the actors/actresses in the business or do you find you get along with most of them? 

Tiffi Stevens: Oh there are one or two I would love to smack then just do it again for good measure 

Alexandria Topaz: How long were you working before you felt comfortable in front of the camera? 

Tiffi Stevens: I have always loved to be seen so being in front of a camera is second nature to me 

Photo Courtesy of Tiffi Stevens

Alexandria Topaz: Are you stimulated by some of the sex with your co-stars - Be honest. :) 

Tiffi Stevens: sometimes yes very much so I am only human  , lol .

Alexandria Topaz: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

Tiffi Stevens: I really don't know or would I attempt to pick just one :  )

Alexandria Topaz: What role would you not take part in if offered ? 

Tiffi Stevens: I cannot think of any  I would not  accept if they were offered unless it was with somebody I cannot stand.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffi Stevens

Alexandria Topaz: Do you have to make pre-sex small talk on set and if so are you comfortable with it?  

Tiffi Stevens: It is not something I  have a need for but I don't mind talking at all.

Alexandria Topaz: Have you ever been involved in any super weird niche Porn? 

Tiffi Stevens: Off the record does "life with Rachel "count?  Seriously no I have been in any strange stuff. 

Alexandria Topaz: It's been known that like real life.. some Porn Actors/Actresses are stalked by "Sl Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

Tiffi Stevens: I have had the happen over the years as top fashion model . It's part of what you expect.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffi Stevens

Alexandria Topaz: In your experience, what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene? 

Tiffi Stevens: Get to know people  be a part of the things that go on do not expect to be famous overnight or actually ever most of all enjoy what you do  

Alexandria Topaz: Any parting words for our readers?

Tiffi Stevens:  I am glad to be a part of this group of talented people it  is a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing and talking to many of you soon hugs to all !

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