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Up Close & Personal: Pinky Van Tightnpuss: The Iconic Pretty in Pinky

                                                                Photo Courtesy of staff photographer; Dusty Pedroia
There are few more iconic people in the porn community than Pinky van Tightnpuss. She is immediately recognizable for her pink hair and stunning look that she has done her own creation work to make unique. Party host and DJ, as well as Director, Model, and Photographer, she contributes a lot to the group. And of course, everyone loves to slap that ass at her parties to get their groove on (except perhaps certain times at Halloween parties that I still have nightmares about... *shudders*). She is well spoken, yet not afraid to also speak out and let us know exactly what is on her   mind, which I love. Please read on for a deeper look at our resident Pretty in Pinky.

[Monique LeFry]: What brought you to Second Life? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Boredom. Some 10 years ago I couldn't work anymore due to health issues, so I was at home all day, not able to do much. After a few months a friend who visited us asked if we had ever heard of Second Life, and we didn't, so the conversation went on about another subject. The next day I was curious about it, and looked it up and weeks later I made my first account, Ayara came a year later.

[Monique LeFry]: Ohhhhh, Ayara isn't your first avi! I feel like there is some really exciting story about your original. Something torrid and exciting, yet slightly dangerous... please don't burst my bubble, please?

[Monique LeFry]: How Long Have you Been in the "Porn Industry"?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I think it was somewhere in December 2009 when I stumbled upon the porn scene by accident.

[Monique LeFry]: Yes, porn scenes are typically littered with paraphernalia and accoutrement that pose considerable stumbling risk.

[Monique LeFry]: How did you get started in Porn?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I met this guy, we started dating and he was in porn. He made movies and did pictures, but mostly NOT of me, so I started doing my own pics, and later my own video's, and it turned out I was not half bad at it hehe.

[Monique LeFry]: How could he NOT do pictures of you? Unless that is another torrid backstory that you want to keep the pictures buried and nudge nudge wink wink so no more!

Photo Courtesy of Pink van Tightnpuss 
[Monique LeFry]: What are your favourite pieces of work that you were in (photos/videos, list up to 3, include links if available)?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]:

- Bound and Blind folded

- This what rock & roll fucks like

- Aesthetic Perfection The New Black (non porn)

[Monique LeFry]: Please! Tell me what inspired the Pink Panther music for the intro theme music.... ohhhhh, ok, I get it!  But I love those videos, you certainly have your own style and aesthetic that I really appreciate. The lighting is really good in all of those, definitely unconventional.

[Monique LeFry]: How far would you like to take your Porn Star Career on SL? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I will not fuck for a part, suck up for a part, change my looks for a part, but I have it easy, cause I usually produce my own stuff.

[Monique LeFry]: But what if you had to ask yourself to change your look for the part you want in your own movie? OK best not to think on that one too hard... moving on...

[Monique LeFry]: If you had an opportunity to work with a photographer or producer who would it be? 

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dusty Pedroia

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Rysan Fall. The old pornies will remember his name I am sure, but he is one of the best film makers I have ever seen on SL. He is no longer involved in porn, but he made some great things. And Scooby Mode if he ever gets back into making video's. But there is a lot of talented people around I never had the chance of working with before.

[Monique LeFry]: Oh yes, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rysan Fall for the SX Magazine where we announced the video judges for the SX Awards. He was very friendly and down to earth, but his work speaks volumes. REALLY well done and a true artist. I am not familiar with Scooby Mode myself but trust that he must be quite talented if you are calling him out as someone you wish to work with.

[Monique LeFry]: What have you learned being behind the scenes as a model/actress? What has that been like for you? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I learned to have outfits ready lol. Nothing worse than having to wait 10 minutes for a model that doesn't have their stuff together. And being patient, and that it is ok to joke around on a set, the wait can be very long.

[Monique LeFry]: Oh wow, you can joke around on set? Anyone that has worked with me knows I am a quiet little mouse in the corner when working. But yes, patience is a true virtue, and a good model has their shit together as best as possible before getting on set.

[Monique LeFry]: Are you an active flicker fan? If so please list your link

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Pinky van Tightnpuss]:

[Monique LeFry]: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: There are a few people in it that are total attention whores in my opinion, and personally I think you need to go find a shrink if your self esteem depends on pixel fame. That is just pathetic. But luckily I have a few I consider very good friends.

[Monique LeFry]: Ha! The theme song to Fame popped into my head just now. I guess you could live forever in SL, and we already all know how to fly, so I figure we all have pixel fame anyway.

[Monique LeFry]: Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of some of the actors/actresses in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Eh, as I said, there are a few I would throw a party for if they ever decided to make the world a better place and hit the X button for good lol. But the majority is good people.

[Monique LeFry]: I would have to agree in that, on the whole, we really have a strong, vibrant group with some really good people. See, this is what I call being Diplomatic Moni.

[Monique LeFry]: How long were you working before you felt comfortable in front of the camera?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I don't think I have ever felt uncomfortable in front of the camera. Behind is a different story, I still find it hard to ask people if they want to pose for me cause I can imagine they don't trust the outcome, and i can't blame them, it's a bit of a gamble with me, I might turn you Smurf blue if I feel like it.

[Monique LeFry]: I absolutely don't mind being Moni Smurf. Anything for the sake of art! And your pictures are gorgeous. All this said, isn't it more likely that you would turn someone Care Bear Pink?

Photo Courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Monique LeFry]: Are you stimulated by some of the sex with your co-stars - Be honest. :)

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Not on a set, to me porn and sex are two different things. On a set I focus on the work and the only thing on my mind then is making a good picture or a good looking video. If I want to have sex I know who to call lol.

[Monique LeFry]: You still have me on speed dial right?

[Monique LeFry]: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Easy one, Hugh Jackman. Youngsters with baby faces don't do it for me, I like grown men with muscles (and chest hair!)

[Monique LeFry]: mmmm, yes now that IS a good choice. You have to figure Wolverine would have great stamina in bed.

[Monique LeFry]: What role would you not take part in if offered ? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Any role that requires me to change my appearance. Sorry, not going to happen.

[Monique LeFry]: Your appearance really does so much to define you in this place, it is important to keep the integrity of it, I agree. And you really have an iconic look that just jumps off the screen, no one should want to change it anyway.

[Monique LeFry]: It's been known that like real life.. some Porn Actors/Actresses are stalked by "Sl Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

                                                                 Photo Courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I have had a few guys wanting a bit too much attention, but they usually give up quickly (block, derender and ban works miracles)

[Monique LeFry]: In your experience, what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Don't do anything you are not comfortable with, create your own unique look and be careful who you work with, always check if they are really a producers/photographers, you would not be the first one to be tricked into doing a shoot while the, usually, guy is just jerking off on you and not taking pics at all. That is also why I refuse to emote on a set.

[Monique LeFry]: Great advice that any newcomer should really take to heart. There are many great photographers looking for new faces, that are professional and respectful to work with. Don't feel compelled to do anything because you feel like you need to get your face out there. Be patient and do your own photos and good things will come.

[Monique LeFry]: You do a lot of hosting and DJ'ing, how did that come about for you?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Same as porn, rolled into that. A friend of mine was the Monday DJ, and my thursday one, but he changed jobs and could not do that anymore. So i stepped in to fill the Mondays, and Nak-(Nakuru Bergamasco) does the Thursdays.

[Monique LeFry]: Funny how things in SL can sometimes just sort of happen, when you least suspect it. Too bad you can't do Thursdays as well... >_>     *love you, Nak* (Nakuru Bergamasco)

[Monique LeFry]: Do you feel like that is a complement to your porn activities or really a completely different pursuit?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: It is connected since I only DJ and host porn star parties.

Photo courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Monique LeFry]: Tell us a bit about what inspires you as a DJ, how you build your sets, etc.

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Sometimes I don't even have a set ready, or throw it out of the window when I am DJ-ing and adjust the set to things people are saying, requests and so on.. And when I have a set ready, there is always a theme, it can be sex-related, 130 BPM, a certain kind of music, or I just threw something together and hit "random" lol.

[Monique LeFry]: I really do love how you tailor your set and bring in stuff that can be relevant to the current conversation or mood. That just shows a level of commitment to doing a great job rather than just rolling a canned stream. Except for those times you just hit random. :P

[Monique LeFry]: I understand that at one time, you also designed and built shoes? Any other products, and are you still working at that?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I have made clothes, skins (but i don't sell those, I just make them for myself), tattoos and anything I want but can't find on the marketplace really. But not anymore lately.

[Monique LeFry]: I really respect people that are able to build their own things, to create their own look. That even have the will and perseverance to learn and do it.

[Monique LeFry]: If not, why, and do you think you will get
back to it?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: No, I kinda lack time to do that at the moment. I can't be arsed to go into Blender and make a shoe lately, but who knows, I might get the vibe again one day and dive back into that. It is like with everything I do on here, I do things when I feel like it lol.

[Monique LeFry]: So, if I were to ask REALLY nicely would you build me a nice pair of wedges? Let me know when you feel like it. :-) But yeah, you really have to feel the motivation and inspiration to jump into something like that.

Photo courtesy of staff photographer: Dusty Pedroia

[Monique LeFry]:Any parting words for our readers?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Thank you for reading *muah* and you know, I like feedback to my work too! lol. It's always so quiet when I post a link.

[Monique LeFry]: I am sure that is just because they are struck speechless by the magnitude and awe inspiring work you put out. But seriously, your work is amazing and want to see more! Thanks again for making the time to talk with us, Pinky! 


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