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Up Close & Personal-Envy Trevellion-The Visionnaire Extraordinaire

"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them" Elliott Erwitt.

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dustin Pedroia

This next former porn star, Excellent Photographer and Pose Creator surely does not fall short of expressing her vision well through photography. She has every man, woman and couple melting at the site of her ALL her photos. In my eyes when I want to have a good look at photos or maybe feed off ideas that photographers are expressing, I quickly go to her page. I'm not only showcasing porn stars, new comers or Directors but Creative Visionnaires like Envy Trevellion and her Partner  Curtis Trevellion who's photography ALWAYS leave something to the imagination. In the first part of my interview I sat down with Envy Trevellion for an in depth interview. Here is what she had to share.

Alexandria Topaz: So while i know you're not in the industry anymore, why not tell me a bit of your background back when you were.

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts): I was " discovered "  lol i feel so silly saying that.. on flikr around 2012.  My pictures were being faved by certain pornstars of that time.. they were being invited to porn  groups 'n such. I was eventually offered to join the Pornstars group then eventually Hoobs Hotties where I ended up as CEO then Owner just before my departure from SL Porn.

Alexandria Topaz: But wait a minute, I was a Hoobs Hottie too, and then I wasn't and then I was, and then I wasn't and then I said fuck it. lol I think that was during the time Eva came in if i'm not mistaken.

Alexandria Topaz: How many film projects if any,  have you been a part of(be it as an extra, featured or Starring role,(please lists Film/Director/Role-I' like to give due credits where appropriate.   

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  I was in one film.. lord it was so long ago.. i don't remember too much about it. Serenity Juneberry was the director.

Alexandria Topaz: Well Okay Serenity Juneberry aka Serenity Louise-Faulds.(Dear friends)so just that one alone is recognized by the Directors Name.. :)

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star who would it be? -(Please list as many folks as you like according to your gender)-If bisexual and you want to list both that's fine 

Photo Courtesy of Envy Trevellion

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  I am working with my number on Porn Star.. my partner Curtis :) 

Alexandria Topaz: Yeah I don't know what that was like I haven't seen him in action. lol.. Behind the camera that is :)

Alexandria Topaz: What did you both learned being behind the scenes as a model/actor or Director ? Answer if applicable.

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  * laughs *  I think it's best maybe I just skip this one. 

Alexandria Topaz: That Juicy Huh or maybe not? lol I'll ask in private messages

Alexandria Topaz: Are you an active flicker fan? If so please list your link

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  I am a self admitted Flikr Whore... * hangs head * on my main stream alone i have over 2200 photos 

Photo Courtesy of Envy Trevellion

Alexandria Topaz: That you are. But I'll Say Flicker Goddess after that outfit with you in Latex lol

Alexandria Topaz: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How was your experience  in getting to know others while you were in the industry? 

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts): * smiles*  yes i do believe this will be another one i will skip 

Alexandria Topaz: Hmm... Okay .. smiles

Alexandria Topaz: Did  you ever feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of some of the actors/actresses.or even directors when you were in  the business or did you  find you got along with most ? (by the way i've felt this way at times. don't feel shy answering and if you don't that's fine too.)

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  * laughing* uhm.. yea DAILY.

Alexandria Topaz: I knew if we didn't have anything in common that this would be the one thing we did lol

Alexandria Topaz: It is highly apparent that you both have excellent photography skills. What got you started in photography? 

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  My love of photography started eons ago when i was in  High School  LOL .. When I joined SL and took my 1st profile picture  I knew i was hooked. I took hundreds of photo's now keep in mind that was before i learned any editing skills so .. yea .. NOT good LOL .  About 4 yrs ago I found some online editors and the rest is FLIKR History.

Alexandria Topaz: And you do an EXCELLENT JOB at it. Hence me telling Curtis she's excellent :)

Photo Courtesy of Envy Trevellion

Alexandria Topaz: Most of your work presents the naughty, sensual.. loving.. romantic side of you both as a couple. When you take individual shots   they look equally hot. What is it you're both trying to envision when capturing photos separately or together? 

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  When I take a photo of Curtis and I together I want to set a scene a vision or even a hope for other couples . I want them to look at our photo's and  see the love we share and then take it back to their own photography and create the same . 

Alexandria Topaz: I'm telling this to my BF as I adore those types of photos.

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  I feel the same when i am taking a solo picture. I want to create a scene.. a feeling. I want the viewer to look at my photo and feel the eroticism in it.

Alexandria Topaz: Well they may not tell you but i'm absolutely sure you have those minds stirring if not rubbing one out. lmao.

Photo Courtesy of Envy Trevellion

Alexandria Topaz: If you could capture a  famous person, sl porn star or celebrity behind the lens who would it be? 

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  Wow.. great question.  * thinks *  I have a few SL photographer crushes that i'd love to shoot.  probably too many to name here :)
But to name a few that I admire are:

Spirit  Eleonara 
Angi  Manners
Natalia Corvale
Arnno Plano

Alexandria Topaz: I definitely admire Spirit Eleonara and Arnoo Plano who I recently saw at a Gallery Event held by Katina Cazalet and Nicasio Ansar.

Alexandria Topaz: What type of photos would you not present on your flicker page? 

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts): Any kind of hardcore porn , child or animal abuse

Alexandria Topaz: Do you Like to  have pre-sex small talk behind the camera lens when you both envision what you want to present to your viewers?  Like do you find yourself mentally aroused  come on tell us.. we're just DYING to know.. smiles..

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  * laughs *  Curtis and I are both very sexual beings so most of our picture ideas come sex talk or fantasies. 

Alexandria Topaz: Oh La La we'd all like to be that fly on the wall peeking in lol.

Alexandria Topaz: Given that you create such steaming photos of you both would you ever want to bring that on to the scene.. Be as hot as you both appear on your photos only on film? 

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  Not me personally. I left porn happily and plan to stay gone * smiles*  I pose from time to time for a select few who are in still on porn but that's as far as I go :) 

Alexandria Topaz: Hmmm Me would surely love to pose for you someday. (smiles) but in the meantime i'll just keep enjoying your work. :)_

Alexandria Topaz: It's been known that like real life.. some Porn Actors/Actresses/photographers are stalked by "Sl Fans" have you experienced any of that? 

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  Nope.. i have to say I have been very fortunate not to have any crazies coming after me.

Alexandria Topaz: Be veryyy Careful they out there. just saying :)

Photo Courtesy of Envy Trevellion

Alexandria Topaz: So photography... and now Poses.. what got you both involved in doing that?  

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  I opened a pose store a few years back called Syn with me Poses.  after about a year of it i slowed down to almost a dead stop and just did my thing with photo's .  Then when Curtis came into my life and we talked more about photography and ideas and yes more sex talk * winks*  I decided to start making them again but not a lot. then a few months ago I made a pose with Curtis and he got the bug .. we made  a few under my Store name.  It was fun creating with him so I decided to close down my store and we created   eTc Poses together.  It's really great to be able to share that with him. 

Alexandria Topaz: I totally love that feeling of collaborating with partners. Creating something to both your liking that others would enjoy. I'm enjoying the poses in your store.I was fortunate to use the one by the stairs that has not been used yet so THANK YOU both.

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dustin Pedroia

Alexandria Topaz: With your creativity in photos and poses, do you think you might want to give film making a try?  -Personally I feel with the creativity you both  already present it would be easy to do.

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  I never rule anything out but that's not something i am personally interested in .

Alexandria Topaz: Bummer do you know how hot it would look? smiles

Your  both hot.!!!! can I Tap Dat? lol -

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts): * laughs *  GREAT  question ... and one i will leave open ended ... as i previously said .. i don't rule anything out LOL 

Alexandria Topaz: Okay so my chances are still good. BUT this would have been a good time for a Cunnilingus intermission lol.

Alexandria Topaz: What advice would you give newcomers who are interested in Photography? Give me a good tip or 2 for the amateur photographer. :)

Envy Trevellion (envy.watts):  don't do it.  Sorry.. * smiles*  I am  not Pro SL Porn. 

Alexandria Topaz:  Respect your decision, Certainly reminded of it on a daily basis sometimes. The only thing that keeps me in the spotlight is my passion for spicy films.

Check out this Insatiable Photographers work here:

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with me Envy. keep creating those insatiable pics I sooo enjoy!! smiles.. Hugs


  1. this was great thank you sexy mamma! ♥

  2. Envy is an amazing woman, making some of the hottest erotic photos in the whole SL with her partner Curtis!!!