Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Camera Slut

  Pornstars: Alexandria Topaz N Sei Ixtar

I’d been planning for the photo shoot all week.  Picked out a flirty outfit, got my hair done, tried a few new looks with my make-up at MAC.   So when my photographer called to cancel, I decided to take the picture  myself.  My old boyfriend left his tripod here, and my new Nikon CoolPix has this cool remote that can even focus and zoom!   I know that the Golden Hour for photos is 30 minutes before sunset, so I timed it just right.  

At first I wondered why everyone is looking at me as I walked through the park to my shoot location. Then I realized how I must look:  a busty blond, tits shoved up to her collarbone in a low cut sun dress, legs for miles, stockings showing, strolling down the park sidewalk in her 4 inch pumps.   I got at least five husbands in trouble when their jaws dropped, and one mother covered her son’s eyes. I bet I gave him his first hard-on the way his eyes locked on me.  Oh and the young men around my age couldn’t help but make a few cat calls and offers to fuck me blind.   That’s why I had to keep walking, away from people, to this remote bench that almost no one knows about.   It’s overlooking the back entrance, and the sunset, but around the hook in the trail.  I found it when my dog chases a rabbit into here and I had to go after them both.  

The families are already packing up, and the teens and guys kept to the basketball and skateboard areas.  But I did notice one thuggish guy, strong build, shirt off, muscles ripped, staring at me while his friends made cat-calls.  God he was a hunk, but his brooding eyes haunted me, made me shy away, and as I passed by, I saw this scar on his eye that made him look dangerous.  He was slick with sweat, dirty from falling on the ground.   He stopped playing, with his hoodie pulled up to cover his head, following me a while.   I shook my ass a bit more than I needed, and that turned me on to feel this distant connection. When I turned off the sidewalk onto the trail, I lost track of him though.

The park bench is scrawled with all the names of the teenagers that banged themselves to nirvana.  I set up the camera on the tripod, and tested it a few times. The fill in flash worked perfectly.   When I was all set up, I sat on the bench to put on a final touch of lipstick and dust with powder.  The walk through the park with all those guys leering at me got me turned on, and I felt that high increase when I tested the flash a few times. I read that there is a sensor in the female brain that gets triggered by the repeated flashes from a camera, and it turns them on. Guys don’t have this, only girls.  And I knew from experience that any time the flashes come popping in 5 second intervals, I got so sexed up.  So as the sun was setting, I used the fill in flash, too.  The test photos looked terrific.  Now, just before I started, I used my secret weapon – I took a big shot of tequila.  I had packed a pint into my purse. It went down hot and raised my sex drive so I knew it would explode from the prints.   

With the setting sun lighting me with that golden hue, I went to work posing, and with every move, the flash hit me and got me turned on more. I started getting more sexual in my poses.  My fingertips pulled down my scoop neck, showing more of my full, tasty tits, the bra not covering the full nippled.  I swallowed another shot of tequila and it went right to my nipples, clit, and mind.  I checked my photos and realized I needed to show more panties.   More pussy, really, and my fingers got working through the panties.  My focus was on my pussy lips, watching my lips as I massaged them through the silk. When I looked up  I let out a light shriek!   The thug in the hoodie was staring at me over the bushes that hid me from the park.   But he isn’t holding back there. He strides right up to where I was.   “If you’re selling sex, get down to it, girl.”   I should be embarrassed but he’s so sexy I can’t help but get turned on.  

“I’m taking modeling photos for my career,” I say.   He laughs.  “Your career  as a what? A nymphomaniac?  Look at the wet spot on your panties.  You’re so ready to fuck the camera all you need is a director pushing you to do it.”   He takes my camera off the tripod and starts taking pictures, but not wide angle pictures, close ups of my tits, lips, feet, and pussy.   “ This is what you’re selling, this is what you want attention for.    

Now show me what makes you the sexiest bitch of the universe.”   I start to squeeze my nipples and push them up out of the bra.   He gets the camera near my lips and uses his other hand to push my tits up, and I know he wants me sucking my nipples.  I go for it and when my eyes are closed his hand strokes my pussy.  In seconds I’m moaning and his fingers jut into my cunt.   He shoves the tequila bottle into my mouth and forces me to slug down three or four shots worth.   He downs half of what’s left and shoves his tongue down my throat. 

 I set the camera on motor drive.   At ten second intervals, I get this flash of his mouth and hands taking control of me.    I can’t stop moaning and telling him I want more. Then I get to feel his cock when he shoves my hand down his pants.  It’s huge, throbbing, and I need it in my mouth!   I rip down his pants and start sucking it to maximum hardness.   He’s massaging my tits then finally throws me down on the bench and starts eating my cunt.   His tongue hits all the right spots as his finger slides easily into my ass. “Yes, I love it up my ass, fuck it.”   “This is just a warm up, slut.”  

  He makes me cum and I can’t even take a second to recover because while my whole body is throbbing he flips me over and drags me to the end of the bench and rams his rock hard cock into my ass. I scream with pain and pleasure, but soon I’m fucking him back as hard as I can.  His hand makes my hand finger my pussy.   He’s fucking the hell out of me and I’ cumming again.  The night is almost fallen and the strobe runs out of battery.  

I can still hear the motor drive, and as he cums the camera catches him pull out and I instantly know to turn over and take that dirty cock in my mouth and suck it as the cum explodes.   “That’s right, suck down my dirty cock, you bitch.”   Hearing that only makes me want it more.  I swallow all his hot load until his cock goes soft.   

 We’re both panting and moaning for a few seconds. Then we begin to fuck wildly as he jackhammers and rams his cock inside my wanting pussy. 

Then suddenly he mashes me with a hard kiss, and pulls up his pants.  “Be here next week, different costume, same slutty cunt, and I”ll fill you full of cum like you dream.”    

He leaves me on the bench, feeling better about myself and my need for wild, dominant sex than ever before in my life.  I’m the slut he wants, and the slut I want to be.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dirty Fucking

This turned out to be quite the Dirty Heated Fuck I had in mind for this evening. I'm carried away into the mens room by this tall hung dark skin brother. As he's having his way with me there's another older black male in the stall getting heated up and wanting to join in..

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Saturday, October 20, 2012


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