Friday, March 22, 2013

Its Official I'm a Smoking Hottie

Well Hoobs Hottie that is :) It is both an honor and great pleasure to have been chosen as one of Hoobs Hotties. Both Eva Brunswick and Hoobs himself has taken upon adding additional girls to the already great list of talented and famous Starlets such as Emmanuelle Jameson, Serenity Juneberry Arwen Juneberry, Ayara Illos, Chloe Deimatove, Colleen Cris, Deidre Paulino, Kai Barineaux, Keeley Snowfall, Krystall Pearl, Lynnie, Meg Corral, Nikki Arlington, Moonie, Quinn Ying, Raelin Rage.

New Hotties both talented, upcoming and known are:
(Photos Courtesy of Hoobs Hottie)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer Heat

Spring is just a few days away but i'm all ready for the summer. Mmmhmm, Heating it up in front of the camera as well as behind. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heavenly Pornstar

I had the pleasure of having a couple of pics done by well known photographer and porn producer Lasga Claven. I hope to get to collaborate as well as work in one of his productions soon.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Emilys Porn Star Party Event

I've been laying low this week just chatting it up and socializing with some of the starlets in the Industry as well as friends at the usual clubs I attend. Seems like the paparazzi can't get enough of me. Here's a photo snapped by a friend while i was putting on my appliers at the club. Thanks to the sl viewer it kept my boobies displayed longer than I had anticipated. In all I still find it to be quite a sexy pic :). Come say hello to me if you're at one of the events or just contact me and i'll tp you in... I don't bite... Unless I'm hungry... Smiles.

Friday, March 1, 2013

InnsMouth-The Carnal Rapture

Actors:Katina Cazalet Bosley Diavolo Joe Smoker Alexandria Topaz

The town of Innsmouth has awaken to a new type of deviant.

Bosleys addictive behavior catches up to him as he partakes on

a trip with his girlfriend, Katina realizing that his dreams

are becoming a reality. A story filled with lots of hot sex

and a descent to the unimagineable.The film is lengthy but

takes you on a non-stop adventure from beginning to end...

I thought this film would never get done. For starters my 

schedule was hectic and I was busy being Glamorized as one of 

the BarbieMates. 

I've always wanted to do a film at Innsmouth. There are just 

so many ideas one can get from this sim. I have to thank 

Darmin Darkes and BaileyMarie Princess for providing me with a 

replica of one of the buildings.

While this film is long it's certainly entertaining. There are 

2 sex scenes followed by a story throughout the entire movie. 

I have to thank my actors Bosley Diavolo for being open to my 

story. Mmm what a hottie he is. I especially have to thank 

Katina Cazalet for being extremely patient and always being 

flexible with her schedule. Katina had the look I was 

searching for prior to even starting production.  While 

Grueling, both of these actors stuck to their schedule and 

showed the upmost of professionalism. I would certainly 

recommend them to any producer out there and hope to use them 

for future productions. 

What's next for me? Certainly some more erotic photo shoots as 

I prepare for my next production. Hurry Hurry and step up you 

gorgeous males.