Friday, March 22, 2013

Its Official I'm a Smoking Hottie

Well Hoobs Hottie that is :) It is both an honor and great pleasure to have been chosen as one of Hoobs Hotties. Both Eva Brunswick and Hoobs himself has taken upon adding additional girls to the already great list of talented and famous Starlets such as Emmanuelle Jameson, Serenity Juneberry Arwen Juneberry, Ayara Illos, Chloe Deimatove, Colleen Cris, Deidre Paulino, Kai Barineaux, Keeley Snowfall, Krystall Pearl, Lynnie, Meg Corral, Nikki Arlington, Moonie, Quinn Ying, Raelin Rage.

New Hotties both talented, upcoming and known are:
(Photos Courtesy of Hoobs Hottie)

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