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Up Close & Personal: Marika Blaisdale- Diversity & Creativity

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."  Edward de Bono

I always like to think outside the box with anything I do. When I watch another producers work I'm looking at the whole big picture in regards to what they're trying to express/create and learn from it. Those experiences alone are what allow me to create myself. No matter how dark or indifferent it may seem to anyone you'll never learn if you keep yourself trapped in that BOX. This next Creative
Director is a perfect example of an individual who doesn't hold back on any of her creations. 

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Rachel Avro

I sat down with Adult photographer,Adult Movie Director, Model. and Aroused! Magazine Owner- Marika Blaisdale  Lets take a listen to what she has to say.

Alexandria Topaz: How Long Have you Been in the "Porn Industry"

Marika Blaisdale: I've started in January 2014.

Alexandria Topaz: How many film projects have you created?

Marika Blaisdale: 19 videos so far. Working on 20th at the moment.

Alexandria Topaz: How far would you like to take your "Porn Star Career on SL?

Marika Blaisdale: Is there any career at all?

Marika Blaisdale: Let's begin from saying the truth about any 'career' in SL... It's niche. And the porn industry is even squared niche comparing it to whole SL, so I don't know to be honest... I enjoy doing what I do. It's always nice thing to model, to act in movies or being featured on magazine cover, but it doesn't happen often. This is why I don't really make any plans about it, one day you see zero actors around, another day you make awards winning movie. Let it happen, who needs plans?

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star who would it be -(Please list as many folks as you like according to your gender)-If bisexual and you want to list both that's fine.. 

Marika Blaisdale: You want names? No way! I worked with many so far, I am distanced to the whole idea of SL Porn Stars, because like I said before, these stars shine in really little universe. It's the same with me, I don't feel like a star myself. But of course, there are still quite few I look at streams of and I wish myself to be there one day. Their gender doesn't matter, their preferences either, I am probably naive romantic, but I believe good model can play many roles, and what I dislike most is putting others in some frames. So no names at all. I love great quality, care for details and it's what catch my eye. Those who care for same things would find me, eventually.

Alexandria Topaz: I suppose this is why we met :) as you do have a good eye for details, great quality and naturally superb editing with your films. Well that and you also don't hold back from being who you are. 

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz: What have you learned being behind the scenes as a model/actor or Director ? What has that been like for you?

Marika Blaisdale: Hmm, I'd wish to say here that I've learned a lot. But honestly, the reality isn't so optimistic. I have learned that people usually don't respect your loyalty and tend to forget things so quick you don't even have time to think of it. So one thing I know after 2 years: if you wanna care, care for your own ass. And make sure it's tight enough, otherwise it's not the business for you.

Alexandria Topaz: Took the words right out of my Ass.. err Mouth.. lol

Alexandria Topaz: Some roles can be scarce due to the lack of Directors at this time. What's your thoughts on that?

Marika Blaisdale: There's always more models or actresses than directors and nothing really surprising in it. The only thing really amazing is I always see the same names in productions, names I would never hire. Not even because they look bad or something, but because they're the most mean people I've ever met around. This is really my whole comment about it. Digging more in it wouldn't look good. :)

Alexandria Topaz: Really? Darn I could put names here all day. Truthfully I let things slide the first time, I'll Bitch the second and the third time i'll just list names. But I haven't gotten to the third as of yet. But yeah lets sit down have some coffee and compare notes. lol

Photo Courtesy of Marika Blaisdale

Alexandria Topaz: Are you an active flicker fan? If so please list your link

Marika Blaisdale: I am very active there.

Marika Blaisdale: But also, I am active in other areas too.  Like and 

Alexandria Topaz: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry?

Marika Blaisdale: During these 2 years I've met a lot of people from porn in SL. You really want to know my opinion? Ok. I love them all.

Alexandria Topaz: Umm. Ok smiles

Alexandria Topaz: Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of most of the other actresses in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?lol

Look above, I love them all. I mean it.

Alexandria Topaz: How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera?

Marika Blaisdale: I am rather comfortable about it since the beginning. I don't have problem to show nudity in public places or pose with the crowd around. Just give me the role and I am gonna do my best to do it good for you, with little limits you ask about a moment later.

Alexandria Topaz:  Are you stimulated by some of the sex with your co-stars-Be honest. :).. and answer if applicable.

Marika Blaisdale: Yes, definitely got models I love working with. I like when there's some sort of connection between me and the other model, however it depends on the situation - when I make photographs or record the movie it's pretty difficult to stay sexually aroused as you have to focus on other things. But the fact is, there are some people I find sexually very attractive and when there's enough time I simply love to have nice time with them during the shoot.

Alexandria Topaz: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

Marika Blaisdale: People constantly ask me this question. Angelina Jolie. Sorry for not being original.

Alexandria Topaz: Aside from Madonna as Artist?

Yes  Angelina Jolie comes second :) but being that I have friends in high places Marika I decided to get in contact with her. I had to sleep with several folks before sleeping with her and having her agree to this message. You owe me big.. Speaking of big! Lol. Well just see her message... :)

Alexandria Topaz: What role would you not take part in if offered or never present in any of your films?

Marika Blaisdale: I will not change my gender for the movie or photography. I had such offers before and I declined them. I know, this is SL and we can be whoever we want, but that's the thing: I am who I want to be and I am not going to play girl, I am girl with dick and it's not going to change.

Alexandria Topaz: Kudos to you why would anyone want to subject themselves to the same societal norms most people adapt to in the real world because they're afraid of whatever consequences they have to face? We weren't brought in this world to fear anything but to LIVE.

Alexandria Topaz: Do you have to make pre-sex small talk on set and if so are you comfortable with it?
Marika Blaisdale: I personally avoid it. When I call for models I do it because I need *models*, the rest will distract me and I don't want it. Also, I go to some clubs and people asking me about opportunities to pose for me... Sorry, I go there to chill and hang out, not to be 100% of time on hunt and find new models. I will shoot you with pleasure when I feel you fit my needs, just stop being so 
pushy. Muah.

Alexandria Topaz: Some folks are just extremely hungry Marika, lol.

                                      Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Rachel Avro

Alexandria Topaz: Have you ever been involved in any super weird niche Porn?

Marika Blaisdale: Isn't shemale porn a super weird niche for most? *laughs* No, I haven't. I am not into toilet games, not into bestiality, not into fury stuff. I've made few pics someone could consider smoking fetish, but I don't know, nothing intentional in them.

Alexandria Topaz: It's been known that like real life.. some Porn Actors/Actresses are stalked by "Sl Fans" have you experienced any of that?

Marika Blaisdale:  It didn't happen to me, but I know someone who's been stalked and I had to help a little with it removing the person from the group I am owner and reporting some actions to LL. To me, personally, it usually happens like someone messages me out of the blue after seeing the stuff I make and got some strict image of me or my personality in mind, what's usually nothing similar to my real personality. So it makes confusion, because expectations of my "fan" are rather completely different from what I can offer. 

The other thing I have time to time are people who I meet at various places, like clubs for example, who go through my profile and  decide to contact me and ask if they could model for me. It's not that I work 100% of time and everywhere I go it is always hunt for models. Yes, sure, it happens I see someone and think: wow, would be great for this project, but that's not my idea for spending free time. But worst when I try to explain that to someone and the person feels rejected, it sometimes causes troubles...

Alexandria Topaz: I can relate to this as I don't like to reject anyone. I like to use them in my own time given any project i'm working on.

Alexandria Topaz:  As a Director what type of Models do you search for or get your attention?

Marika Blaisdale: Sometimes something weird happens. Once in a blue moon you meet someone and you know this is IT. It's similar with models, there are plenty of them, but one or just few in your life really catch your attention, and become your MODEL. Someone who makes you feel completely filled up with ideas. Doesn't really have to be the best looking one, it's some magic. Otherwise, I simply pick those who fit my current need, without thinking about such things...

Alexandria Topaz: Totally know what you mean here as well. Sometimes you study a model/person, see what their behavior is like or find something unique about them which makes them stand out from the rest. From that look alone you can tell that's the person that fits well.

Alexandria Topaz: I've noticed that most of your work takes on the role of Shemale/T-girls with guys or girl. Granted I see what you envision, your creativity in the work you produce, which is why i can honestly say I enjoy it. You bring a great form of arousal to viewers. Although some may not see it the same. What are your thoughts on that, If any. 

Marika Blaisdale: What can I say to that? If someone doesn't get turned on by the view of a tgirl, I can't really help or change it.Same as I am not really into BDSM for example, and even the best production can't force me to look different at it. Obviously, I watch most stuff and often it happens I don't see the production arousing me, I still appreciate the amount of work someone put in it, effects or good story line. And it's what I'd expect from others. You don't have to be in love with shemales, but SL porn is small  world and I'd wish we all support each other rather than making splits.

Alexandria Topaz: Agree with you 100 percent this is one of many reasons why I wanted YOU on my blog :). It seems rather ignorant for someone to say they do not like something because of the actual person portrayed in the video itself. If they don't look at the whole picture then they've just lost the opportunity to see what a Director is projecting.

Alexandria Topaz: In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene?

Photo Courtesy of Marika Blaisdale

Marika Blaisdale: Find RL job and move on. You must be an idiot like me to spend more than two years here doing something almost no one cares about. But, if you're still here: be yourself. And dare to love what you do. It will not make you famous nor loved, but at least you're going to do something that is quite fun.

Alexandria Topaz: I have a job.. i know you not talking about me..Laughs.. Joking. But the most important of that line there is "Being Yourself" Role-play is one thing and ones true self is always shown in how they speak/act. Famous? Unless I see some RL money hitting my pockets. Otherwise? It's just me expressing what other Directors, Designers, Builders do, Their PASSION/Creativity

Alexandria Topaz: What Magazines Have you Published?

Marika Blaisdale: Two. Aroused!, which is focused on featuring the best SL photographers, but I slowly try to change it's profile into an adult magazine that features not just pictures, but also clothes/furniture designers, venues and everything that is related to adult life in SL Currently me and my Head Editor are working on 42nd issue, which will be fully loaded with BIIIIG names, make sure you not gonna miss it! The other magazine was Shameless XXX, I published 5 issues of it, it's been focused on transsexual models. I got no time for it anymore, sadly.

Alexandria Topaz: Oh i'll definitely be taking a look at that being that my name is BIIIG? laughs

Alexandria Topaz: Which film that you have produced is your best?

Marika Blaisdale:  I got two types here. Technically, still the best one I consider  "Smack My Dick Up". It's basically remake of Prodigy music video called "Smack My Bitch Up", exactly the same story like original. I like it, really, I barely like things I create, because I find it bit unfair, but this movie I am proud of. It took me like 5 days to create scenery, recordings, editing... My longest 

My other one is "Sinception". It seems slow a little when you watch it. But it's got really big value to me due to some personal reasons. Sadly, it's the movie about a dream and past, so as much as I love it, I got no desire to watch it too often. 

The movie is here:

I want to thank Marika Blaisdale for partaking in this interview. It was a pleasure having her genuinely express heself. I suggest we all open our minds a bit more and always think outside the box. 


  1. One of your most interesting and well made interviews, Alexa... I might say that due to some personal reasons, of course. :-)

    Marika is so talented. I have yet to see a project she works on that is not interesting and professionally made. And she makes it look so deceptively easy, too. She always uses great lights and is the fastest Anypose in the West. Glad she could shine as model in this post too. :-)

  2. Another great interview!!! Marika is an amazing model, director and photographer, and have always made some hot, erotic pictures and movies. It is a pleasure to follow her works ^^

  3. Interesting read from a great porn personality!