Monday, May 14, 2018

Up Close & Personal: Priscilla Balogh - She's all the way up and nothing can stop her.

This  Brazilian bombshell was in the scene way before I came around. Priscilla has worked in over 35 movies been in dozens of magazine publications and is ALWAYS on her Grind. Priscilla and I were speaking yesterday as she enjoys folks who are themselves productive and not just bringing the spotlight on themselves but to other creative folks in the industry.  Totally honored to have her say she enjoys my work and would not hesitate to drop in and join me in my productions.  But it is I who am impressed with her. 

Priscilla and I are alike in many ways. Here are just a few plug ins i've added from her profile. If you catch a glimpse of her out there, feel free to say hello. But be forewarned she's no nonsense, come correct and professional. She already knows the key players out there. Those one time photo ops just to have yourself feel you've worked with the best just wont work. Umm yeah and she'll be checking with me. (Smiles) Thank you Priscilla, I enjoy having you on my Team sis. Kisses and we'll be working soon smiles. Hugs!!

» Creative, Nice & Educated people.
» Being spoiled
» Fame, Shopping & Glamour.
» Available to Modeling, Shooting & Porn.

» Drama & Addicted in Real Life.
» People who only know how to talk about sex.
» People who crave and demand sex.
» People who do not care about their appearance
» Never say "Hi delicious, lets fuck".

* Here are some of her steamy flicker pics. Catch More @

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