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Up Close & Personal: Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir- Oh Sooo Purrrrfect

Photo  Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dusty Pedroia

Yes, she really is the one of THE Sexiest Lesbian Neko's I've seen out there. This Next DJ, Porn Star, Director, Producer and Photographer has been in the scene for well over 4 years and has already taken to producing quite the insatiable Lesbian porn I have seen. Her work says plenty considering i'm not a lesbian and have watched every single episode of her series. This interview was projected through the eyes of my staff interviewer Monique Lefry (She doesn't know this but i'm putting her on blast). Monique really went in with the questions and produced a Great interview. Sadly she didn't get to have a Banging Intermission- Lol  Monique sat down with Zoey Winsmore-Renoir and here's what she had to share.

Monique LeFry (rssen): What brought you to Second Life?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I saw a banner ad for SecondLife on another website I stumbled on many years ago and clicked that to find out what SecondLife was. That first time, I did not sign up. It was when I saw that banner again almost a half year later and decided to give it a try. At the start it was more for a few hours a day, it quickly grew cause SecondLife is pretty much addictive. But I had to learn everything myself, I wasn't that lucky that someone else would show up and help me as a newbie.

Monique LeFry (rssen): "Pretty much addictive". Oooo, that's a good one. Very nice understatement; particularly if you are reading this article, you know what Zoey means.

Monique LeFry (rssen): How long have you been in the "Porn Industry"?

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dusty Pedroia

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I found out about the SecondLife Porn Industry first by finding a website called, Naughty Machinima. Mostly to check out those videos that were being posted on there and it got my interests. Then I did do my homework by reading more about this SecondLife Porn on blogs like SL Porn. Seeing there were also parties and while most regular clubs were pretty dead most of the time, I used the SecondLife search to see what would show up. It was the Porn*Stars Night Club that came up in the results and I decided to go take a look
there and see what really did happen at these parties. I was amazed to see many people. I got into the Porn Industry in 2012. The first six months were showing that it was not as easy as I thought. My career in Porn started in the Summer 2012, right closely after I decided to go learn it all myself as I thought that it was going to be the only way. Counting my actual start that was in February 2012, I am now almost five years in the Porn Industry.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Seems like quite the common theme for many people... "Great group! Hard to break out. Need to do my own stuff." And everyone is so glad that you did!

Monique LeFry (rssen): In addition to Porn, you are a prolific DJ, including the "house" DJ for the big Saturday Porn party. When did you get started DJ'ing?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: Thank you!  Music was always part of my life and it was mostly a hobby playing around with a PC application I bought in real life visiting a sales event for books etc. I made short mix compilations of my favorite songs that I transferred to my mp3 player cause I love listening to music when travelling with the bus to my work. Family and friends loved what I did and they would ask me to play the mixes for birthday parties. In SecondLife, with some of my friends we had our own neko hangout and I rented a stream to let them hear what music I liked, it was a mixture of regular songs and my little mixes. When that ended, I took a break from DJing in SecondLife. But still made mixes mostly personally for myself. I got interests again when it was about a week before the New Year 2013 when I asked Emily if I could do the New Year's Eve party for her Porn*Stars Night Club. I made an hour mix with best songs of 2012 that I wanted to share before the DJ that was scheduled was going to take over and it was suppose to be just for a one time, I totally had no idea how it was going to be taken but everyone totally loved what I did. When Porn*Stars Night Club was going to do the Saturday parties again after having a break and no parties on Saturday. And seeing that people were asking in the group if there was a party, Emily decided to do them again and I became the weekend house DJ for the Saturday Pornstar parties. So I have been doing it again for 
about three years. Longer when counting that other DJing time prior before I got into the Porn Industry.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Oh the good ole days of MP3 players. 128 Songs! Hooray! But seriously, can I pencil you in for my birthday next year? I'll even throw in a Starbucks gift card.

Monique LeFry (rssen): What do you like most about being a DJ?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: The most that I like about being a DJ is that it brings an awesome time for everyone while listening to a bunch of favorite songs mixed together. I do work and put a lot of time in to creating the mixes that can be several weeks of editing and cutting pieces out of songs and putting them together. I do love to broadcast them into SecondLife for everyone to hear. I know it is really something that it is not done much by other DJs and for the places I am DJing for, it is something pretty unique.

Monique LeFry (rssen): I had no idea just how much time and effort you put into bringing us all your own "spin" on the mixes. That is truly impressive! *Remembers to tip more at the next party*

Monique LeFry (rssen): Does DJ'ing provide any inspiration or creative direction to your movie production work?

Photo Courtesy of Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: No, it doesn't because it is for me two separate hobbies. DJ'ing I have been doing much longer than movie production work. I did not do movies prior before getting into the SecondLife Porn Industry. That was a whole new learning experience that I got out of my SecondLife. Which is of course, an amazing thing to learn new things. Movie production work can be hopefully something I can extend to do in real life, but I don't own the equipment for doing that. It stays mostly also a hobby for now.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Oh? I am sure movie production equipment is real cheap and easy to come by... :-)

Monique LeFry (rssen): How important is the music for you in your productions?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: Music has not really been important for my Movie productions for me, I did add songs for the audio part in my first few movies I created just so it did not have minutes of silence. My first couple movies were also for learning purposes, I planned out that I would stop using a song in a movie over time. Because I prefer to have the right audio material to cover a storyline I want and the sounds for the naughty sex scenes in my porn movie productions. Only thing would be counting as important, is that my audio cutting techniques are a helping factor to create that audio part to my liking for my current movie productions.

Monique LeFry (rssen):Where do you typically find inspiration for your productions?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I browse around on a few porn tube websites and some of my favorite websites that I have found. Sometimes I think out about something and go try to find on these kinds of websites to find audio pieces that I would need. One movie for sure I thought up about myself is my Halloween movie I did a couple years ago, it was just a big task to find the audio. It was from a bunch of short clips I found and edited that together to make it work for a themed movie. 

Monique LeFry (rssen): It really MUST be a hardship browsing around the internet, looking at porn for inspiration. :-)

Monique LeFry (rssen): Are there particular reasons for your focus on the Lesbian and Foot Fetish genres?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I think I like to do mostly the Lesbian genre as I started to feel that it interests me more. It has shown me over the years in the Porn Industry that it is more easier to work with our female Porn stars. I sure would work with male Porn stars too, I do not want to generalize on the men in the Porn Industry. It has been a general thing that I noticed when I worked together with Emily that we had to beg for men to show up at shoots. It was as if they did not have any interest if it didn't involve a sex scene for them. Foot Fetish is done much in real porn, only not so much in Secondlife Porn and I like that fetish. I know, not everyone would like it, which I totally do understand. But it is really not such a bad fetish, considering there is much worse stuff out there.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Yes some of the other fetishes I don't want be within 10 ... feet... of. Sigh, I am sorry. Very sorry indeed for that last line. However, it IS unfortunate to hear that it is sometimes hard to get good support from the males in the community. I have hopes that might flip with some of the newer blood we see in the groups these days.

Photo Courtesy of Zoey Winsmore-Renoir

Monique LeFry (rssen): How many film projects have you produced? Please include links to your top 3 favorite, if you can narrow it down to only 3, and describe why they are in your top 3.

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ:  I have currently produced 25+ film projects so far.  I can surely narrow it down to just three and my top 3 would be:

1. The Business Of Women           

I love this series of six episodes because it is having an amazing story line about powerful women running a business, In my edited writing I am relating it to our Porn Industry. Two rival business women are part of the cast and I play one and it was just perfect sense to me to ask Emily for the role of the other business woman, as we both have our own production studio. It has a streak of dominance in it too, but not as the usual term with any real BDSM stuff because that doesn't really interests me. It has what I would call my style of dominance in it and I totally wanted to bring this series out in the SecondLife Porn version.

2. Halloween: The Haunted House 

This one is a favorite of mine because I loved the idea of playing a sex haunting ghost preying on innocent victims that would rent and stay in the house. I had to search for weeks to get enough audio material for making this, and I could experiment with some effects too. I watch paranormal shows a lot, and that was I think the inspirations for doing this for a Halloween movie.

3. Naughty Country Girls 1 

It is my favorite because it is by far the most viewed movie I ever done, if the statistics are correct. 
Hopefully I can do at least another in that title as I have some more but haven't gotten to it. The Business of Women series took up all my time and work.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Three truly outstanding pieces of work and excellent choices! If I do say so myself. XD

Photo Courtesy of Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir

Monique LeFry (rssen): How did you learn to take photos or make movies?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I did not really have to learn to take photos, I am also not really calling myself a pro with that cause there are others that are far more better than me with photos. But each has their own artistic ways. Movies I had to learn as I never did this before. I thank SecondLife for that, without, I probably would never have even started making movies. Both do combine because I do think that each can improve photography and making movies. With both, we do basically the same. Finding the right angle, building a set, etc. Learning about the applications, I did from watching many tutorials, then trying it out myself, and I use my own experiments to try make my movies better.

Monique LeFry (rssen): I can only imagine that YouTube played a part in your education. Oh YouTube, so much you have taught, so many. Plus silly animal videos are a good distraction.

Monique LeFry (rssen): How do you approach telling stories in your production? What devices do you use to communicate the story? (for example, voice acting, subtitles, etc)

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: In my first few movies, I mainly used typed subtitles to tell the story part of the movie, but I personally do not like it alot when I watch a movie that has subtitles on tv. I do turn that off when I watch a DVD. But that was the only option for me when I started. Later on, I decided using audio material that would cover and tell the story. 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I was once asked by a Porn star if she could do it over SL Voice. My answer was that I can't demand this from any other cast. Plus, for myself, this would take me much longer to get everything perfectly. Next to that, I have to say that I am not really interested in hearing their fake acted moaning over SL Voice. For my movies, there is no voice-acting, I use the audio from the material I have, editing that together, to communicate the story line and the naughty sex sounds.

Monique LeFry (rssen): I have to admit I snickered at "naughty sex sounds". :-) I can't imagine what it is like to (probably?) listen over and over to sex audio clips trying to place them into the scene etc. ;-)

Monique LeFry (rssen): Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do as a photographer/producer? 

If not, what else are you looking to achieve?

Photo Courtesy of Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir
Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I believe that I did accomplish everything, I am a Porn star, a Photographer and a Director/Producer. I have done all that I think is possible to do in the Porn Industry. Unless there is something I do not know about what else can be achieved.

Monique LeFry (rssen): We all hope that even if you have achieved goals, you do continue to try and push to even bigger and better productions! :-)

Monique LeFry (rssen): What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed? 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ:  Major hurdles, hmm I think this is a tough question that I almost have no idea how to answer. I maybe can think of one thing but that probably is something that is not really easy to overcome to succeed. So I probably will have to say, I don't know of any.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Hey, no one can argue with smooth sailing. Particularly not Christopher Cross....

First person that IMs me with identifying that reference gets.... Well, I will think of something good.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Describe a typical production from start to end, and how long each portion of the project takes, relatively speaking. 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: For me, it starts with choosing what movie I really would like to do. Making important notes like the cast roles, the theme of the movie, how much of the material I would need to keep and what not, for myself on paper while I am reviewing the material I have for the project. This first step can take some time, it really varies a lot to give an accurate time frame.

The second step for me is going to think about who I like to cast for the roles available, contact the ones I need and talk about if someone is interested. I normally do not tell too much information, just the basics that is relevant at that time.

The third step I do is go build the sets that is going to be used for the filming of the scenes needed, this can take up to a couple days depending what is needed.The fourth step is getting things scheduled with the cast, I unfortunately do not do all the filming in one day but it is divided over a few days the most, as I do not want to do more than two or three hours of filming scenes that I need.

The last step is having everything filmed, so that the editing part of the movie can begin and this can 
take up to a week with a daily minimum of 4 hours editing work schedule for me. Editing the audio part takes the longest, as I have to try to keep the story intact for a SecondLife Porn movie that is reduced by 50% of the original material. And it all still to make sense in the end when releasing the finished movie for everyone to see. 

Monique LeFry (rssen): Oh is that all? XD Phew, I am exhausted just reading all that. Everyone, be sure to thank your friendly neighborhood porn director next time you see them for all the hard work they put in to telling great stories and making all our sorry butts look good.

Monique LeFry (rssen): If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star, who would it be (Please list as many folks as you like)? 

Photo Courtesy of Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir
Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: 

Oh my, I think that I am very bad at answering this one because it is difficult to mention names, as it will be a lot. I already have worked with many over the years as well. I do at least want to work with some that have joined with my studio, I know it doesn't go as fast as everyone and I myself included, wishes. I will contact the Porn star if I want to have him/her in my productions.What I really also would like is to work together with another Director someday again, only have to see how to divide all that hard work that we as Directors do.

Monique LeFry (rssen): I am sure there is one or two directors reading this that will jump at that 
opportunity. *nudges Alexa to make sure she is reading this*

Monique LeFry (rssen): What is the most important attribute in a model/actress that makes you want to work with them again?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: This really depends. It is not easy to say, as there are many factors for me to decide if I want to work with someone again.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Darn, I was hoping to get a juicy tip (snickers) and keep this one to myself. Fine, we will just go ahead and publish this question and answer then.

Monique LeFry (rssen): What have you learned being behind the scenes/camera as a photographer or Director ? 

What has that been like for you? 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I have learned alot being a Director. Learned to use a couple new applications like Fraps to film within SecondLife and Sony Vegas Pro to edit my movies together. My first few movies that I did was done simple with the build in movie editing application with Windows. But Sony Vegas Pro is really much better, for me at least.  I do still learn things, as I like to experiment what I can improve so it won't stop. Besides, I do like to learn new things.

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: It has been pretty amazing for me, something that I would like to do for some more years to come.

Monique LeFry (rssen): We are going to hold you to that now. Years more of Naughty Pixel Productions! oh baby...

Photo Courtesy of Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir

Monique LeFry (rssen): There is a sense that roles for models, and particularly actors are limited currently. Do you often use people you haven't before? What one thing would help a new model/actor break into your work? 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: Yeah, it is I think because of not so much Producers vs the models/actors that makes roles pretty limited. Has pretty much been like that for the almost five years I am in the Porn Industry. I really am glad that it is slowly growing, I have seen a few taking their hands at being behind a camera. 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: Not so much anymore as I first planned when starting up my own production studio. 

Negative messages towards me from a few I haven't used before made me change that plan. I have now become more aware that it is best to work with people that can be trustworthy with being available when needed. People that I know for a long time.

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: For any newcomer that wants to break into my productions, I can only advice that have to show up at parties,my times are basically around the time when there is a party. And if can't make it to a party, then also can't make it to any film shoot.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Well aspiring actors, can't be much more straightforward than that! Be available and be trustworthy. I for one am making sure I keep my calendar clear for the porn parties. Please don't mind it, Zoey, if I show up and wave my arms madly over the sea of people. Doesn't sound desperate at all!

Monique LeFry (rssen): The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I have gotten to know many others in the Porn Industry over the years that I am active as most are pretty awesome to be around with. There were ups and downs, but luckily that has I think faded away for the most part.

Monique LeFry (rssen): More smooooth sailing! Damn, really can't shake that Mr. Cross, no matter how hard I try...

Monique LeFry (rssen): Do you feel like you constantly want to smack the $hit out of some of the people in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I do believe that I get along fine with most people in the business. I am not of the violent types, but yeah, I have had that feeling come up on occasion that I wanted to smack some. 

Monique LeFry (rssen): Not violent yet feeling the urge. Now THAT must be a REAL story. Maybe... another time. :-)

Monique LeFry (rssen): How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: I did start up my studio, Naughty Pixel Productions, on 8th June 2012. I also just started being a Porn star for Emily's Studio and starred in my first movie as Porn star in July 2012. It took almost three months before I felt comfortable behind the camera and creating my first test movie in late August 2012. All that time was spent making myself familiar with camera movements etc.

Monique LeFry (rssen):Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :)

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: Well, I would be lying if I said no to this. Of course I can get stimulated by the sex scenes that I am capturing. Actually, It even happens when I am editing the movie together, having to hear all these sex sounds, the moans, etc. Then, sometimes a girl just has to take a break from editing. 

Monique LeFry (rssen): Here is where Alexa would probably have her "interlude" if she were the 
interviewer... sorry readers, I missed the opportunity. Bad Moni.

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: But sorry folks, I do not drop the work I am doing just to go satisfy myself when being stimulated. I am totally way too busy and focused with finding the angles I want from all the scenes I am filming and be done in a two to three hour shoot. So I really have no time to even make it as someone once said, doing all this as a role play.  Nope, I safe all that for a special person! Did I destroy people's 'wishful dreamy bubbles' now?

Monique LeFry (rssen): *pop*.....   *pop pop* goes the bubbles....

Monique LeFry (rssen): If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity
Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: Aww, I have to narrow that choice all down to just one?  Hmm, okay then my choice would be, Riley Reid.  I think she looks pretty hot when she wears those sexy stockings in her porn vids.

Monique LeFry (rssen): It's been known that like real life.. some members of the porn community are stalked by "SL Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: We all do get that usual, "Wow, Are you a Porn star?", message from "SL Fans" and they think that they can get laid with one. I just had a total different kind of stalker that I do not put in the good way list of SL Fan stalkers.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Senses that that is a story better left to another day. Perhaps over a good stiff.... drink. DRINK, people...

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dusty Pedroia

Monique LeFry (rssen): In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene? 

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: When a newcomer is looking to enter the Porn Industry, I would advice to do some homework like I did when I got into the scene. It helps a lot to understand how many do all this. Be patient too. I have been treated bad with getting messages from people because things did not go fast enough for them. Attend the parties, they are there to meet up and get yourself seen.

Get to know the people that do all the hard work with Photography and Movie productions. Be fun to work with, no one really wants two or more hours of any kind of bad time. And most importantly, be ready to make your avatar up to date. It does include investing in Mesh bodies, head, hands and feet. Otherwise, sorry but I think this scene is not for you.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Anyone that comes into porn thinking that it is easy or cheap is sadly mistaken. Investment, be it lindens and time, and attention to detail, are soooooo important. And there really is so much to be said for a good attitude in general and being fun to work with. God knows why people put up with me.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Any parting words, or hints perhaps, at exciting upcoming projects (more details the better..... for our readers, of course)?

Zσᴇʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀᴇ-Rᴇɪɴσɪʀ: Yes, I want to finish The Business Of Women series before the end of this year. In case this goes live, Episode 5 will be coming out soon in November. It is a bit long overdue since Episode 4 was released. But it has not cancelled and I plan to finish this series. New exciting upcoming projects will be in 2017. Because of the upcoming big holidays, I don't think it will be easy for this year to do anything new. I do plan on not doing a series next year, and only release more single kinds of movies.

Monique LeFry (rssen): Awesome!! Really look forward to the conclusion to the series! Congratulations on the latest installment being released soon. Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us!


  1. That rssen person asks some tough questions. Zoey was a champ answering them all so well!

    Thanks Zoey!

  2. Haha. Yes she sure did ask some tough ones. But that makes it all purrfect:)
    Thank you soo much for this interview Monique!


    1. It was entirely my pleasure, thanks for purrting up with all my questions!

  3. Great interview, Monique :-) Zoey is not alone beautiful and sexy, but also a wonderful director and photographer, and watching her projects/work is a true pleasure. AND, on top of that, a great DJ too ^^

    1. Thanks Malou, but Zoey did all the hard work. :-)

    2. Thanks Malou, but Zoey did all the hard work. :-)