Sunday, December 11, 2016

And The Winner Is..

Not me and that's ok, it really is :) but I may have provided my last production to be judged by a few and let the masses enjoy it for themselves.

What's the point in  creating films in a virtual world when some treat it as a popularity contests against avatars as oppose to seeing the true work Movie/Porn Directors put into  their creation. I would surely hope it's not to just fit in with those in the "porn community"itself/ That would just be a waste of time. Additionally,  why would there be a panel of judges (not all) who hardly put in the time in making videos or just do vlogs judging ones work? While I can be glad of some of the winners chosen at this years Sx Magazine Award, the event in itself  fell short of categories for Directors Actors and Actresses. Yes I was glad those chosen had won and some I wonder how or why? But on a personal note there was lots missing.

I mean yes, We're judging porn but we're not solely judging it for the look of the avatar or are we?. Based on how you would judge anything i'm sure some would say yes. And for those saying yes?  why bother watching pixel porn when you can just be out having it on any sim. For those that say No..You're looking to be awed with what's presented not just the sex scenes itself but how the movie is captured overall. 

I strongly felt the categories should've been broken up differently and felt this way when initially seeing them.   My friends wanted me to join. I was a bit skeptical when first deciding on entering but was glad that I was nominated. Did I win? No. Did the right movie win? I wont give my opinion on this for we all have our own. But I'm almost starting to see why we've fallen short on Directors throughout the 6 years I've been here. Not enough recognition for  their skills as a whole. 

Which leads me to ask why  some if any of the categories listed below were not added into the mix:

Best Production Design
Best Sound
Best Special Effects
Best Visual Effects.
Best Plot
Best Genre: You know  Drama, Suspense, Thriller..

None of that at all. Just a Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director and Movie category. I truly believe that if you don't have a passion for film you're just about to cut yourself off from being an SL Director at this point. It probably explains why there is a shortage of Directors now then there ever has been. 

Having such a short lists in categories is not the way to go. I strongly feel it should be broaden so that all partaking can be winners. None of us win contracts money or are known globally. We are all just in a virtual world. All we have is a bit of popularity. Which is what we give SL Magazines and Agencies when  taking part in such events. Popularity and recognition for hosting a 
nice event involving a Creator/Directors work.  These events should be held for fun to all not just some.  Better recognition should be given  not only to  Actors and Actresses but Directors for without either one, nothing would be created. Such shortage of selection in categories  probably has Directors skeptical about entering their own work for fear that they have no chance of winning or may even start to question if they have the necessary skills. 

Lets face it Some Directors create excellent visuals, good plots and add great effects to their story. Others have no idea what they're doing other then  recording folks having sex. If viewers, folks or hungry actors/actresses come to Directors to be a part of their work that already speaks high volumes in itself.  Magazines, Agencies, and such events should hold all those folks in the same regard. Don't ya think?

It's very disappointing when it's being left to a couple of people to vote, who may  very well be voting for a friend. As I was sitting in the audience prior to a nominee being chosen one of the Judges shouted the winners name before the host even said who the winner was. Coincidence? hmm don't know what to say about that. But It does have me questioning  how the winner/s were chosen.

As for the photography nominees? that should have been expanded as well and I congratulate all the winners chosen. I"m not a photographer by nature so I  personally couldn't really judge any of the selections made but what I've seen through my eyes were all excellent choices. 

As for myself? I've probably entered my last awards. After 6 years I find no use to have my work judged. Don't get me wrong I'll still create porn but also dive back into the modeling industry. Where your work can be lucrative in the right hands of modeling agencies and designers. That at least will put money/lindens in  my pocket.

Anyone is welcome to their opinion on this blog just note that I am not critiquing per say.  I just thought I open up  and give my opinion  for other magazine publications or agencies who may want to host such an award next year and perhaps see what can be done differently that will be encouraging to the masses instead of a selected few.

You're speaking to a person who has honed their film editing skills, produced 77 film projects in the modeling industry and several unaccounted for in the Porn Industry that are creative in style to me and that's all that will ever matter.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Up Close & Personal: Chris Bearz

Photo Courtesy of Alexandria Topaz

If you enjoy watching erotic pieces of work on flicker then you'll surely enjoy watching Chris Bearz photos. Chris is fairly new in the porn community and has not been in films as of yet. Chris has worked with a count of sexy Porn Star Models out there and surely open to creating more passionate moments and please his viewers. :) I didn't counter respond on this interview as  I found Chris to be well spoken.

                                                                               Photo Courtesy of Alexandria Topaz

Alexandria Topaz: What brought you to Second Life? 

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I've always been a gamer, specifically the MMO type. I gave SL a try about 6 yrs ago for a few days and decided I didn't like it. Ended up back here on a whim about 6 months ago and I love it!

Alexandria Topaz: How long have you been in the "Porn Industry"?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I found out about the "Porn Industry" through a close friend of mine. Joined some groups and made some contacts, had some outstanding promo shots done by Igor Romanov and then learned to do my own and the rest is history.

 Photo Courtesy of Chris Bearz
Alexandria Topaz: How did you learn to take photos or make movies?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I started off on my own with no idea what I was doing really. Luckily I have some good friends who have been great mentors in helping me define myself as a photographer. I attribute my growth to Mandy Mandylovsyou) and Igor Romanov, as well as Cross Aura

Alexandria Topaz: How do you approach telling stories in your photo/production? 

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I don't always use a story, if the photo sparks one in my mind Ill put it in the description of the shot. But I prefer to let the image do the talking, the most intriguing part about the art is letting the viewer interpret it how they wish. 

Alexandria Topaz: Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do as a photographer/producer? If not, what else are you looking to achieve?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): The only real goal I have is to create art that I and others can enjoy, and network/make connections with people. The social aspect of the business is great. Meeting all kinds of people from all over the world. So I'd say it's a pretty subjective goal but easily met and maintained.

Alexandria Topaz: What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I think success is a debatable topic, if speaking from within I found success in just expressing my creative views in this world. A major obstacle was being completely new to photography in SL and to Photoshop. The mentors I gave above have been a great help in helping me learn. If speaking from a general perspective of success, I have no place making a statement there.
                                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Chris Bearz

Alexandria Topaz: Where do you typically find inspiration?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I visit sims, google, tumblr, our community members flickr pages, gain motivation and inspiration. 

Alexandria Topaz: Describe a typical production from start to end, and how long each portion of the project takes, relatively speaking.

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I like to be as efficient as possible, without wasting any of the models time. So I will usually pick the set, windlights and everything and create my pose from scratch, then bring in the model having already given any specific info to her, and proceed to create her pose. Then find 
the angles I want to shoot and its all finished. I like the process to take an hour or less, sometimes the setup on my own can take longer.

Photo Courtesy of Alexandria Topaz

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star, who would it be (Please list as many folks as you like)? 

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I have already had the opportunity to work with many people in the community I look up to and gather inspiration from. Some of those in no particular order are:

NP Milneaux  Katina Cazalet     Bewitched Difference   Partee Mytili 
Athena Mandy  Cross Aura  Red Aura  Raven Steiner Biarzenne Necro

Photo Courtesy of Alexandria Topaz

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): A few people I either want to work with or am planning to already are:

Anyka Aiseri

Monique Lefry

Kayla Bombastic

Alexa Topaz-Rodgers


Alexandria Topaz: What is the most important attribute in a model/actress that makes you want to work with them again?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): As I said before, this is a social/creative outlet. So I like to get to know someone before we shoot and as long as there is a  connection there I will work with them anytime. 

Photo Courtesy of Chris Bearz

Alexandria Topaz: There is a sense that roles for models, and particularly actors are limited currently. Do you often use people you haven't before? What one thing would help a new model/actor break into your work?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I shoot with models I have not shot with before all the time. There is plenty of opportunity out there for someone who doesn't want to do their own work. But my advice would be to approach photographers you have taken the time to form an opinion that you like their style and work they put out. Tell them that and that you'd like to work with them if possible. It's really just about making a connection and showing interest, that sort of assertiveness goes a long way.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Bearz

Alexandria Topaz:Are you an active flicker user? If so please list your link

Alexandria Topaz: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I have met and admire many great people in the industry. There are some "cut-throat" natured areas in the business. But all you can do is be genuine and help to curb that by bringing an open mind and good attitude that does not discriminate based on some superficial/silly notion. We are all people, let's connect like we're meant to, and enjoy it. 

Alexandria Topaz: Do you feel like you constantly want to smack the $hit out of some of the people in the business or do you find you get along with most of  them?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): I have had very little issue with anyone, anything I have experienced in a negative manner was quickly worked out and smoothed over. I enjoy our community and look forward to meeting anyone I haven't.

                                                                         Photo Courtesy of Alexandria Topaz

Alexandria Topaz: How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera? 

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): In front of the camera I was always fine. Behind the camera it took a month or so before I felt like I was putting out satisfactory work. Still so much to learn but I am enjoying the slow but steady progression.

Alexandria Topaz:  Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :)

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): That depends entirely on my connection with the model. Sometimes. :)

Alexandria Topaz: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz): Aria Alexander

Alexandria Topaz: In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene? 

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz):   As a newcomer myself, I would say just to be appreciative of what people in our community do. Get involved in the group chat and peoples posts of their work. When you see stuff you like, let them know. If you need help or advice, just ask. The biggest holdup for a newcomer is probably the anxiety of not knowing anyone or being afraid to approach people. Just do it. Build relationships and soon enough you'll have all the work you can handle.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Bearz
Alexandria Topaz:  Any parting words, or hints perhaps, at exciting upcoming projects?

Chris Bearz (cuhbearz):I haven't confirmed yet, but I have been asked about possibly doing a spread for next months issue of Attention Magazine. I also have plans to do shoots with some of the people listed above. I prefer erotic/sensual poses, I feel you can capture more out of those moments than anything else. So if you are interested in creating a snapshot of a passionate moment in time with me, please feel free to reach out! 

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Come N Get It.

     There's only one place you'll find more of me.. Just take yourself over to my flicker page. 

So Click Below and Come and Get it!!

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All out Exclusive With Friend and Motion Capture Animator-Stroker Serpentine

Interview by PNC Staff Writer: Monique LeFry

Models: Monique Lefry, Alexandria Topaz, Scottyr07, Stroker Serpentine, Anyka Aiséirí

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
Groundbreaking leader in digital rights within virtual environments. Subject of RL documentaries. Maker of the pioneering SexGen series of erotic animations.  And... modest? "I hate talking about myself".  A few hours later, I find there is so much to talk about when it comes to Stroker Serpentine. Peaches and Cream Productions is proud to bring you a short yet fascinating look at this legendary figure in Second Life. We are equally excited to be bringing you a ONE-TIME, SPECIAL OFFER of a FREE POSE PACK (!!) in conjunction with Stroker Serpentine, to celebrate the re-opening of his Strokerz Toyz shop. You really want to read through to the end and learn how to claim this tremendous prize, that will make everyone Thankful this week. But wait! There's more! An additional exclusive announcement on some upcoming releases with the relaunch of the store. Read on!

Stroker Serpentine came to SL in 2007 "from a 2D adult MMO that was based on Amsterdam". He "created the first poseball because we had them in the other world and not SL." He also made "the first sex bed and collaborated on the first menu-driven animation system." You could say that Stroker gave birth to all of our dreams of a sexy virtual world. Yet Stroker was not just a creator in SL looking to make some cash. "When Second Life was at it's prime, 2006-2008, I was doing quite a bit of conferences as a speaker and evangelist." Stroker has been heavily invested in building SL as a true virtual world, and making sure it had lots of good sex as well.

His early success and investment in SL lead to a bleeding of interests into RL, as Stroker was part of "several RL documentaries, showcased by NatGeo's 'Taboo' series." But perhaps even more interesting, he was a leader in groundbreaking legal proceedings addressing digital rights in virtual worlds. "I took a copybotter to court (in real life) and won a judgment. That made international news. 'Avatar sues Avatar'".

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
But in terms of his creations, they really speak for themselves. Ultra-realistic and smooth, you know that there is an artist behind them. But more than that, you know there is something more about Stroker that makes his work such high quality: "I am a Motion Capture Animator in real life. I have a studio in my home." He lives and breathes his work and provides his services in many different areas and fields, not just SL. The investment continues in his prep for the new world of Bento. " I recently invested 25K USD in a system that has full fingers (mocap gloves) and a facial capture camera. Bento Baby!" I for one, would love to see some of the modeling sessions capturing erotic motions with live models... all hooked up to special outfits and electrodes and so on... HOT! "Going forward, all my content will be mocap, primarily aimed at Bento." Even still, some animations require a bit of extra time and effort after the capturing is done: "some positions we take for granted in SL require acrobats. My models are good..but not Cirque de Soleil." I do wonder how one becomes a model for this type of thing?

I am sure I don't have to remind anyone that has been in SL for any length of time how prevalent Stroker's work is: "Since I have released hundreds of sex animations over my 13 years, many for free, just about every porn created has one of my animations in it." Yet, you may have noticed that things have been quiet of late in the Stroker world. 

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz

"There has been an Adult Animation Recession of late, where many builders use the same Full Perm animations in every piece of furniture they have created for years. I am about to change that! I took a year and a half off from SL and I came back two years ago." For those two years, he has been working on "a new animation base that is the latest in my SexGen Series, SexGen6! It will feature a considerable amount of motion capture and multi-speed sequences. I am re-opening my shop, Strokerz Toyz, next weekend for the launch."

But, this is not just a launch of the latest SexGen6 animations base, of course in conjunction with it Stroker will be releasing new products incorporating the SexGen6 engine. Shared exclusively with Peaches and Cream Productions, Stroker is launching the SexGen6 Bed! perhaps even more interesting in my mind, is the other release. "The 'Plush Mod' I am releasing this coming weekend will easily add 100's of animations to any sex bed, without any scripting or building skills needed." You heard that right! Add Stroker-quality sex animations to any bed with no technical skills required! I can't wait to take this mod for a.... umm... test flight. Anyone want to be my co-pilot?

Photo Courtesy of Photographer: Scottyr07
As part of the launch of the new SexGen6 animation base, SexGen6 bed, and Plush Mod, Stroker is working in collaboration with Peaches and Cream Productions to showcase the power of his products for use in realistic SL porn machinima. Stroker and Alexa Topaz-Rodgers have known each other for a very long time and have been anxious to collaborate. "I admire her work and dedication. She is an amazing machinamatrix. I plan to do custom motion capture sequences for her videos. I am flattered to be working with her on specific scenes." Keep an eye out for upcoming productions from Peaches and Cream Productions and see if you can pick out some of Stroker's handiwork. Wow, that is a phrase I am not sure I thought I would ever type...

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
And as a reward for our loyal P.N.C. readers and in recognition of this special collaboration, Stroker has a special gift for you! As of the launch date of this article, for ONE WEEK ONLY, send an IM with "Peaches and Cream" in it to Stroker Serpentine, and you will receive a FREE POSE PACK of Stroker original poses! If you are reading this, stop right now and send that IM. But then come right back! I will miss you... But remember, you only have ONE week starting the date of this posting. If you send an IM after the week is up, I can't be held responsible for Stroker's replies.

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
So, keep an eye out for the re-opening of Strokers Toys, and for upcoming productions from Alexa and Peaches and Cream  Productions featuring the stunning work of Stroker Serpentine. We here at PNC would like to thank Stroker for his support and work with us, and thank YOU for taking the time to read and continuing to support our blog. Enjoy your free gift  courtesy of Stroker Toys and Peaches and Cream Productions!

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Up Close & Personal:Kayla Whittaker-Bodylicious

 "Creativity is a Wild Mind and a Disciplined Mind "- Dorothy Parker

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dustin Pedroia

This next Vixen has been in the scene way before I came in. Kayla Whittaker has certainly made herself a name in the porn community. While some of her past work has been seen as confrontational it certainly caught the attention of masses. Although that's what creators do, pull themselves out the box which warrants reaction from others. Kayla has worked with the likes of many well known names in the porn community both Directors and Porn Stars alike. Kayla is certainly a triple threat. Just to touch upon some of her many talents, Kayla Dj's, Create Films, Designs, and builds. I sat down with Kayla and here's what she had to share.

Alexandria Topaz: What brought you to Second Life? 

Kayla Whittaker: It was 2004, and I was on IMVU (another virtual social world) and one of my friends from there told me about Second Life.  Downloaded the viewer, blown away on how much you could do here. So been here for over 12 years now.

Alexandria Topaz:  I've taken a short trip on IMVU as well. Not saying my avi's name lol but it wasn't prior to knowing of Second Life. It was kind of after. IMVU seem to be so restricted they have animations for everything but the thought of hopping on pose balls instead of walking or 10 in a club just seemed boring.

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Whittaker
Alexandria Topaz:  How long have you been in the "Porn Industry"?  

Kayla Whittaker: I started in 2009, a friend of mine here, Tina McClure was doing video, I starred in a couple of her videos and she got me into it all.  And when I started doing porn, Jennnna Jameson, Alexo, Lorenz Beerbaum, Scooby Mode, and Lacy Lovelace where a few that were producing videos at the time.  I'm still here making videos, and I guess you can call me a Legend of SL Porn.  *grins*

Alexandria Topaz:  Ah yes i'm familiar with those names. And if anyone doesn't know Jennna Jameson*Emmanuelle well then perhaps they'll have to do some homework. I recall the others just as well this was the time where I was hiding behind the scenes while still modeling on my other avatar. Although Lorenz and I are great Coke/Champagne buddies. Lol

Alexandria Topaz:  How many film projects have you produced? Please include links to your top 3 favorite, if you can narrow it down to only 3, and describe why they are in your top 3.  

Kayla Whittaker: Not all of my first videos are online any more, but I just checked the storage drive where I keep all my videos, there are 214 total. Just because I look at the old avatars before mesh came along... 

I'm like... EEEEWWWWW,  Not putting that back online.  LOL :D

Top 3 will be a Top 5.

Alexandria Topaz:  This is the sad part about some of my projects. There were plenty I enjoyed but sadly lost . Now I just save everything on my google drive and on my passport hard drive.

Alexandria Topaz:  How did you learn to take photos or make movies?  

Photos Courtesy of Kayla Whittaker
Kayla Whittaker: Tina McClure got me into it, she gave a crack, full copy of Fraps, and the first editor I used was Windows Movie Maker.  After that it was just trial and error, then getting better video editors.  Just practice, practice, practice.  Watched everyone's videos to pick up on tips and try them in my own  editing.  Always learning... Even today, I am still always learning with my video. 

Alexandria Topaz:  Lol yes I certainly started in the same route and continuously challenging myself. Although some secrets I have to keep to myself. One can't expect to be good with just having the best of editing software. They really have to learn from trial and error.

Alexandria Topaz:  How do you approach telling stories in your photo/production? What devices do you use to communicate with the viewer?

Kayla Whittaker: Well... That is really a wide subject...  When I do a theme video, I use mainly sub-line text with the video to tell a story, and then some times I can tell a story through video alone.  That would be a simple way of putting it.

Alexandria Topaz:  I agree. I enjoy having a story so will have some subtext. If there's a specific theme in mind I sometimes select certain songs that fit the scene. I also enjoy some voice over which takes time to master. 

Alexandria Topaz:  Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do as a photographer/producer? If not, what else are you looking to achieve?

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Whittaker
Kayla Whittaker: Really, I never set out to really accomplish anything with producing SL porn. Mainly I do it, because I think it is fun.  Not looking for the fanfare or anything like that.  I just like making videos and pornography.  That way, I totally keep in fun for myself and keep it very casual.

Alexandria Topaz:  I feel the same way. I'm always going to be creating. I'm a Film Afficionado and I enjoy just conjuring up  whatever comes to mind. I challenge myself, I stress out some and the finishing results gets to be enjoyed by the masses. 

Alexandria Topaz:  What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed? 

Kayla Whittaker: Not really hurdles, just to sticking what I like doing.  I have been bashed on by a few people in the past because of some of the porn I produced, just to produce something different. But the one that bashed on me are no longer around in SL Porn.  And some of the subjects I have done in the past that were way out there, and seen it done resent by others.  So I like to think I set the trend of sticking to your art and what is in your head, just do it, produce and don't give a crap what anyone thinks.  For every hater, there 20 more that love it.

Alexandria Topaz:  Nods some will hate it, others will love it but at the end of it all it shows a Directors creativity. I personally feel one has to always think outside the box. While we may not enjoy what we're seeing. I always focus on how it was created and can perhaps be inspired to pick up my own ideas from  it.

Alexandria Topaz:  Where do you typically find inspiration? 

Kayla Whittaker: Real Life Porn and crazy crap that runs around in my head.

Alexandria Topaz:  Ditto and our minds would be a terrible thing to waste.. Lol

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dustin Pedroia
Alexandria Topaz:  Describe a typical production from start to end, and how long each portion of the project takes, relatively speaking.  

Kayla Whittaker: Usually depends on the project I want to do.  But the basic porn videos I do... Usually 3 to 4 hours for just shooting the raw footage.  Then 5 to 10 hours in editing.  

Kayla Whittaker: Other videos with theme... With building sets, buying things for it, etc... I have had as much as 20 to 30 into it all before I even start thinking about editing.  Then that will usually be another 40 hours plus.

Alexandria Topaz:  Nods I'm glad you shared that. I'm anal when it comes to detail. It can take me some time to get my project on the floor but when I do it's full speed ahead. I enjoy capturing shoots but sometimes it can take long due to an actors schedule/time availability on the editing bored I can sit for hours, even an entire day. I have to finish my production that same day. smiles.

Photo Courtesy of Partee Mytili
Alexandria Topaz:  If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star, who would it be (Please list as many folks as you like)? 

Kayla Whittaker: I have worked with just about everyone I wanted to work with.  I have two that I haven't worked with.  Partee Mytili (Parthenea) and Emily

Alexandria Topaz: Certainly some well known names Partee Is my SISTER and good friend. I've liked her since day one. I'm a little envy that she got the voluptuous booty in the family but we can't have everything. Lol. As for Emily she's certainly done excellent with her productions.

Alexandria Topaz:  What is the most important attribute in a model/actress that makes you want to work with them again? 

Kayla Whittaker: First of all... Patience... You have to have a lot of patience to produce video, because it is so time consuming.   Second... People that have put serious time into avatars to make them stand out.

Alexandria Topaz:  Agree

Alexandria Topaz:  What have you learned being behind the scenes/camera as a photographer or Director ? What has that been like for you?  

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dustin Pedroia
Kayla Whittaker: I have done a few that I didn't appear in the video and just directed.  In all honesty, I enjoyed it very much.  I try to do more behind the camera, but there are so many who want to be in the videos with me.  Which isn't a bad thing either (grins).

I have tried to get people to find a partner to be in a video with them.  It usually ends there and nothing comes of it.  If two or more people want to be in a video and they have an idea.  I will be more than glad to produce it and stay behind the camera.  

My biggest problem with trying to use female actresses, I really don't do that many lesbian videos.  I have to have a special attraction to them to do a lesbian video.  I usually ask them if they have someone they want to shoot with or find a partner to shoot with.  Some are willing to work with male actors, but then if I find a male actor, and the woman doesn't want to shoot with him for one reason or another.  I do all the leg work for them and have them back out.  And yes, it upsets me to no end.  

Alexandria Topaz:  SMH Yes. I'm open to Lesbian films and even being a part of it. I want to be in that ultimate Lesbian film but it has to be HOT!!! I'll touch upon a few niches but wont partake in a few. People continuously come up to me for parts too. I wont reject anyone if they can be patient. But if persistent, well that can just turn me off. While i've starred in plenty of my own productions, I do want to switch it up a bit where I can just be behind the scenes shooting. My passion is more on Creating rather then being a "Porn Star".

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Whittaker
Alexandria Topaz:  There is a sense that roles for models, and particularly actors are limited currently. Do you often use people you haven't before? What one thing would help a new model/actor break into your work? 

Kayla Whittaker: In all honesty... Self promote yourself... Flickr is a good way to start... Start taking photos of yourself.  Learn the lighting or windlighting, and follow others on Flickr.  Promote your photos through the porn groups.  Go to the porn parties, get to know people at these parties.  Then get together to shoot photos.

As for video... There's a different learning curve for sure, but if I can learn how to do it, you can learn how to do it also.  I'm self taught and now even make a part-time living with video in my real life.  As the old saying goes... Can't never could...  

Alexandria Topaz:  Absolutely If i can get up and do it anyone can. Although I also think there has to be some sort of passion there. If not, one can wear out or get frustrated in the process.

Alexandria Topaz:  Are you an active flicker user? Yes and I also have my own website

Kayla Whittaker:         Website -
                                        Flickr -
                                        Xvideo -

 Photo Courtesy of Kayla Whittaker

Alexandria Topaz:  The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

Kayla Whittaker: I really wouldn't say cut-throat, but I have met my share of assholes and douche bags with it all.  Some will bash on my videos and shit like that.  And then turn around the next day and ask to be in one.  I'm like WTF, are you kidding?  F-OFF!  LOL

But overall, I have met some of the most wonderful people through the SL Porn biz.  Some people are scared to talk to me, because of what I have done here.  But once they do talk to me, they find out I'm a super nice person.  I do live by that "Golden Rule", and being hateful to others really get you no where.

Also I just love seeing everyone's work, photos or video.  Yes it is porn, but it is still an art.  Some I like, some I love, and yes there is some I don't like.  But it is all still an expression of their mind with their art.  So I try to always be respectful of it all. 

Alexandria Topaz:  Well Said.

Alexandria Topaz:  Do you feel like you constantly want to smack the $hit out of some of the people in the business or do you find you get along with most of them? 

Kayla Whittaker: Yes, there are a couple I would like to smack the shit out of,  But I just let it roll off my back, just say whatever and move on.  Just not going to lower myself to their level. 

Then I have seen where people are only concerned about their porn and don't care about anyone's else work... Just too self center on themselves...and I see it a lot.  

But I would say 98% of the porn people, I get along with and totally respect what they do here with their art and love it.

Alexandria Topaz:  Well lets sit down for coffee and talk about those Self Centered folks? lol. Definitely agree with not stooping to ones level. I always say I can be amiable or I can be bitchy it all depends on ones approach towards me. I don't think I'd be in "The Porn Community" as long as I have if I wasn't likeable.

 Photo Courtesy of Kayla Whittaker
Alexandria Topaz:  How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera? 

Kayla Whittaker: LOL... I had no problem being comfortable in front of the camera.  This goes back to my RL self.  I used to be in theater in school, and for a little while in my early 20's, I worked as a stripper after I got my boob job.  Nudity is no problem for me.

Alexandria Topaz:  I just know you weren't in any theater productions in school naked? or where you? lol Joking!!!..I'm comfortable in both skins. :)

Alexandria Topaz:  Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :)  

Kayla Whittaker: OMG YES!!  Why do you think most of my porn is just straight up "Porngraphy"? LOL 

Not to sound narcissistic but once I have put the final touches on a video and go back to watch it 
before rendering it into final form to be published.  If I work myself into 4, 5, 6, 7 or more orgasms... I give it my 5 Orgasm rating.

But also what I do love, is my fans, I have a huge fan following outside of SL with my Xvideo page. I get a lot of messages and video ideas from them  So yeah... most of my videos are made for my RL fans, than my SL fans.

Alexandria Topaz:  Ok I can relate to the being stimulated during pre-editing. It's usually what determines if my project is complete. Grins

Alexandria Topaz:  If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

Kayla Whittaker: Sorry, I'm giving you more than one.

1. Lexington Steele... Porn Star
2. Ricky Martin - Singer
3. George Michaels - Singer
4. Bret Michaels - Singer
5. Johnny Depp - Actor

Alexandria Topaz:  Oh I know why you like Lexington Steele lol.. smiles. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get in contact with those listed but when I do I will surely let you know. 

Alexandria Topaz:  What types of scenes would you never consider recreating? 

Kayla Whittaker: Scat or Shit play

Alexandria Topaz:  Have you ever been involved in any super weird niche Porn?  

Kayla Whittaker: Yes... Because I created a lot of it.  That is where I got the "WTF Kayla" from people.  But sometimes I feel I have to do things like that to make people pay attention. :D

Alexandria Topaz:  If you got a reaction from them then you've certainly done your job. smiles

Alexandria Topaz:  It's been known that like real life, some members of the porn community are stalked by "SL Fans". Have you experienced any of that?  

Kayla Whittaker: OMG... That is like everyday for me... but I handle it just fine.  Even had people in RL join SL to meet me.  

Alexandria Topaz:  Men will do just about anything huh? giggles

Alexandria Topaz: In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene? 

Kayla Whittaker:  Get a Flickr page and promote yourself... Go to the porn parties, meet people.  If you are just sitting around waiting on people to ask you to be in a porn video, you will be waiting a long time.

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dustin Pedroia

Alexandria Topaz:  Any parting words, or hints perhaps, at exciting upcoming projects (more details the better..... for our readers, of course)? 

Kayla Whittaker:  Just be open minded to others, be kind and yes... Look at everyone's work and take it all in and expand your mind.

As for my next big project... There is another Batman porn video in the works and will probably start 
production on it after the first of the year, after I get past the holidays.  I will be directing only.

Alexandria Topaz:  Thank you my friend for taking the time to interview with me. I appreciate you being Genuine in your responses. Will be joining you on the dance floor very soon. Certainly wish you continued success in your SL endeavors and if I can be of any assistance just reach me on the SL Lan Line.. :) Hugs...xoxo 

On another note:

Kayla Whittaker and Kayla Bombastic
One would spontaneously combusts with all this trouble around. couldn't help myself lol 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Beauty In The Forest- By Louise Kristan Faulds

It's not ever day that one gets called upon to work with some of the most talented creative folks in second life. So when Louise Kristan Faulds call me for a shoot I surely jumped on the opportunity. Check out some of her wonderful photo displays here :  Louise's Flicker

Photo Courtesy of Louise Kristin Faulds

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

Up Close & Personal: Pinky Van Tightnpuss: The Iconic Pretty in Pinky

                                                                Photo Courtesy of staff photographer; Dusty Pedroia
There are few more iconic people in the porn community than Pinky van Tightnpuss. She is immediately recognizable for her pink hair and stunning look that she has done her own creation work to make unique. Party host and DJ, as well as Director, Model, and Photographer, she contributes a lot to the group. And of course, everyone loves to slap that ass at her parties to get their groove on (except perhaps certain times at Halloween parties that I still have nightmares about... *shudders*). She is well spoken, yet not afraid to also speak out and let us know exactly what is on her   mind, which I love. Please read on for a deeper look at our resident Pretty in Pinky.

[Monique LeFry]: What brought you to Second Life? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Boredom. Some 10 years ago I couldn't work anymore due to health issues, so I was at home all day, not able to do much. After a few months a friend who visited us asked if we had ever heard of Second Life, and we didn't, so the conversation went on about another subject. The next day I was curious about it, and looked it up and weeks later I made my first account, Ayara came a year later.

[Monique LeFry]: Ohhhhh, Ayara isn't your first avi! I feel like there is some really exciting story about your original. Something torrid and exciting, yet slightly dangerous... please don't burst my bubble, please?

[Monique LeFry]: How Long Have you Been in the "Porn Industry"?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I think it was somewhere in December 2009 when I stumbled upon the porn scene by accident.

[Monique LeFry]: Yes, porn scenes are typically littered with paraphernalia and accoutrement that pose considerable stumbling risk.

[Monique LeFry]: How did you get started in Porn?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I met this guy, we started dating and he was in porn. He made movies and did pictures, but mostly NOT of me, so I started doing my own pics, and later my own video's, and it turned out I was not half bad at it hehe.

[Monique LeFry]: How could he NOT do pictures of you? Unless that is another torrid backstory that you want to keep the pictures buried and nudge nudge wink wink so no more!

Photo Courtesy of Pink van Tightnpuss 
[Monique LeFry]: What are your favourite pieces of work that you were in (photos/videos, list up to 3, include links if available)?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]:

- Bound and Blind folded

- This what rock & roll fucks like

- Aesthetic Perfection The New Black (non porn)

[Monique LeFry]: Please! Tell me what inspired the Pink Panther music for the intro theme music.... ohhhhh, ok, I get it!  But I love those videos, you certainly have your own style and aesthetic that I really appreciate. The lighting is really good in all of those, definitely unconventional.

[Monique LeFry]: How far would you like to take your Porn Star Career on SL? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I will not fuck for a part, suck up for a part, change my looks for a part, but I have it easy, cause I usually produce my own stuff.

[Monique LeFry]: But what if you had to ask yourself to change your look for the part you want in your own movie? OK best not to think on that one too hard... moving on...

[Monique LeFry]: If you had an opportunity to work with a photographer or producer who would it be? 

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dusty Pedroia

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Rysan Fall. The old pornies will remember his name I am sure, but he is one of the best film makers I have ever seen on SL. He is no longer involved in porn, but he made some great things. And Scooby Mode if he ever gets back into making video's. But there is a lot of talented people around I never had the chance of working with before.

[Monique LeFry]: Oh yes, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rysan Fall for the SX Magazine where we announced the video judges for the SX Awards. He was very friendly and down to earth, but his work speaks volumes. REALLY well done and a true artist. I am not familiar with Scooby Mode myself but trust that he must be quite talented if you are calling him out as someone you wish to work with.

[Monique LeFry]: What have you learned being behind the scenes as a model/actress? What has that been like for you? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I learned to have outfits ready lol. Nothing worse than having to wait 10 minutes for a model that doesn't have their stuff together. And being patient, and that it is ok to joke around on a set, the wait can be very long.

[Monique LeFry]: Oh wow, you can joke around on set? Anyone that has worked with me knows I am a quiet little mouse in the corner when working. But yes, patience is a true virtue, and a good model has their shit together as best as possible before getting on set.

[Monique LeFry]: Are you an active flicker fan? If so please list your link

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Pinky van Tightnpuss]:

[Monique LeFry]: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: There are a few people in it that are total attention whores in my opinion, and personally I think you need to go find a shrink if your self esteem depends on pixel fame. That is just pathetic. But luckily I have a few I consider very good friends.

[Monique LeFry]: Ha! The theme song to Fame popped into my head just now. I guess you could live forever in SL, and we already all know how to fly, so I figure we all have pixel fame anyway.

[Monique LeFry]: Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of some of the actors/actresses in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Eh, as I said, there are a few I would throw a party for if they ever decided to make the world a better place and hit the X button for good lol. But the majority is good people.

[Monique LeFry]: I would have to agree in that, on the whole, we really have a strong, vibrant group with some really good people. See, this is what I call being Diplomatic Moni.

[Monique LeFry]: How long were you working before you felt comfortable in front of the camera?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I don't think I have ever felt uncomfortable in front of the camera. Behind is a different story, I still find it hard to ask people if they want to pose for me cause I can imagine they don't trust the outcome, and i can't blame them, it's a bit of a gamble with me, I might turn you Smurf blue if I feel like it.

[Monique LeFry]: I absolutely don't mind being Moni Smurf. Anything for the sake of art! And your pictures are gorgeous. All this said, isn't it more likely that you would turn someone Care Bear Pink?

Photo Courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Monique LeFry]: Are you stimulated by some of the sex with your co-stars - Be honest. :)

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Not on a set, to me porn and sex are two different things. On a set I focus on the work and the only thing on my mind then is making a good picture or a good looking video. If I want to have sex I know who to call lol.

[Monique LeFry]: You still have me on speed dial right?

[Monique LeFry]: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Easy one, Hugh Jackman. Youngsters with baby faces don't do it for me, I like grown men with muscles (and chest hair!)

[Monique LeFry]: mmmm, yes now that IS a good choice. You have to figure Wolverine would have great stamina in bed.

[Monique LeFry]: What role would you not take part in if offered ? 

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Any role that requires me to change my appearance. Sorry, not going to happen.

[Monique LeFry]: Your appearance really does so much to define you in this place, it is important to keep the integrity of it, I agree. And you really have an iconic look that just jumps off the screen, no one should want to change it anyway.

[Monique LeFry]: It's been known that like real life.. some Porn Actors/Actresses are stalked by "Sl Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

                                                                 Photo Courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I have had a few guys wanting a bit too much attention, but they usually give up quickly (block, derender and ban works miracles)

[Monique LeFry]: In your experience, what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Don't do anything you are not comfortable with, create your own unique look and be careful who you work with, always check if they are really a producers/photographers, you would not be the first one to be tricked into doing a shoot while the, usually, guy is just jerking off on you and not taking pics at all. That is also why I refuse to emote on a set.

[Monique LeFry]: Great advice that any newcomer should really take to heart. There are many great photographers looking for new faces, that are professional and respectful to work with. Don't feel compelled to do anything because you feel like you need to get your face out there. Be patient and do your own photos and good things will come.

[Monique LeFry]: You do a lot of hosting and DJ'ing, how did that come about for you?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Same as porn, rolled into that. A friend of mine was the Monday DJ, and my thursday one, but he changed jobs and could not do that anymore. So i stepped in to fill the Mondays, and Nak-(Nakuru Bergamasco) does the Thursdays.

[Monique LeFry]: Funny how things in SL can sometimes just sort of happen, when you least suspect it. Too bad you can't do Thursdays as well... >_>     *love you, Nak* (Nakuru Bergamasco)

[Monique LeFry]: Do you feel like that is a complement to your porn activities or really a completely different pursuit?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: It is connected since I only DJ and host porn star parties.

Photo courtesy of Pinky van Tightnpuss
[Monique LeFry]: Tell us a bit about what inspires you as a DJ, how you build your sets, etc.

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Sometimes I don't even have a set ready, or throw it out of the window when I am DJ-ing and adjust the set to things people are saying, requests and so on.. And when I have a set ready, there is always a theme, it can be sex-related, 130 BPM, a certain kind of music, or I just threw something together and hit "random" lol.

[Monique LeFry]: I really do love how you tailor your set and bring in stuff that can be relevant to the current conversation or mood. That just shows a level of commitment to doing a great job rather than just rolling a canned stream. Except for those times you just hit random. :P

[Monique LeFry]: I understand that at one time, you also designed and built shoes? Any other products, and are you still working at that?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: I have made clothes, skins (but i don't sell those, I just make them for myself), tattoos and anything I want but can't find on the marketplace really. But not anymore lately.

[Monique LeFry]: I really respect people that are able to build their own things, to create their own look. That even have the will and perseverance to learn and do it.

[Monique LeFry]: If not, why, and do you think you will get
back to it?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: No, I kinda lack time to do that at the moment. I can't be arsed to go into Blender and make a shoe lately, but who knows, I might get the vibe again one day and dive back into that. It is like with everything I do on here, I do things when I feel like it lol.

[Monique LeFry]: So, if I were to ask REALLY nicely would you build me a nice pair of wedges? Let me know when you feel like it. :-) But yeah, you really have to feel the motivation and inspiration to jump into something like that.

Photo courtesy of staff photographer: Dusty Pedroia

[Monique LeFry]:Any parting words for our readers?

[Pinky van Tightnpuss]: Thank you for reading *muah* and you know, I like feedback to my work too! lol. It's always so quiet when I post a link.

[Monique LeFry]: I am sure that is just because they are struck speechless by the magnitude and awe inspiring work you put out. But seriously, your work is amazing and want to see more! Thanks again for making the time to talk with us, Pinky!