Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rise N Shine

Waking up relaxed ready for my day as the 4th of July is Close by. Just progressing with a small project and some writing for my blog... Here's something to stimulate your senses and get your day going... (Smiles)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Somebody's Watching Me

Somebody's Watching Me
Alexandria Topaz
Photos by a Secret Admirer

Gazing at the alarm clock I saw it was 6:00 am, an hour earlier than I had planned to wake up. In a haze I rolled onto my back noticing I had fallen asleep on the Living room floor by the fire place, my head settling into the lush carpet where it had been resting, my blonde hair flowing around me. I could feel a slight morning chill in the air and before I turned to my side I felt a stiffening of my nipples as they brushed against my white fluffed up rug. I became aroused, could guarantee that the friction of the fluffed carpet against my nipples would quickly bring them to an erect sensitive state. Against my wishes to fall back asleep I could feel my morning horniness beginning to creep through me, my nipples rubbing agonisingly against the rug, loving the way the chill of the air juxtaposed the rising heat within me. 

I breathed deeply sinking further onto the rug as my right hand began to stroke my stomach playing with my belly button, slowly working its way along the toned centre of my stomach flicking around my waist, my thumb pushing further and further up, my little finger still circling my belly button, causing my skin to prickle and my breathing to increase. 

Without conscious thought my left hand had slipped down my side and was pressing the crotch of my cotton panties into my glowing mound, feeling the rasping of my trimmed blonde pubes against the cotton and a spreading wetness causing the material to stick and achingly peel off my wet folds. Biting my bottom lip and starting to roll my hips up and down my right hand had made its way
up against my chest, cupping my breast. Gazing down, seeing my hand massaging against my breast, almost foreign, almost not my own, a stranger that had found its way into my home in the night and was now bringing me to life in the morning. An overwhelmingly erie feeling entering my mind and invading my body as I start to get the feeling that someones watching me and getting closer...

Imagine the rest for me...... Let me Know In world what ya think... You could very well be that guy right behind me ...Grins

Friday, June 17, 2016

Up Close and Personal with Monique LeFry

A little past due on my Up Close and Personal But I definitely have two interesting avatars making strides in the community with their presence.

Photo:Sasquatch Rhino

The first person I've come across is Monique LeFry. I ran into Monique Lefry at one of Ayaras Porn Star Parties and immediately had good vibes from her. Monique converses well with the folks around her. In my opinion she doesn't have to try to fit in,Her personality is infectious. I introduced myself to her immediately,You want to get to know all about her. Monique has been in the industry about 8 to 9 months now. I spoke briefly with her about her entry. Monique felt it started a bit slow but she's met a group of interesting people thus far, so starting slow didn't really bother her. Monique has recently made a bit of a stride, making the right connections and people seem to be wanting to work with her more. She feels somewhat "Known" now and she can prove her reliability be it on film or photo shoots. 

I asked Monique what she wanted to get out of her experience as an adult entertainer, of which she replied "I guess to a certain extent, I feel so invested in my avi now, I put a lot of care into the appearance etc. I like the idea of being on show a bit and hoping that people appreciate me as well? Maybe rooted in a bit of insecurity, who knows. I can understand her interests in her appearance but to me who cares? with just her inner qualities alone she's bound to go anywhere she desires as a Porn Startlet.

Moniques photos have been flying around flicker but listed below is her own Flicker Page:

Monique is working her way in rather smoothly in film productions. Listed Below are some of the current projects she has worked on, not to mention chosen DogStar Productions Performer of the Month June 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Living My Life Like it's Golden

Entering a world filled with Drama, Deceit, Jealousy and Stupidity Only Makes me Go get a Glass of Champange as there is only one person controlling all this and it's Me..... Living my Life like it's Golden, No Time for Clouds.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Miss Emily Productions-Captain Miggins, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E1

STARRING: Sandy Miggins, Anyka Aiseiri, Cream Release, Zuby Gloom, Katina Cazalet, and Marika Blaisdale. 
FEATURING: Candy Kane, Katrinova, Moonie, Kei Frequency, Kymberly Davied, Traci Quandry, Alisa Bedwell and Brunella

Was a pleasure being invited to the Season Premier of Miss Emilys Production 
Captain Miggins, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E1. Season 2 starts of with some wonderful actors and new comers. The film is filled with a Great Introduction In Space and lots of filled packed adventure that'll have you on your seat until the very end...

Go Have a Look at it Now!: 

And If you haven't seen it from The premise of its birth Catch Season One Below:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bitch Boy Camp-Chapter 1

The first Chapter In my first Erotic Series

Bitch Boy Camp-Chapter I
By Alexandria Topaz
Photos By : Scotty 
Set Locations Rural Farms, Mysterium’s Masked Mansion
Actors: Dax Rahl (daxie777), Zepp (zeppo.sicling)
Alexa shoot_1
“I still can’t believe I am going through with this.” “This could so easily
be a trap!” “I could be killed and yet here I am on the highway heading to
see her. I was given a choice, I can still back out, but part of me wants
to keep going…….lets face it, most of me does. I can’t go back there and
stop everything now, I’ve come too far. Haven’t I? But still, what if this
is all a set up? I could be kidnapped, robbed, even killed! She always
told me that this was about trust but I mean c’mon she has all the cards, I
have no leverage here. Yet, here I am driving to the specific address. I
am dressed how she told me to be, blue jeans and a white polo shirt, no
underwear of any kind, no change of clothes, no cell phone but why did I bring it?,
no bags or luggage. Yes, I am sure of it, this is a set up, I’m dead, I’ll pull
off at the next exit and turn around. My mind gets to me as I drive and I begin to
argue with myself. I can’t turn around now, I want this, I need this, and
she expects me, she won’t be happy if I am a no show. But what if I’m
right? What if I am headed to my doom am I willing to accept that. What
will those that know me think? I haven’t even told anyone where I am going.
That’s it! I pull over and call my friend Tom, and tell him that if I am
reported dead or missing where he can look for answers. Perfect, this is my
one piece of leverage, even if I’m killed, the killers will get theirs. I
pull over at the next rest stop I can find. I am practically running to the
nearest pay phone I can find. I dial 411 my friend Tom and begin to dial
his number. Just as I punch the last digit I hang up the phone, and begin
to argue with myself again. This is about trust remember. If you do this
it shows you don’t trust her and you’ll never truly be what you and her both
want. Just do this………take a chance.
Read the Rest Now  on SLAfterDark

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rocco's Sex Tape=Photo Series

Alexandria Topaz*Rocco-Vanhelsing Svoboda

2 Porn Stars, 1 Video Camera and a whole lot of Wetness.. Rocco wanted  his own video tape of us screwing ...

Check The Flicker Photos @  Rocco's Sex Tape

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Alexa In Wonderland-A Midsummers Wet Dream

It's a beginning and ending for this Project. Beginning of having fans view and a closing on the set as I'm already working on my next one.

Click Here & Watch Now!!!! Alexa In Wonderland

Alexa In  Wonderland: A Midsummers Wet Dream

**Warning this movie is intended for those 18 AND OVER (YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL AGE).

Synopsis:Take a Sexually Enchanted ride with Alexandria Topaz and her Porn Friends as the Red Queen gets a hold of Alexa allowing her an  ultimatum. Perform her best in order to return back home or forever stay trapped in Wonderland.

Porn Stars: Alexandria Topaz, Damien Godard, CC, Rachel Avro, Eros Plutonian.
(Second Life Avatar)

Any media or music in this video is solely used for entertainment and is not for any commercial purpose.