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Up Close & Personal -Carly Mode-Delightfully Dirty

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Edward de Bono

Photos Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dusty Pedroia

This next Director surely breaks out of the norm to produce a plethora of nice pieces to delight the masses. I speak of none other then Mrs. Dillon Lecker, known to you all as Carly Mode.  If you can flow with the song choices and footage captured in her production, you can get a feel of what Carly is actually envisioning. I sat down with Carly for a one on one interview and here's what she had to say.

Alexandria Topaz: What brought you to Second Life?

Carly (carly.mode): Oh boy, that was so long ago!  Back in the early SL days, I saw a documentary on TV about how Second Life was ruining families and people's lives, so I got curious and joined.  I didn't like it much back then, it wasn't the SL we know today: sims were empty, prims and flexis were sooo cool, but then in 2006 I tried it again and got hooked.  

Alexandria Topaz: How long have you been in the "Porn Industry"?

Carly (carly.mode): Well lets think, my very first appearance was in Meg Corral's The Brothel which was filmed in 2014 I think and Im still kicking about now, so a big thanks to Meg! The first video I made myself was uploaded online in April of 2015, so i been filming a little over 3 years.

Alexandria Topaz: How many film projects have you produced? Please include links to your top 3 favorite, if you can narrow it down to only 3, and describe why they are in your top 3.

Carly (carly.mode): I cant pick here is a link to my library of work:

Photos Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dusty Pedroia

Alexandria Topaz: How did you learn to take photos or make movies?

Carly (carly.mode): In my beginnings in SL, I was a model so I learned how photography worked quite early on. Making movies I learned because of Dillon.  He started making movies and encouraging me to try it too.  Turns out, its not that hard ... Well he is, but filming isn't lol

Alexandria Topaz: How do you approach telling stories in your photo/production? What devices do you use to communicate with the viewer?

Carly (carly.mode): The songs tell a lot but I hope my viewers are smart enough to get my story too. They aren't too complicated either!

Photos Courtesy of Carly Mode

Alexandria Topaz: Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do as a photographer/producer? If not, what else are you looking to achieve?

Carly (carly.mode): Well, I never set out to do anything.  This is just for fun as a pass-time.  I dont have an agenda or a plan.  I'm also not looking to achieve anything...not that there is anything to achieve really.  I just hoped people would enjoy the videos I made as much as I enjoyed producing them.

Alexandria Topaz: What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed?

Carly (carly.mode): Drama is the hurdle....and I just ignore it and live my life.

Alexandria Topaz: Where do you typically find inspiration?

Carly (carly.mode): All around!  I love SL, everything in here was created by a resident, we are surrounded by imagination and creativity and if you take a moment to appreciate it you will find inspiration. I love exploring Sims and finding hidden surprises and new things to investigate. 

Photos Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dusty Pedroia

Alexandria Topaz: Describe a typical production from start to end, and how long each portion of the project takes, relatively speaking.

Carly (carly.mode): Oh wow, There is no way I can do that....I keep telling people and no one seems to remember or believe me: I have no idea what i'm doing 3/4 of the time!  My best shots are usually accidents.  Projects I though i could bang out in a few hours took weeks and some I thought would be very hard took mere minutes.  Therefore, I stopped trying to plan anything and just go with the flow.  If I make plans it gets hard and annoying and takes forever.

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star, who would it be (Please list as many folks as you like)? 

Carly (carly.mode): Well I do that everyday, with Dillon.  He is amazing at what he does and I feel so lucky to get that opportunity. There are so many people I want to work with, but since i'm awful at planing ....  The main issue is that when I get inspired to film doesn't mean people are online.  Which is why so many producers work with the same bunch of people over and over.  We shoot who is online with us.

Alexandria Topaz: What is the most important attribute in a model/actress that makes you want to work with them again?

Carly (carly.mode): I don't look for specific attributes I prefer to look to work with people who are not:

Awful people
Lacking originality
Drama oriented
Flexi Lovers

Carly (carly.mode): I am also personally obsessed with details.  I'm a visual person doing something visual, so for example if your feet don't match your body *cough-Dillon-cough* or you don't have an ankle lock,  it will annoy me to no end.  

Photos Courtesy of Carly Mode

Alexandria Topaz: There is a sense that roles for models, and particularly actors are limited currently. Do you often use people you haven't before? What one thing would help a new model/actor break into your work? 

Carly (carly.mode): Not just currently, they always have been.  These are made up numbers, but for every Director in SL there are 1000 people wanting to be a porn star if not 10000.
And as much as I wish i could work with everyone, I can't.  Its not realistic. Also, not everyone who wants to be a porn star actually has the potential.  Of course every director is different and have different aesthetics, and making movies is a visual medium.  So I'm sorry but if you look like a noob or like every single god damn blond with big boobs who got  the same shape, mesh head, skin as everyone else in SL i'm not gonna want to shoot you.  I look for a sense of style, a uniqueness, I like people who make bold choices and aren't afraid to fail.

Alexandria Topaz: Are you an active flicker user? If so please list your link

Carly (carly.mode): Whats an active flicker user? I have flicker and sometimes post pics...but active I don't know.

Alexandria Topaz: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

Carly (carly.mode): HAHAHAHAHA! I have a list of what to not look for a reason.

Alexandria Topaz: Want to Compare with me? Lets do Lunch LOL.

Photos Courtesy of Staff Photographer: Dusty Pedroia

Alexandria Topaz: Do you feel like you constantly want to smack the $hit out of some of the people in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?

Carly (carly.mode): I get along with many of them, but there is also many others who D'd like to hit. Hard. In the face. With a chair. Repeatedly.

Alexandria Topaz: How Breathtaking. Don't know if i could have put it so eloquently lol

Alexandria Topaz: How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera?

Carly (carly.mode): I've been extremely lucky that every producers i got the chance to work with have made me feel very comfortable from the very start.  I hope people feel comfortable when I shoot them also.

Photos Courtesy of Carly Mode

Alexandria Topaz: Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :)

Carly (carly.mode): Have you seen my fiancĂ©, Dillon? Why do you think we sometimes take forever to come out with new videos?

Alexandria Topaz: I just saw him in the buff but that ass!!! lmao

Alexandria Topaz: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

Carly (carly.mode): Could?  I GET to...anytime i want... and he has many trophies to prove he is amazing.  A fact he likes to remind me of far too often...(je t'aime mon namour)

Alexandria Topaz: What types of scenes would you never consider recreating? 

Carly (carly.mode): Why re-create when we can simply create?

Photos Courtesy of Carly Mode

Alexandria Topaz: Have you ever been involved in any super weird niche Porn?

Carly (carly.mode): I do like the weird, and Second Life has no shortage of it. So I might have taken advantage of it a tiny bit which allowed me to make Candyland, Alien, Mermaid and  porn,  Giant horsehead Blow Job, snowman sex... But that doesn't make me weird.... does it?

Alexandria Topaz: It's been known that like real life.. some members of the porn community are stalked by "SL Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

Carly (carly.mode): Stalked no.  But it does give some people a reason to approach me.  Sometimes they turn out cool and I make a new friend or all they want is a role and get super angry when I tell them why I wont be working with them.

Carly (carly.mode): It's always funny to me how some people will IM saying how they love my movies yet, appear to have no idea what my videos are about.  Don't say you like something you haven't watched idiot!

Photos Courtesy of Carly Mode

Alexandria Topaz: In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene? 

Carly (carly.mode): Don't be an ass!  Realize that you are NOT special and no one will come begging you to be in a film.  

Carly (carly.mode): There are also a lot of great blog posts out there with great tips regarding various huds you should get familiar with, be it for facial animations, pose editing, lighting, etc.  It seems silly, but if I'm filming and need an actors to smile, or look to his right, I can't spend an hour teaching you how.

Carly (carly.mode): Watch movies that have been made, every director has a unique style 

Alexandria Topaz: Any parting words, or hints perhaps, at exciting upcoming projects (more details the better..... for our readers, of course)?

Carly (carly.mode): I'd love to give you a bunch of details and hints and promos....but I can't....I'm  not currently working on anything of my own at the moment so who knows whats to come.  But summer is coming so lots of sun, bikinis, water and as it seems to have become tradition....a boat of some sort...hehe  and lastly, lets all smile more and be kinder to one another!

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