Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Up Close & Personal-Rachel Avro-Beauty is Where you Find it

Photos Courtesy of Dustin Pedroia

This next Porn Princess needs no introduction. The truth is if you don't know Rachel Avro then you don't know anyone. Lol. Well okay we're the best of friends along side the other Porn Princess Partee Mytilli. I don't think there are two with quite the infectious personality other then some of the new comers I'm getting to know. Rachel has been behind the screen, worked in publications and photography. The list is endless I can't keep up with this one. Like Katina Cazalet, this another energizer bunny that runs without batteries. She even keeps me on track with the tons of ideas I spew out of my mouth. Like ones personal Siri's on their iphone/android?

I met Rachel way back in one of the Porn Star parties but I was just getting ready to start working on my "Alexa In Wonderland" Project and needed some good characters to work with. I always projected Rachel as having the shy quiet good girl image. I looked at her a bit just to study her look. I needed an evil Red Queen. The bitchy naughty type that can stay in control and Poof there she was. I like to play with avatars and present them in a different light then how most folks project them to be. I wanted to take Rachels good girl image away just a bit. Atleast behind the camera. :) Needless to say she didn't disappoint. In my eyes she made my movie one that will always be remembered. We worked side by side with some other great actors/models and we had a Ball on set.

Here I go again, The most important thing to me about any individual i encounter on second life is their personality. Doesn't matter who you are behind your avatar or who you're pretending to be. Your Inner Qualities are what's the key to having you/me fit into one another circle. Truth be told Everyone Loves Rachel and I can't see any reason why one wouldn't. She's bubbly, intelligent,hard 
working, dedicated and loveable. Rachel Avro name is one that's synonymous to all the Porn Stars and Directors that have been in the scene for yeeeeears. It stands on it's own. Not many can say that and those that think they do? are just making fools of themselves.

I sat down on a one on one with Rachel but the truth is we're always in each others box talking up a storm and catching up on what's going on in the scene. I'm most honored and humble to have Rachel working along side me now but most importantly having her as my friend. Here's what Rachel shared with me.

Alexandria Topaz: How many actual films have you partaken in? I can't keep count. :)

Rachel Avro: I have been in about 50 over the past 5 years or so It is been a fun ride About half of them I starred in the other was a extra but either way always had fun.

Alexandria Topaz: What thrills you most of partaking in the films aside from the sexy actors/actresses? The sex itself?  Like what captures your interests about it as a whole?

Rachel Avro: I love the creative aspect of the making of a movie. What the director has in mind. I love getting dressed up and playing different parts in different movies and above all the friendships and flirting on set.

Alexandria Topaz: Which is exactly why I changed that good girl image behind my camera that worked Perfectly!!! and do you mean like when you and Eros Plutonian were practicing on my set? oops was I suppose to say that? lol

Alexandria Topaz: You certainly have been around the scene prior to when I came in, How many years has it been?

Rachel Avro: My official debut in a movie is dated 2010. I was a stripper in sl and they did a movie at our club and got to know some of the stars and producers. I was in a production when I just started with Miss Emily when she started as well. My big break came with Serenity Kristan Faulds and Louise-Kristan Faulds, put me in a major film Maid in the city which I helped write the story .Then we did a follow up movie and it was really fun to be involved in every aspect of making that movie. They were mentors to me. I have work with the best of the best in sl from Serenity Kristan Faulds and Louise-Kristan Faulds, to Miss Emily to Dillon Lecker and Isa Cheviot to being in your movie which was such an awesome experience, I have also been in production with Zoey Winsmore and Erika Thorveld Both Erins and a few that are no longer in sl. One of my favorites was a very small production by Erika thorveld the Black boot was filmed over several months with a BDSM theme from a 1996 movie the black glove it was a erotic noir film.

Alexandria Topaz: Wow that's quite a bit of work but clearly you get a feel of her work ethics in the aforementioned.

Alexandria Topaz: Aside from acting you've taken the role of working in publications. what's that like for you? What publications are you currently working on be it up front or in the background?

Rachel Avro: Well I am working with you as a photographer in the up close and personal blog I am editor of slut magazine and still on occasion shoot for Isa cheviot  and I model for a variety of publications in SL. I have my own flickr page which has been quite popular.

Alexandria Topaz: Surely know how Happy I am to have you aboard. :)

Alexandria Topaz: what 2 actors/actresses would you like to work with if given the opportunity?

Rachel Avro: Well I would love to star in a movie with Miss Emily just because of having been in a film with her 6 years ago when we started out together. The other would be Larry Vinaver I admire his work and love to do something with him.

Alexandria Topaz: I want to ride his stache but that's for another blog. lol

Alexandria Topaz: What's the best project you've worked on thus far?

Rachel Avro: I have  loved them all  I was really happy to work with Serenity Faulds and Louise Faulds in the production of Maid in the City final fantasies.  It was a two part movie and I helped write it and was involved in the making of it which I loved and my last big production "Alexa in Wonderland" by you. I am excited about working with you on the blog and I am about to start a new project with a brand new Director Rachel Rexen.

Alexandria Topaz: Yes Rachel Rexen somehow I feel she's underrated. She's taken to Directing and some creative Photography. This is surely a name that can stand by itself with the likes of other creators in the Industry.

"The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well; and doing well whatever you do, without a thought of fame.HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW, Hyperion." 

When I think of this quote, I think of people like Rachel Avro I see someone who's willing to make the best of their creativity in-world, who remain dedicated to what they enjoy most and work hard at it. As stated before  Rachel Avro is a name that STANDS ON ITS OWN, rightfully so. Thank you for  taking the time to interview with me. Now lets get back to work. Hugs/Smiles.


  1. Need I say it? Another wonderful member of the community, and another insightful article. Congrats!

  2. Rache is a true star! Beautiful inside and out... Wonderful interview with an amazing lady :)

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