Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Through The Lens-Carnal Hellion

The next project will be released either tonight or within the next day or two...

Pornstars: Alexandria Topaz*Seth

"Through The Lens" Came about as a result of the Creative Work I have seen displayed on Flicker. When In taking or seeing a photo, Photographers usually try to capture the essence, sensuality or eroticism of whatever creative piece they want to present to Viewers. Some capture it well others just snap and haven't a clue. I personally believe viewers want to have an "Aww" moment when seeing photos to envision themselves in it or just be moved by it. Photographers are so stuck on using Lumipro searching for the appropriate lighting and later wonder when editing why they can't seem to have the photo appear as they envisioned. Don't get me wrong I enjoy using Lumipro but plenty of folks with creativity Know that pictures can easily be enhanced without it (Photoshop or any editing software). I haven't seen a film out there with the use of Lumipro on it, so I thought i'd add it to this project. One can consider this project one of the first Porn pieces presented with the use of photography software and minimal video enhancers added. Parts of the video appear dreamy and dark as i wanted it to have a "Dark Fantasy" effect. 

The next project coming up is a collaborative piece I worked on with a talented writer (who shall remain nameless until my piece is created). I can't reveal much on it other then it most probably will be a series. You heard correctly, An ongoing series :) if it goes well after shooting the first two episodes,then i'll nurture the project and take it to it's fullest potential. I've already spoken with several well known Porn Stars I'll be bringing in for the piece and will also be adding other Porn Stars and extras. So the pieces are written. Now to scout my locations and have my Actors get their attire. Although I do have two other pieces I might work on while prepping for the series one collaborative piece I'll be working on with Isa (isabelle.cheviot) of Dogstar Production and another piece that's come to mind. Stay Tuned.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Through The Lens-Film Project-Coming Soon

Upcoming Film Project "Through The Lens" (Title Subject To Change)
Alexandria Topaz*Seth

This is a Small Upcoming Project I just finished Capturing.. Will be Editing and Releasing Soon.
For a Small project it took me a bit of time. I originally had this filmed planned With Curtis Trevellion (pharcyde1976), Although we couldn't get our schedules straight so I had to move on to someone else. But i'll surely be using him time permitted :P. The second Model to use was  Luke but Then I get a call from Director, Isa Cheviot about a collaboration project and Everything changed again. I'll be using Luke for the Collaboration piece i'm doing with Isa This coming fall. I had to change my story around once again and was still out a Model. Then my good friend Seth came to me with some thoughts and within 2 days my focus was back. I've captured all my scenes and I'm looking forward to editing within the next week or 2 (don't quote me on that). The next project thereafter will be a Series I created with a writer. Stay tuned for Castings. I'll be following up weekly with some more stills although they won't give you the small plot behind the story. You'll just have to see when it's released.