Saturday, April 30, 2016

On Set Teaser 2

Rachel Avro*Eros Plutonian

Above is yet another teaser to my next flick which is almost at a wraps.. These two weren't acting here I believe they were just having fun on set while i was capturing my footage.. but you didn't hear it from me... Smiles...

Dark N Deep Impact

Alexandria Topaz * Maximillian Caldwell

Sometimes  You have to go Big Or Go Home

See The Rest Of This Set on My Flicker Page Below

Friday, April 22, 2016

Behind The Scenes-Eros Plutonian

The fourth Actor I've chosen to partake in my next film production is Eros Plutonian. I recall seeing some of Eros Work on SLPornTube prior to it closing down. Sadly he lost some of his past work. I knew I wanted to use him in something back then and since He fits one of the characters in my production.I asked if he'd be interested in joining along. Eros appearance is Yummy to say the least. He always sets the mood in any setting be it film or photo shoots. Additionally, His Role-Playing techniques are of the Highest Caliber-(Sex Freak Alert). For all you other insatiable vixens out there you might enjoy this one. 

So There are your four joining me in my next production

Damien Godard
Rachel Avro
Eros Plutonian

The production is going smoothly i have 2 slightly extensive scenes and one short scene I will be working on during the weekend and then it's off the Editing Board.. I may add in some more photos as a tease to my viewers once the editing is done.. You'll just have to wait and see.. smiles...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Behind The Scenes-Rachel Avro

I came about this Next Actress at one of Emilys Porn Star Parties. Her look was soft and sexy and I knew she'd be great for the character I was in search of, Only she's playing the opposite role.:) I like to present avatars in a different light. So instead of soft and sexy you're going to get just a tad bit of Delicious Wickedness from her character. Rachel may never be seen the same again lol.

Rachel has an extensive portfolio that speaks for itself. She indeed carries the title of a professional, for her added input also made my directing go smoothly. She gave me what I wanted and I indeed captured it :)

Listed Below are the Films Rachel has worked in.

The Rocky Porno movie Show

Charlies Hookers

trick shot

"If Girls Picked Up Guys! "

Maid in The City

Corruption is Bliss

the Maid

Rachels Flicker

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Behind The Scenes-CC-Aussie 'CC

The Next Actor Chosen is a New-Comer Who has Started to Work on Various Films In The Industry. (CC-Aussie CC). I First Met CC at a Porn-Star Party and Just Made Minor Suggestions on His Avatar that would Suit Viewers When watching him in action. CC accepted my constructive Criticism and took it a step further as he enhanced his appearance to someone you want to see on Film. Two Months later he has been going at it slightly saturating himself in photos as well as film. I gave him the ins and outs on the industry as best as I could. Our first short scene together had him nervous and was so adorable because the only thing on his mind was to please me. I mentioned to CC by the time he was done with this film he will have first hand knowledge as to what Directors will expect on set. With his Dedication, Interests and Charming Personality CC can make his Career as a PornStar anything he desires.

Listed Below are a few of the Productions CC has been a part of

CC's Flicker Page

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Behind the Scenes-Damien Godard

Taking a few moments to list the actors that are working with me on my next Film  Project. When I saw Damien I knew I wanted to use him in my work. His appearance as well as his Work Ethics on SL caught my attention. More so yesterday as I completed shooting one of the scenes to my film. Damien effortlessly played his part and even made slight suggestions leaving my job as Director to go smoothly. While my  budget is low and I was going into overtime shooting last night, He and my other actors hung in there like troopers getting the Job Done.

Go check out some of Damiens Flicker work as well. Just Click on His Name Below

Damien Godard

Damien has an extensive list of Film Projects he has worked on. Listed below are a few.

Ma Benz By Dillon Decker

Finale, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E10)

The Stepford Sluts Part 4

Betrayed, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E9)

The Stepford Sluts Part 3

Heads will Roll, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E8)

Reunited, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E7)
Time:  8:10

The Stepford Sluts Part 2

Black Men Can't Swim, But they have BBC
by Tatiana Easterwood

The Neophyte
by  Anyka Aiséirí's

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Behind The Scenes-Scene1

So I'm finally able to sit down and work on my next Masterpiece.. I call it that as a means to know that whatever i put together is done to my Satisfaction, Not because I'm the Greatest. As every Director knows time and patience is needed for whatever they are trying to present. I will start shooting my 1st Scene today which means they'll be less time for anything else for awhile. However I can always be convinced to go shopping, dancing or some stimulating pixel bumping as a means to take a break. :) 

I haven't quite divulged what my project entails but as a sneak peak to what i'm working on I'll be adding a few bits/hints on my blog weekly or as time entails. Above is a quick photo snippet of the beginning scene although it hardly tells you anything at all.. What I can say is that I have some great actors working with me and that there is PLENTY of sex involved. Yes It's always about the SEX.. SMILES..If you haven't added yourself to my blog now would probably be the time to. That would give you an idea of what i'm up to as oppose to asking me in-world... 

Friday, April 1, 2016