Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Behind The Scenes-CC-Aussie 'CC

The Next Actor Chosen is a New-Comer Who has Started to Work on Various Films In The Industry. (CC-Aussie CC). I First Met CC at a Porn-Star Party and Just Made Minor Suggestions on His Avatar that would Suit Viewers When watching him in action. CC accepted my constructive Criticism and took it a step further as he enhanced his appearance to someone you want to see on Film. Two Months later he has been going at it slightly saturating himself in photos as well as film. I gave him the ins and outs on the industry as best as I could. Our first short scene together had him nervous and was so adorable because the only thing on his mind was to please me. I mentioned to CC by the time he was done with this film he will have first hand knowledge as to what Directors will expect on set. With his Dedication, Interests and Charming Personality CC can make his Career as a PornStar anything he desires.

Listed Below are a few of the Productions CC has been a part of

CC's Flicker Page

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