Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Behind The Scenes-Scene1

So I'm finally able to sit down and work on my next Masterpiece.. I call it that as a means to know that whatever i put together is done to my Satisfaction, Not because I'm the Greatest. As every Director knows time and patience is needed for whatever they are trying to present. I will start shooting my 1st Scene today which means they'll be less time for anything else for awhile. However I can always be convinced to go shopping, dancing or some stimulating pixel bumping as a means to take a break. :) 

I haven't quite divulged what my project entails but as a sneak peak to what i'm working on I'll be adding a few bits/hints on my blog weekly or as time entails. Above is a quick photo snippet of the beginning scene although it hardly tells you anything at all.. What I can say is that I have some great actors working with me and that there is PLENTY of sex involved. Yes It's always about the SEX.. SMILES..If you haven't added yourself to my blog now would probably be the time to. That would give you an idea of what i'm up to as oppose to asking me in-world... 

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