Sunday, December 11, 2016

And The Winner Is..

Not me and that's ok, it really is :) but I may have provided my last production to be judged by a few and let the masses enjoy it for themselves.

What's the point in  creating films in a virtual world when some treat it as a popularity contests against avatars as oppose to seeing the true work Movie/Porn Directors put into  their creation. I would surely hope it's not to just fit in with those in the "porn community"itself/ That would just be a waste of time. Additionally,  why would there be a panel of judges (not all) who hardly put in the time in making videos or just do vlogs judging ones work? While I can be glad of some of the winners chosen at this years Sx Magazine Award, the event in itself  fell short of categories for Directors Actors and Actresses. Yes I was glad those chosen had won and some I wonder how or why? But on a personal note there was lots missing.

I mean yes, We're judging porn but we're not solely judging it for the look of the avatar or are we?. Based on how you would judge anything i'm sure some would say yes. And for those saying yes?  why bother watching pixel porn when you can just be out having it on any sim. For those that say No..You're looking to be awed with what's presented not just the sex scenes itself but how the movie is captured overall. 

I strongly felt the categories should've been broken up differently and felt this way when initially seeing them.   My friends wanted me to join. I was a bit skeptical when first deciding on entering but was glad that I was nominated. Did I win? No. Did the right movie win? I wont give my opinion on this for we all have our own. But I'm almost starting to see why we've fallen short on Directors throughout the 6 years I've been here. Not enough recognition for  their skills as a whole. 

Which leads me to ask why  some if any of the categories listed below were not added into the mix:

Best Production Design
Best Sound
Best Special Effects
Best Visual Effects.
Best Plot
Best Genre: You know  Drama, Suspense, Thriller..

None of that at all. Just a Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director and Movie category. I truly believe that if you don't have a passion for film you're just about to cut yourself off from being an SL Director at this point. It probably explains why there is a shortage of Directors now then there ever has been. 

Having such a short lists in categories is not the way to go. I strongly feel it should be broaden so that all partaking can be winners. None of us win contracts money or are known globally. We are all just in a virtual world. All we have is a bit of popularity. Which is what we give SL Magazines and Agencies when  taking part in such events. Popularity and recognition for hosting a 
nice event involving a Creator/Directors work.  These events should be held for fun to all not just some.  Better recognition should be given  not only to  Actors and Actresses but Directors for without either one, nothing would be created. Such shortage of selection in categories  probably has Directors skeptical about entering their own work for fear that they have no chance of winning or may even start to question if they have the necessary skills. 

Lets face it Some Directors create excellent visuals, good plots and add great effects to their story. Others have no idea what they're doing other then  recording folks having sex. If viewers, folks or hungry actors/actresses come to Directors to be a part of their work that already speaks high volumes in itself.  Magazines, Agencies, and such events should hold all those folks in the same regard. Don't ya think?

It's very disappointing when it's being left to a couple of people to vote, who may  very well be voting for a friend. As I was sitting in the audience prior to a nominee being chosen one of the Judges shouted the winners name before the host even said who the winner was. Coincidence? hmm don't know what to say about that. But It does have me questioning  how the winner/s were chosen.

As for the photography nominees? that should have been expanded as well and I congratulate all the winners chosen. I"m not a photographer by nature so I  personally couldn't really judge any of the selections made but what I've seen through my eyes were all excellent choices. 

As for myself? I've probably entered my last awards. After 6 years I find no use to have my work judged. Don't get me wrong I'll still create porn but also dive back into the modeling industry. Where your work can be lucrative in the right hands of modeling agencies and designers. That at least will put money/lindens in  my pocket.

Anyone is welcome to their opinion on this blog just note that I am not critiquing per say.  I just thought I open up  and give my opinion  for other magazine publications or agencies who may want to host such an award next year and perhaps see what can be done differently that will be encouraging to the masses instead of a selected few.

You're speaking to a person who has honed their film editing skills, produced 77 film projects in the modeling industry and several unaccounted for in the Porn Industry that are creative in style to me and that's all that will ever matter.


  1. Totally agree... I don't even bother putting any of my stuff for anything award based. It's like being in high school and hoping to be prom king and queen. Unless you are the quarterback on the football team or cheerleader you got slim to no shot.

  2. Agree entirely, Alex. And as an outsider on the photographic side of the so-called industry, I look at some of the photos upon which effusive praise is lavished and wonder how such people can have a) the supreme self-belief to post that crap in the first place and b) how other can see any talent much less technical skill in it. Well, that's my 2 satang worth.

  3. As I said in my interview with you. "Not looking for the fanfare or anything like that. I just like making videos and pornography. That way, I totally keep in fun for myself and keep it very casual."

    Usually the video that wins, and yes I do watch them. I'm like really? You call this porn? When I don't even get a tingle of excitement in my body. I just call them a watered down soft R rated video. Themes, and plots are great, but this is me just speaking... If a guy is not jerking off or a female is not masturbating her clit to it. It's not porn, and seen too many of these porn award things become a "Who Kisses the Most Ass Fest" and "Who has the most friends". Yeah, I have mocked at the awards things, and most anyone that really knows me, I'm not about to kiss anyone's ass over an award.

    I don't call myself a "Porn Queen" and I'm not about to either. But I will call myself a "Porngrapher".

    Yeah, people can be mad at me, that is fine for what I have said. But yeah, go ahead, make weak ass so-call porn, and kiss all the ass you want. I just know were I stand in the business, and heaven knows how many people have asked me to be in a video of mine.

    Alexa, I love your work... You make PORN. As for a lot of people that are never mention for awards and I have seen them make serious porn also. Also... They are not kissing anyone's ass over it all either and doing what they love. And to them... Keep up the great work.

    I will probably piss off a few with my comment. But that is how I feel.

    1. Kayla - agree 100%. Don't even get me started on the unsexiness of the vast majority of so-called photographic porn where an hour or more has been spent tweaking Anypose under a Lumipro glow and more imagination has been expended on coming up with something like "X came to visit and, before you know it, she was on her knees...blah blah blah". Not to disparage those that DO produce genuinely erotic material that way (and they are few and far between) but technology is a poor substitute for passion and knowing someone has spent a couple of hours tweaking lights and limbs to produce a couple of lame-ass MA or R images instead of a couple of hours actually fucking and capturing that leaves me cold and dry.

    2. *Gives Aria a huge smile and a big Hi 5.