Friday, September 16, 2016

Up Close & Personal - Seth-A Scholar and a Gentleman

Photographer: All photos Taken By Alexandria Topaz

There is  much to be said about this Man. Seth is not the traditional Porn Star, Model or Actor. Seth is a man I've known way before I've entered Second Life. Some of the inner qualities this man has is enough to want to make you melt and call him your man. Charming, Witty, Intelligent beyond his years and Passionate with his work interests. We met online about 10 years ago and I brought him into Second Life. Through Out the years we've developed a bond like I've never developed with anyone else. I need him, he's there, we fight? One of us is always calling the other. No apologies needed. He's Dating? I just tell him i'll let him go through the experience and respect his relationship until he's ready to come back to me. Grins - as he always tells me the same. I always tell him she can't be me and he knows that. :) lol. The one thing known is we're always going to be a part of one another whether we're together or not. With that being said. Seth took a part in my last film project after some pleading as I strongly felt he fit the part and he did not disappoint. I sat down with Seth for this interview you'll get a feel of his craziness.

Alexandria Topaz: As a personal friend and new comer to the scene was i too persistent in having you work with me on your first project? 

Setheos If you call near continuous text messages and calling my phone in the middle of the night persistent, then sure. Though, I think the terms harassment and stalking are more applicable.

Setheos shakes his head, "And how quickly you forget the other shoots and projects we've done together. Let's not be coy here." Reaches down and grasps his crotch, "You've been chasing this for years."

Alexandria Topaz: And I've always managed to get it.. :)

Seriously though, we have been long time friends and I'm always there when you've asked. Persistent? Yes, like a pit bull. 

Alexandria Topaz: Is there anything enjoyable about SL Porn that captured/captures your interests?

Setheos The angles. Can people really do some of this shit? And trying to line stuff up.... you almost need to be an engineer. It's like a jigsaw puzzle trying to find just the right angle and tilt so you aren't punching through someone's stomach or head!! It's fascinating.

Alexandria Topaz:  What are your thoughts about me bringing you into SL? :)

Setheos I hate you.
You know you brought me in for programming but I was too busy at the time to do it. Then, I eventually came back and have been here ever since. It's a curse. It's the bane of my existence and I blame you for it.

Alexandria Topaz: Some of my female friends have fancied how I Portrayed you in "Through The Lens" .. what's your thoughts on that? 

Setheos  Fancied? WTF? Are we in the 18th century now?
I can't really speak to this question because, to be frank, I've not seen the film. Like most of our shoots or projects in the past, the nightmare of being thrown around on pose balls, being told to fix my cock, and the constant muttering of "this won't take long" after hours have already passed leaves me a little.... hmmmm.... dispassionate?... about the final product.
So... I really don't know how you "Portrayed" me. Why is "Portrayed" capitalized anyway? Some special meaning in the porn industry?

Alexandria Topaz:  Do you enjoy Regular Porn? If so what do you find interesting about it? 
What is Regular Porn? In fact, what is up with capitalizing all these words? I feel like I'm missing something important.

Setheos  So, what is regular porn? Guy and girl sex? Ménage à trois?
(Yes, I used special characters there. As a programmer, I'm excited to see if it fucks up your blog page. It's the little things in life.... though, I suppose it also means work for me because you'll come crying for me to fix it).

Setheos In all seriousness, I don't watch a lot of porn. I see clips here and there when things are passed around, but really, having a kid and so much work doesn't leave much time for sitting back and really enjoying a good fuck scene. *nudge nudge" You know what I mean by really enjoying, right?

Alexandria Topaz: The single photo you showed me looks great, Do you think you'll be starting your own flicker page? 

Setheos Thank you. I've been thinking about it. Not to impress, or even care if people follow or not, but simply to keep my inventory from getting plugged up with photos. 

Alexandria Topaz:. How would you feel if I released a porn spoof of us voicing while recording  my last film project.

Setheos I don't mind at all. I think it would be funny from what you told me you captured. Then again, most of our voice conversations are like that anyway... lol. Over the years, you and I have developed a keen sense of the other's humor. We hit each other back and forth almost non-stop. People have heard us and wondered if we are even friends with how we speak to one another.. lol. We both know that comes from a good, long lasting friendship. Bitch.

Alexandria Topaz: We've been good friends for over 10 years, How do you view our friendship? 

Setheos  You're a bitch... i hate you.... you stalk me... always wanting to get into my pants. Our friendship is like living with a ongoing sexual harassment case. I say no but you keep coming back.

Setheos Other than that, we are close. :) There probably isn't anyone else in this world who knows me better than you do. We joke around, we are serious, we fight, and we sometimes don't talk for a month or so. No matter what happens, we always simply pick up where we left off. I would say you are probably one of my best friends, SL and RL. I say "probably" because I always leave a little room to maneuver due to your head swelling.

Alexandria Topaz: My head swelling or yours? 

Alexandria Topaz: Your a sexy fuck, can I tap dat? lol

Setheos See? Right back to the last answer. No!!

 One Second Folks   

                                         Sexual Harrasment & Banging Intermission

Alexandria Topaz:  Moving right along

Alexandria Topaz: In working on my film do you think the time frame was great, did you find it to be time consuming?

Setheos They are always time consuming. Which is why I run when you start stalking me!!
You know how it is. I work from home so I can just run Firestorm in the background while you toss us around. Voicing allows you to get immediate feed back, along with snappy comments, and makes it quite easy. While time consuming for you, it's less so for me.

Alexandria Topaz: In watching the film what did you enjoy most about it? 

Setheos See the answer to question 4... lol
I know. I'm horrible. Just like real life though, I don't get into porn that much. Perhaps I'm a bit too uncaring about it here in SL. However, that probably also helps in here because I'm not searching or bugging people.. lol.

Alexandria Topaz:  Would you work on other porn films if given the opportunity? 

Setheos It would depend on the Director. Frankly, I wouldn't work with anyone who can't voice. You know how much easier it makes it.  I don't have time to spend hours typing back and forth, watching the screen and waiting for directions. As you know, I was working, fixing dinner, cleaning up, and various other things (I still insist you could have moaned a couple times to help me out) while you were filming. When you needed something, you simply told me, I'd do it, and then go back to what I was doing before.

Alexandria Topaz: what are your favorite sex positions?: Don't Lie or I'll tell them the truth.. grins

Setheos The typical. Doggy or some other form where the woman's back is to me. Mainly because it allows me to play with other parts of the body. :)

Alexandria Topaz:. What's next for you on SL.. what keeps bringing you back in here? You can tell me thank you now.. :)

Setheos I don't plan that far ahead. Even if "dating" someone, I never know what I'm going to do in here when I log in. I purposely log in without a purpose. My life is planned enough in the real world. I don't feel it necessary to do so in SL. I think this also lets me experience more, meet more people, and enjoy myself. For example, I meet people without a purpose or intention in mind. I believe it allows people to relax and just enjoy being themselves. Of course, due to people contacting them for a purpose, I do have to get past the first impressions that I'm messaging them because I want something... lol. Not to hard most of the time.

Alexandria Topaz:  Based on your experience with my film project what advice would you give newcomers interested in being Porn Stars? 

Setheos Oh boy.... opening a whole bag of worms with this question!! I can't say my opinion here is valid as I've only done things with you and never even tried, or cared, to be a porn star. However, I have heard stories and know a little about the process.... so here we go: 

Relax. It's a game. So what if you don't get asked for photo shoots or movies? If that is your main driving force in Second Life, you need a Third Life. If you enjoy hanging around the parties and stuff, then how about your main driving force just being about meeting people and making friends? That is more likely to get you asked than anything else. Look at it realistically: You want to be a pretend porn star, in a pretend profession, which can't even be called a profession because you don't get paid, in a pretend world.

Foremost, it isn't about you. There are a hundred "you" out there. A director isn't calling on you because you are "famous" or even "hot." They are calling on you because they have an artistic idea and want to see it come to life. Be there for them, consistently, and you will most likely be called. Do you know why you are being called at all? Because with the computing needed during the filming process, you'd need at least two, maybe three, computers at home for a simple guy/gal scene. Make it simple. Be what you are. A friendly dummy. A friend that is helping another friend bring their artistic idea to life. THAT should be the real motivation for someone.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Alright, Miss Topaz. I'm ready for my closeup.

Thank you my love... Winks... Thanks for always being you and building our relationship to what it has become.