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Up Close and Personal: Luke N. Fortacos-Jack of all Trades.

This next Photographer,Writer, Model but really a Jack of All Trades,  has been in the "SL Adult Scene" for quite some time. Luke graciously assisted me with the script for my "College Daze" series and I'm extremely thankful. I'm trying to get him in but our schedule are oh so hectic. I  finally sat down with Luke for a one on one interview and here's what he had to say.

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: What brought you to Second Life? 

Luke N. Fortacos: I was playing another 3D game with someone else and she started playing Second Life and then brought me over here. 

Alexandria Topaz: How long have you been in the "Porn Industry"? 

Luke N. Fortacos: hmm... I have been trying to get in the porn industry for a couple years.... I was in two movies ...but really ...only as an extra.  I've been shooting porn photos since I learned how to use the Firestorm Camera.  In the beginning on the fly.  

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: How did you learn to take photos or make movies? 

Luke N. Fortacos: I took classes..  And watched a lot of YouTube. . I took one of my very first classes from Khajia Chrome - I hope I spelled that right -  and when class was over she asked me if I wanted to go to a party at a sim called Fidelio. It was based on the book Eyes Wide Shut and had a kissing game.  I took my first adult pics at the first party. At another class, at Caledon Oxbridge, I met Elbereth Exonar.  Who introduced me to Laura Richards. Laura was kind enough to spend about 3 hours with me showing me how and what she did..   It was better than any of the classes.. And Khajia's class is pretty good. That got me to Xaara. I rented a gallery there, and got jobs from there. 

Alexandria Topaz: How do you approach telling stories in your photo/production? What devices do you use to communicate with the viewer?

Luke N. Fortacos: Well, because I am enamored with learning things in Second Life, I do a lot now from the ground up.  Like, the pervy mind of mine goes off, and I write down a story, or screenplay, I make a shoot sheet that no one understands including me, and then i start making  a set in a sky box.  After that I look for models or actresses with a lot of patience. I have had complaints about being unorganized so this last year, I have spent a lot of time on that.  

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do as a photographer/producer? If not, what else are you looking to achieve?  

Luke N. Fortacos: Hell no. I come from an investment finance background, and never did anything with graphics or video. But i find it addictive and therapeutic but there is a ton of stuff I want to learn or try to do Lately, I moved to an island/homestead. I am trying to fit that out as a photgraphers/artist/model hangout .. where I could meet collaborators or something like that. 

Alexandria Topaz: What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed? 

Luke N. Fortacos: I think I am getting more organized. And I do think I have picked up a  lot of how the software works. Still some major  flaws but getting there.

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: Where do you typically find inspiration?  

Luke N. Fortacos: A lot from the people I meet in SL. One of the things I like about SL is that it turns out there are folks here that are just as perverted as I am. And that's cool... even reassuring. I will go and listen to the stories that Emma Foehammer acts out, Bandor Tyrell - the Maui Resort guy - I've read his stuff its pretty good. I like the stories of Master Wade, a very old internet story from the Asstr bulletin boards.  A few friends of mine swap stories.    and of course .. surfing the internet.  

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star, who would it be (Please list as many folks as you like)? 

Luke N. Fortacos: Of course you. And I would love to be in a Miss Emily production to see how she does it.... OR Dark Light Productions. ...mot just clip shooters .. but companies that do a production.  Jenny Cummings.  I discovered her in a mall, I would like to just lay down some heavy perversion on that look of hers. She is one of my favorites, to shoot.  Debi Whitmore is great.  Katina CazaletRachel Avro, Rachel Rexen, Partee Mytili .. those four I worked with in the beginning and were great inspirations... trouble is they got really good at doing all of this and now its like .... "I am not worthy"...but one day I hope I can catch up .  

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: What is the most important attribute in a model/actress that makes you want to work with them again? 

Luke N. Fortacos: Ok.. this is going  to sound a little strange.. but ..not hit on me. If I want to... I'll hit on you but ..and I guess its a big But. .. You know for me... sexting can only go so far... I did it when I first got here and got the T shirt. ... Voice sex is better but it too runs its course ... and I want to talk about every thing and anything. So 95 % of the time  I'm looking to learn more in the craft so to speak and perfect an emotion.. that's what the real talents here in SL do. IMHO. 

Alexandria Topaz: What have you learned being behind the scenes/camera as a photographer or Director ? What has that been like for you?   

Luke N. Fortacos: That my talent cupboard is pretty sparse.  Not incurably so but .. close. Its a lot harder than it looks.. it may take a patience I don't have.  

Alexandria Topaz: Are you an active flicker user? If so please list your link

Luke N. Fortacos: I have three... one  is pure Disney. - mostly portraits, and a few landscapes -- All PG. ..

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

One is more Naked Art 

and the last to keep various factions off my back and for porn.

Alexandria Topaz: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry?  

Luke N. Fortacos: Not that easy.  I thought Sl would help with this RL issue, but I am painfully shy.  And then there is a semi intolerance for small talk... But also, I think people are protective of their accomplishments in SL . ... I understand...  there are some folks I really like... but .. we can talk all night and then I get nothing done. I want to be artistic in SL.. I think others do to... I believe we all wrestle with keeping time. 

Alexandria Topaz: Do you feel like you constantly want to smack the $hit out of some of the people in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?  

Luke N. Fortacos: I think I get along. For the most part,  I am in awe of the products .... So many clever people.      Okay, there are a few people, we were n the same classes in the beginning... we have about the same amount of SL time,..... and they are three - four times better than me. If they weren't such nice people, they could really piss me off.  And then there a few more, who were better when I started and after all the time I have spent trying to learn the SL camera system or Adobe Products, they continue to excel.. with more amazing production every time I see them.   And the same can be said in video ... take the porn out of it.... and many Producers and such are getting better and better. 

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera?

Luke N. Fortacos: I don't think I will ever feel completely comfortable behind the camera. ... I always am finding something new.   Lately, I have been using the Black Dragon Viewer.. and there is so much. In front of the camera ... I have always been comfortable. ... I try to pay close attention and whatever you  tell me to do...I think I can. 

Alexandria Topaz: Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :)  

Luke N. Fortacos: not while I shoot them. ...some of them afterwards..  I do get stimulated sometimes with what I see others do. ... There are a few models who stimulate me as soon as I see them.... but mostly from their work with others. 

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity. that has varied over the years. ... 

Luke N. Fortacos: I worshiped Michelle Pfieffer. when I was younger.  The I went through a Jennifer Aniston and any other girl in a 3 way phase, later replaced by  Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon... not how they looked on That '70's show... how they look now. ........Pornstar wise... .they come and go so fast.... and ones that hang for awhile .. well.  young Jenna Jameson was scalding hot  ....and older JJ... not so much.  and of course add in Any of the Sacramento Pornstars ....  I think  there are about 20 something that got some billing.. 

Alexandria Topaz: What types of scenes would you never consider recreating?  

Luke N. Fortacos: Children and scat. 

Alexandria Topaz: Have you ever been involved in any super weird niche Porn?  

Luke N. Fortacos: I would say ..... Yes.

Alexandria Topaz: It's been known that like real life.. some members of the porn community are stalked by "SL Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

 Luke N. Fortacos: Not that I know of .... 

Photo Courtesy of Luke N. Fortacos

Alexandria Topaz: In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene?   

Luke N. Fortacos: This is not Sexting... and there are long periods of silence or minds tend to wander.... make sure you are paying attention to that screen in case you have to say Yes to animating your Avatar. 

Alexandria Topaz:Any parting words, or hints perhaps, at exciting upcoming projects (more details the better..... for our readers, of course)?

Luke N. Fortacos: Tomorrow, I am off to Hawaii in RL.....  going to see the volcano. ... I don't get to SL much on trips. So for the next 7-10 days ... I will be scarce... After that ..... HIRE ME!!!!  I have many looks.... all mesh, all Bento.... I come  cheap.... lol...... and thank you for your interest... 

XOXO -   
Luke N Fortacos.

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