Friday, June 17, 2016

Up Close and Personal with Monique LeFry

A little past due on my Up Close and Personal But I definitely have two interesting avatars making strides in the community with their presence.

Photo:Sasquatch Rhino

The first person I've come across is Monique LeFry. I ran into Monique Lefry at one of Ayaras Porn Star Parties and immediately had good vibes from her. Monique converses well with the folks around her. In my opinion she doesn't have to try to fit in,Her personality is infectious. I introduced myself to her immediately,You want to get to know all about her. Monique has been in the industry about 8 to 9 months now. I spoke briefly with her about her entry. Monique felt it started a bit slow but she's met a group of interesting people thus far, so starting slow didn't really bother her. Monique has recently made a bit of a stride, making the right connections and people seem to be wanting to work with her more. She feels somewhat "Known" now and she can prove her reliability be it on film or photo shoots. 

I asked Monique what she wanted to get out of her experience as an adult entertainer, of which she replied "I guess to a certain extent, I feel so invested in my avi now, I put a lot of care into the appearance etc. I like the idea of being on show a bit and hoping that people appreciate me as well? Maybe rooted in a bit of insecurity, who knows. I can understand her interests in her appearance but to me who cares? with just her inner qualities alone she's bound to go anywhere she desires as a Porn Startlet.

Moniques photos have been flying around flicker but listed below is her own Flicker Page:

Monique is working her way in rather smoothly in film productions. Listed Below are some of the current projects she has worked on, not to mention chosen DogStar Productions Performer of the Month June 2016


  1. Thank you so much Alexa for thinking of me for the spotlight! And so happy to share with Scotty, another great member of the community.

  2. Thank you Alexa had a great time visiting with you and just getting to know you more myelf. I also want to say it is an honor to share this article with Moni a truly special woman