Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Up Close N Personal With Chase Stone.

Everybody is talking about the new kid in town.

How can I not use that as the title to this blog. Many are already getting a taste of Chase. I wouldn't say New Comer as I've been seeing a lot of him around. We definitely need a new batch of Male Models. I sat down with Chase on a one one interview and here's what he had to say.

  Photos Courtesy of Chase Stone-Stone Cold Production

Alexandria Topaz: What brought you to Second Life? 

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - Purely on a whim... to see what it was like.

Alexandria Topaz: How long have you been in the "Porn Industry"? 

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -Going on 5 months

Alexandria Topaz: How many film projects have you produced? Please include links to your top 3 favorite, if you can narrow it down to only 3, and describe why they are in your top 3.

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - None

Alexandria Topaz: How did you learn to take photos or make movies?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -Trial and error along with great photographers friends along the way who helped me learn about windlights and such and encouraging me to just PRACTICE.

Alexandria Topaz: How do you approach telling stories in your photo/production? What devices do you use to communicate with the viewer?

 Photos Courtesy of Chase Stone-Stone Cold Production

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - In terms of my approach, its always been to just try to evoke an erotic feeling for the viewer. I try not to edit too much but I do use Anypose and Lumipro which I feel are invaluable tools to succeed.

Alexandria Topaz: Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do as a photographer/producer? If not, what else are you looking to achieve?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - I just want to get better. Period.  Taking new types of shots, multiple people in the shots, different locales, there is always something you can do to improve.

Alexandria Topaz: What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - Hurdles? Haven't really run into many other than just my own failures in pics and trying to improve on the next one I take.

Alexandria Topaz:  Where do you typically find inspiration?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - Erotic photos and a good imagination

Alexandria Topaz: Describe a typical production from start to end, and how long each portion of the project takes, relatively speaking.

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - An hour is my typical shooting per pic, could be more, could be less.

Alexandria Topaz: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star, who would it be (Please list as many folks as you like)? 

 Photos Courtesy of Chase Stone-Stone Cold Productions

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - I have worked with amazing people in the industry. Each one has taught me something and I thank each and every one.  That is why, even if I have only done one pic (so far) with a model, they have their own folder on my Flickr page.

Alexandria Topaz: What is the most important attribute in a model/actress that makes you want to work with them again?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - Sense of humor and their ability to collaborate.  I like working WITH models, not telling them what to do.

Alexandria Topaz: What have you learned being behind the scenes/camera as a photographer or Director ? What has that been like for you? 

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) - That SL Porn is truly about "the shot" not about any funny business.  That and you can meet a LOT of wonderful friends along the way.

Alexandria Topaz: There is a sense that roles for models, and particularly actors are limited currently. Do you often use people you haven't before? What one thing would help a new model/actor break into your work? 

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -I try to be well rounded and work with anyone who I feel has a look that catches my eye.  There are so many amazing models in SL, you can't really go wrong.

Alexandria Topaz:  Are you an active flicker user? If so please list your link

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -

Alexandria Topaz: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry? 

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -Everyone has been amazing and open arms.

 Photos Courtesy of Chase Stone-Stone Cold Production

Alexandria Topaz: Do you feel like you constantly want to smack the $hit out of some of the people in the business or do you find you get along with most of them?  

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -Have zero issues with the people in the industry.  The guys are great too, we have discussed making it a team effort and trying to be more of a brotherhood.

Alexandria Topaz: How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -I still get nervous to this day.

Alexandria Topaz: Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :)

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -Certain situations present themselves are more erotic and get the blood flowing. 

Alexandria Topaz: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -I think I will say that there are some many amazing hotties that one would not be enough!

Alexandria Topaz: What types of scenes would you never consider recreating?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -Pure violence, animals, etc

 Photos Courtesy of Chase Stone-Stone Cold Production

Alexandria Topaz: Have you ever been involved in any super weird niche Porn?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -Not yet =)

Alexandria Topaz: It's been known that like real life.. some members of the porn community are stalked by "SL Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -I have had models express interest in shooting because of my Flickr.  I am honored and humbled that they like my work.

Alexandria Topaz:  In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene? 

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69)- Go the parties and meet people.  Dont be afraid to ask someone to shoot a picture.

 Photos Courtesy of Chase Stone-Stone Cold Production

Alexandria Topaz: Any parting words, or hints perhaps, at exciting upcoming projects (more details the better..... for our readers, of course)?

ℂђαşє şţøηє (ilhotfella69) -I'm always coming up with new ideas and I am always open to other's ideas.  Hit me up, if you have some!

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