Friday, October 28, 2016

Up Close & Personal-Rachel Swallows-Classy & Wicked

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams
Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dustin Pedroia

I just had to snatch this Wicked Vixen up for an interview. This Photographer, Model, Builder, Designer,  and Porn Star has what it takes to enter your computer and have you jizzing with her Salacious flickr pics. But her talents go far beyond just that. I've haven't seen as such a wicked imagination out there as she's expressed. Being oh so busy,  I had to come up with a plan to capture her for an interview. So I started thinking wickedly. I had my staff interview Monique Lefry join me in sneaking into her bedroom, tying her up in cuffs to her four post bed with dildo in hand, just to make sure we get what we want out of her. lol.  Here's what Rachel shared.

Monique LeFry: What brought you to Second Life?

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Boredom hehe. My husband was working nights and my kids were little, i stumbled on it after playing another game that was like a basic Second Life.

Monique LeFry: Idle hands and all that? Well, I guess Second Life was much more interesting than the other one since you stayed! Thankfully for all of us.

Monique LeFry: How long have you been in the "Porn Industry"?

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core):  Must be going on 5 yrs now.

Monique LeFry: And still here. My you are one strong woman.

Monique LeFry: In addition to Porn, you have your own store, please tell us about it, how you got started?

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Swallow: Candy Sugar Skull

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core):  Well I've always enjoyed building and making stuff, I used to build motorbikes before mesh came in and houses and stuff. Then i moved onto making tattoos and clothes. 

Monique LeFry: So I guess you started off loving to ride.... motorbikes. Yes, bikes. Must have been a pretty interesting transition from bikes and buildings to tattoos and clothes (and *cough* *cough* cum appliers *cough*)

Monique LeFry: What has been you most successful item and why do you think that is? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): My best seller is my cum appliers. I first make them when the first mesh breasts came out, the Tangos, i was looking for some BDSM markings as I am a role-player and realized there was a gap in the market and i went and filled it, I have updated them every time something new came out body wise and they keep me in sl very happily.

Monique LeFry: Oh you make cum appliers? I didn't knooooow.... >_>  But we are so glad that you filled that gap in the market with cum (appliers). But in all seriousness, congratulations on finding such success, that allows you the freedom to pursue your other interests and be happy. The house that cum built XD. 

Monique LeFry: You also have your own club and party venue, what made you decide to set that up? 

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Swallow

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): The build itself started out as a gallery to show the new graffiti art I have been doing of people, then it was suggested I use it as a club, so .. there it is. lol.

Monique LeFry: The person that suggested it to be a party venue is truly brilliant. I am sure they are 
also really sexy. And the graffiti art is a really great addition to the erotic art for the community, 
highlighting the community. 

Monique LeFry: What do you enjoy most about having a venue? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Honestly! I get very stressed about it haha, so once a week is fine by me, but I like seeing people enjoying themselves in something i have created.

Monique LeFry:  It must be really gratifying to see everyone have fun in the venue that you built. It 
really is a great and unique space. Anyone out there that hasn't attended a party there yet: 

1) Shame on you... unless you are not European then we understand XD; 
2) Get out to the next one and party among the street art and sexah bodies!

Monique LeFry: Any other ventures we haven't addressed yet? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): At the moment just really doing my own thing, making stuff for the store and my photography, i always have wild plans, but nothing i'm working on at the moment. 

Monique LeFry: Oh I see that for the lie it is. I know you have something cooking, you are just being coy. ;-)

Monique LeFry: You are also very open about (some of?) the alts that you have. What was the motivation for the alts? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Oh god not even sure i can remember the chain of events now of me making them, I've had most of them a long time. I lost my first avi on sl, i made Rachel, original name Elenamicheals Core when me and my boyfriend at the time were into a series of books about werewolves and Elena was named after one of the characters, so we role-played as werewolves hehe. I made Falcon to play in Gor with another boyfriend, she ended up my main for a long time, then I used Rachel to run my business, then the business got so busy that Rachel became my main avi. Robin was made because I wanted a boy to dress up and play with hehe, my ken doll.  I  have other alts, but hardly use them, I just keep them up to date with bodies and such and sometimes use them as models.

Monique LeFry: Holy..... see. I found mesh so soon after being born, people assumed I must be an alt. I don't THINK I am one of your alts. I think I am my own person. It would be weird otherwise, especially since Robin I think has a thing for me. o.O

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dustin Pedroia

Monique LeFry: Where do you typically find inspiration for your photos? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Sometimes just weird things pop in my head, no explanation, other times just browsing on google. Sometimes its a particular item of clothing i have bought or accessory.

Monique LeFry: I have been lucky enough to model for you once or twice, and I am pretty sure none of those have been one of those "well this is weird but will make a great pic" Eureka moments.

Monique LeFry: How did you learn to take photos or make movies? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): I have tried making movies, but i am not very technical and also I am so picky, the animations drive me crazy and i cant adjust them like i do for photos. As for how I learned to do pics, just practice really, trying different things, experimenting, still learning!

Monique LeFry:  Always still learning. I think all the best photographers are never satisfied. Even the crappy photographers that desperately want to be good like me.... ^_^

Monique LeFry: What would you say your top 3 favorite photos are that you made? (links please if you have them). 

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Swallow

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Oh god i have over 8,000 photos on my flickr, very hard to pick 3 lol. I can pick from the last month, that would be easier hehe. Very recent one, 

I have just bought the Belleza Freya body for a change from my Maitreya and slink and I love it 

I love doing black and white photos like this

I also love doing landscapes and working on my land.

Monique LeFry: Oh I love all three, but I do have to say that I have a soft spot for B&W photos. That landscape one is really gorgeous too. 

Monique LeFry: Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do as a photographer/producer? If not, what else are you looking to achieve? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Oh I don't think you ever stop learning, I still try and learn new techniques on Photoshop, so i just want to keep on getting better.

Monique LeFry: Once you have learned everything there is to learn in Photoshop, can you learn it all in Gimp then teach me? XD

Monique LeFry: What major hurdle, if any, have you overcome to succeed? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): You know I've been pretty lucky on SL, most people I have met have been lovely and very supportive, so I would say there has been no hurdle that I wasn't strong enough to climb over though sometimes I needed a leg up from my friends. 

Monique LeFry: The doesn't sound so much a hurdle as a.... [SEXUAL INTERLUDE!!!!]

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Swallow

Monique LeFry: If you had an opportunity to work with an SL Porn Star, who would it be (Please list as many folks as you like)? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Oh gosh I have worked with most people, I count most of the group as friends and I hope they feel the same about me, I couldn't pin it down to one person or even a few. I've used lots of people as models, some have returned the favor, some haven't, but I am sure they will get around to it one day lol

Monique LeFry: I can't possibly imagine a model not returning the favor. If -I- were to model for you, I would certainly get you into a photo as fast as...... fuck. When are you free for a photo?  -.-

Monique LeFry: What is the most important attribute in a model/actress that makes you want to work with them again? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Being good fun and patient.

Monique LeFry: What have you learned being behind the scenes/camera as a photographer or Director ? What has that been like for you? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core):  I've always enjoyed modeling and seeing myself as someone else see me in their picks, it would be nice to be asked to model more often, but I've been told i'm intimidating, i cant imagine why, its not like I am the best photographer in second life, far from it and I think I am nice lol. So if you want me to model just ask! As for what I have learned, a little patience goes a long way lol.

Monique LeFry: hahaha, you ARE nice. Believe it! Also believe that you are a really good photographer! But yes, I would certainly love to see you in more photos as well.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Swallow

Monique LeFry: There is a sense that roles for models, and particularly actors are limited currently. Do you often use people you haven't before? What one thing would help a new model/actor break into your work?

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core):  I am always using people I haven't used before, I often put out casting calls. I had to photograph people I didn't know all the time when I had Busted so I don't believe I am unapproachable, but as for working with me, I get people asking every day, so it's not the best way to approach me, I usually have projects lined up weeks in advance, and it takes me time and effort to build sets, source furniture and outfits etc, so its really not off the cuff being in one of my larger shoots. Best way to work with me is to answer those casting calls that I do when inspiration strikes and I need someone there and then, or ask me to model for you, get to know me. Worst way to approach me is being sleazy and I.M.-ing me that you want to fuck me when you don't know me, boy or girl, and then say you would love to model for me, that will soooo not get you an invite lol. 

Monique LeFry: I sense that the sleazy approach has happened more than once. XD I truly don't understand why people think approaching right out of the gate with humpty-hump is a good idea. Then awww, that didn't work, wonder if I could model for you to assuage my sense of rejection? smh.

Monique LeFry: The business in itself can be a bit cut-throat for some folks. How has your experience been in getting to know others in the industry?

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): I did not find it hard, but I came into the business having already done lots of sex pics and having a flickr before I even knew there was such a thing as porn groups. I like to think I have always been open and friendly and I have never worried about being asked to model, if people asked me that was nice, but I have never got my knickers in a twist or stressed about being a *name*, it just kinda happened lol, it was not something I planned. 

Monique LeFry:  sooooo, lot's of sex pics before knowing about the porn groups, eh? Sounds a bit like a Paris Hilton moment or something. ;-)

Monique LeFry: Do you feel like you constantly want to smack the $hit out of some of the people in the business or do you find you get along with most of them? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Hhahahaha omg, talk straight why don't you! I am a moderator for The Sexiest Group, now that can drive you to edge of insanity and make you want to smack the shit out of people, but I have to keep a level head and try and keep the peace, I think most people respect that and the other mods. Otherwise, na, I just do my own thing, I really do not worry about others, the groups on the whole are full of really really nice people and I have made some of the best friends I have in sl within them.

Monique LeFry: I WILL confess that this question, though not of my own making, really has to be asked on every interview. You do a damn good job in your moderator role, which I know can be a really thankless job. But as a group member, I can tell you that it IS appreciated. And you do a great job at being level-headed when we all know that you DO really want to do some upside-the-head smacking.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Swallow

Monique LeFry: How long were you working before you felt comfortable behind  or in front of the camera? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Haha I've always been confident and a show off, so been taking pics and posing since the day I found out you could.

Monique LeFry: Are you stimulated by the sex scenes that you capture on camera - Be honest. :) 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Now that depends, some yes, because the person I am with in the pic is someone special to me and it might have been done whilst we were actually having sex hhehe, but mostly my pics are staged and posed, but the idea where they came from is probably from something i saw or read that i did find stimulating. 

Monique LeFry: ohhhhhh, so some of these photos ...  *flicks through Rachel's flickr feed* ... were ACTUAL sexual encounters? my my.... ok now I feel a bit like a voyeur. Sort of exciting. And not at all creepy.

Monique LeFry: If you could fuck one famous person, who would it be? Porn Star or Celebrity

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core):  Hahahah and turn back the clock 30 yrs first I hope, I don't even know the names of any real pornstars, but as for celebs I fancy, lets see, don't laugh, David Beckham, Nicholas Cage, the guy that played the joker in the suicide squad, I don't know his name, but I have always found guys with big mouths sexy for some weird reason lol, Morgan from Criminal Minds, Hodge from criminal minds, god that voice, bet he would be an amazing Master lol. The list goes on and changes weekly haha. 

Monique LeFry: I said "one". But fine, those are all good choices. And that is Jared Leto, just in case you want to do a bit of ... ummm research. Not stalking, research.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Swallow

Monique LeFry: It's been known that like real life.. some members of the porn community are stalked by "SL Fans". Have you experienced any of that? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Chuckles, yes I have had my share of stalkers, I am English and too polite for my own good, so it usually takes a couple of months of being stalked before I snap and scream FOR FUCKS SAKE PISS OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE, lol. I have a lot of fangirls which is kinda sweet, expect when your having sex at an adult sim and they run up to you and say in local 'OMG YOUR RACHEL SWALLOWS' hehe, that's happened a few times, more so when I still had Busted Magazine.

Monique LeFry: oh man, couple of months? Does that mean if I ever get stalked, being Canadian, I likely won't kill it for at least half a year? Damn.... But seriously, real life celebs deal with fans at dinner and the like. In SL, you get to deal with fans while fucking. Good times.

Photo Courtesy of Staff Photographer Dustin Pedroia

Monique LeFry: In your experience what advice would you give a new comer looking to enter the scene? 

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): Self Promotion!! Self Promotion!! Self Promotion!! No one is gonna do it for you, no matter what they might say, Start taking your own pics, learn and have fun with it and remember, it's a game, having fun is what matters. Oh and nobody likes a pouter or a whiner. 

Monique LeFry:  Absolutely agreed. Self promotion is the key for sure. Just, do it respectfully and in a non-annoying manner.

Monique LeFry: Any parting words, or hints perhaps, at exciting upcoming projects (more details the better..... for our readers, of course)?

Rachel Swallows (elenamicheals.core): I always have something going on in my head, whether it ever sees the light of day is another matter hehe, so nothing to report on that front. As for parting words 'Have fun, enjoy your SL and do not take yourself too seriously!'


  1. Beautiful photos by Dusty! And thanks again, Rachel, for being a trooper and answering all the questions!


  2. Another wonderful interview, with a wonderful lady, photographer, builder and star :))

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Malou! She is a great person, and member of the community. :-)

  3. Indeed was a pleasure looking into the Wicked Mind of Mrs. Swallows :)

  4. Great interview. Love Rach and proud to say she is one of my friends here in SL. I have modeled for her a few times for her clothing line and DJ'ed an event or 2 for her. Some where down the road, I got to get her in one of my videos. But one thing I will totally agree on and I also tell new people coming into SL porn. "Self Promotion"... You got to do it for yourself to make it.

    1. Would LOVE to see her in one of your videos! And she is a great lady. :-)