Wednesday, July 20, 2016


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New ^^Տաαlloա^^ Mainstore Location: Cobra (82,66,2501) 

If I were a Rich Girl, Which I kind of Am, I'd surely be the Face of Swallow. They carry the most beautiful miniature pieces of Jewelry along with skins to update ya to a current sophisticated Look. Below i'm sporting their new shiny ears which didn't take much to fit and match in skin tone. It's a MUST. Me thinks I want them as a Sponsor. 
check their video here:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Surfer Girls Get Pounded

I haven't done a Collaboration In Quite Some Time. I surely don't let the opportunity pass me when Directors approach me . Jay D. and Morph Wyx of Wild Erotica Video Productions has been doing adult videos for years. What captures my attention about these two Directors is the color contrasting used in their films. They both have a great eye for capturing avi's that make any man/womans mind melt. Secondly short or long productions, Wild Erotica Video Productions  always has some theme up their sleeves that works excellent in building their fanbase  I was on set before this production picking up some nice techniques I myself have never thought of from Jay. D... can't mention them I'm sworn to secrecy lol 

With SL'S notorious glitches acting up this week I'm surprised this even got made but these Directors knew it was now or never as i'm about to get busy with some productions. I believe they pulled it off quite well. I'm surely to invite both Directors onto my set for future productions.

Surfer Girls Get  Pounded

Watch Now

Surfs up and the tides about to blow over in this production brought to you by Directors Jay D. and Doƿεⓜɑɴ (morph.wyx) of Wild Erotica Video Productions Starring Alexandria Topaz and Jay D. Alexandria catches more than just waves as she’s out surfing one morning and encounters Jay D. close by. No words exchanged in this flick as there was more than just riding the waves on their mind.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pretty Woman 2016

Always enjoyed the Pretty Woman Movie.. How a whore is just whisked away by a wealthy man. Noticing how attentive he was to her even though she was getting paid some.. smiles.. Lavishing her up to the fullest.. Well yeah thought I just put my own spin on it and Create a More modern look for her..

Monday, July 4, 2016

Upclose & Personal: Larry Vinaver

This Jack of Most Trades Really needs no introduction. Voted Attentions Beauty Of The Month, The Billionaires Club Mr. June 2016, SL Model, SL Adult Actor, Fashion Afficionado and charming personality, with close to 40 Porn Productions under his belt just shows why everyone Loves Larry. 

What better approach is their to take on speaking about Larry Vinaver than from the mouth of Someone who's watched his Porn Career Skyrocket since the day of inception. :)  I remember meeting Larry several years back at one of Yanas Porn Party. I was immediately taken by the stache. Like yes it looks hot who wouldn't want to ride it (smiles). Seriously, the thing that most Made Larry Stand out was that his overall appearance was Unique. No twins or doppleganger around. I immediately thought I'd use Larry in one of my own productions. But like everyone else that comes along, I figured Let this man get his feet wet, and see if he indeed was interested in being The SL Adult Actor he has become today. He surely has gone above and beyond to become One of SL's Leading Men In The Porn Industry.

I Also find Larry to be one of the BEST dressed males. Larry surely leads by example and their are plenty other men that should follow SUIT (No Shade Intended) but There's more to a male avatar then just his naked appearance. Larry expresses his creativity for dressing with the most impeccable mens suits and styles by the top male designers out there. He's always matched/mixed up in the best shirts, slacks, suits and shoes. Always On Point!!. He's created his own sense of style.I myself have stated to other Adult Male Actors to have a look at Larry's style and work to create your own from it, without copying.

I was lost in Larrys' Charming Personality the first time we met. Id make sure i'd grab  him on the dance floor just to converse with him. Charismatic, Witty, Funny and complimentary. At that time Larry Was an Acquaintance to me. We were both on our own ventures within the industry, expressing ourselves as we wanted. We were both busy in between but always cordial when running into one another. 

Kudos to you Larry Vinaver.. You Deserve Everything that's come your way. Now to get you into one of my productions? Smiles...




Listed Below are some of the Film Productions Larry has taken part in:

Dear Santa Claus
Erin Cedarbridge club E productions.

I can Fuck you Better
Miss Emily Studio

 The Stepford Sluts: The Motion Picture
Erin Cedarbridge club E productions

 Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3: The Final Chapter. Dogstar Productions.
 Isa Cheviot.

 Maximum Sex-u-rity Part 2
Dillon Lecker

Larry Vinaver Flicker Page:

Upclose and Personal Katina Cazalet has the Midas Touch

This Pornstar Vixen and Jack of all Trades is well known by all newcomers and veteran Pornstars alike. Pornstar, Editor, Writer,Friend ...etc...etc... You get what i'm saying? Think of it along the lines as that energizer bunny without the duracel battery who still manages to move forward at high speeds and never dies down. I speak of none other as there is NONE like her, :)  Katina Cazalet. 

Katina has partaken in a Multitude of Films. I first met Katina back in one of the porn parties I believe, and we got to talking somehow. I was in the works to start a new project and I thought she fit the part great. Needless to say she did not disappoint. In my eyes her professionalism is rated an A+. Katina assisted with great input which i'm sure has been learned as a result of plenty of the projects she's worked on with other Directors.  

This interview comes from a partial interview I did with her and the rest in my own words, as I've known Katina for quite some time now.

Alexandria Topaz:  How many actual films have you partaken in? I can't keep count. :)

Katina Cazalet: Nor do I, sadly. I wish I was as organized as miss Emily. I could make up a bogus number that nobody will ever check, but I'll just say "Many, but never enough", I love to participate in projects. Double digits but far from triple :-)

Really Kat? lol I don't think anyone has reached the triple digits. At least none i'm aware of. That does sound exhausting (I need a break right now lol) but then as mentioned, She's as dedicated and passionate to anything she sets herself to work on. I would consider this a similarity to my passions with directing.

Alexandria Topaz: What thrills you most of partaking in the films aside from the sexy actors/actresses..the sex itself?  Like what captures your interests about it as a whole?

Katina Cazalet: I love a challenge. I enjoy putting together looks, I enjoy being with others. If I can help a project in any way, even just being there as an extra, I am thrilled. I also am lazy by nature and love watching others do the real work... :p (She's hinting something here. Not sure what though. lol But we'll move along to more. 

To touch up on her wardrobe? yes impeccable you get the naughty,sassy,sexy, intelligent side of her at ALL times. Not to mention her witty comebacks. ALWAYS ON POINT. She also gets me in her I.M. box asking to remove her attire so I can have it. My interests in it as a whole is that Her avatar is Unique. So while her clothes can be duplicated she herself cannot. (One of the qualities I enjoy seeing in an avatar). 

**But wait.. Let me just say most importantly, that she has THE PERSONALITY TO MATCH. Some newcomers should take to a sitting with her and learn from example. It's not just the beauty of an avatar that's going to get my attention but their inner personality/qualities as well (I can never stress this enough).

Alexandria Topaz: You certainly have been around the scene prior to when I came in, How many years has it been?

Katina Cazalet: I haven't been around as long as others have, actually. My official debut in a movie is dated 2012. I have been around parties and knew people from porn several months before.

Alexandria Topaz: Aside from acting you've taken the role of working in publications. what's that like for you? What publications are you currently working on be it up front or in the background? Titles included please I'd hate to create them for you. :P

Katina Cazalet: Oh blogging for Sexiest Pornstars and for Dog Star, and that's it .-)

Alexandria Topaz: oh cool you're working with Isa Cheviot? (Excellent Director) We're trying to work on a collaboration for the fall.

Katina CazaletI am, I do a weekly bit for her recapping the movie releases, magazines and other notables from the week, and I help here and there.

**(help here and there?) she's not fooling me. She WORKS.. :) but you do get a touch of her humble side (Me Likes) as there is no here and there from what I've seen. So Katina puts me on hold for like ever. lol JOKING  but Leaves for a brief moment and comes back to me stating the following:

Katina Cazalet: (sorry, need to take care of I.M's for another thing i'm working on, helping out Virgil in his SX Magazine Awards)

See what I mean? Dedicated.

Alexandria Topaz: what 2 actors/actresses would you like to work with if given the opportunity?

Katina Cazalet: for movies? Ahhh. Ok I'll keep out directors from the equation.

Adele Simondsen because I want that girl back in SL regularly, and Monique LeFry , she is fantastic to work with and we have yet to share proper screen time.

*She's hit the nail on the head when stating Monique LeFry. I haven't touched upon working with Monique Lefry but you better believe i'm going to snatch her up. :)

Alexandria Topaz:: What's the best project you've worked on thus far?

Katina Cazalet: Oh lord, of them all? I was really happy to work with Serenity Faulds and Louise Faulds at the Club Erotique Gallery, with themes, it was a wonderful time, that I also link to what i consider my best time blogging. Mostly because I could work together with Serenity and her partner-Louise Faulds. Serenity meant everything to me and I owe her the passion I have for the porn world, I miss more of her active involvement. Aroused Magazine (Marika Blaisdale,Owner) has been also a thrilling experience. Of the 'current' projects , again the Dog Star blog, it does a lot for the scene as a whole.

Katina Cazalet: If you allow me to name 2 who are ALSO directors, definitely Kat Kassner, I think she is really talented and i'd love to see her make more porn. And Alexandria Topaz, it has been a while and I miss being brutally murdered. :p

Alexandria Topaz: Stop Fibbing, (joking) but surely appreciate you saying that. Also yeah I felt bad axing you but I had to  make your man mine. (roflmao)  Although that death scene was the ULTIMATE intricate part for me to capture and we both did get out of it alive. A+ on playing dead. :) hugs. 

Katina Cazalet: Well it's true, I learned a lot filming Innsmouth with you, I remember it still as one of my best movies.

Alexandria Topaz: I LOVED that movie. so upset about having it dropped and not saving it.

Katina Cazalet: growl....!

Alexandria Topaz: No worries  somethings going to come. :)

But back to some of those names you provided Serenity and Louise Faulds? well add Emmanuelle Jameson and you've hit the epitome of the ultimate Porn Career. Those women as well as others are surely what inspired me to grab my directing skills and put them to work. Miss her active involvement? I wouldn't count her out just yet from what I heard. but it's in my best interest to let them speak for themselves or I could be brutally murdered myself. lol  Those 3 women have started a growth in the porn industry like no other. (Respectfully So) It's a good thing you pay homage to those that have been in the scene prior to us. Some sadly forget where they've come from.

As for Isa Cheviot? Yes her involvement within the "Porn Industry" doesn't go unnoticed she's done a multitude of work with videos getting in as much of the newcomers and veterans as best she can. Additionally, she has a great staff aboard. I'm currently working on bringing some staff in gradually to stay afloat with producing at a quicker pace myself. 

Alexandria Topaz: As you've seen there's a shortage of directors. Some have slowly dissipated.

Katina Cazalet: Movies are a larger commitment than photography, on average, and they are more difficult to share, due to their intrinsic nature and the lack of a platform like Flickr.  Takes a couple seconds for people to glance at a photo and you reap "Nice pic!" and a bunch of 'stars'. For a movie it's not so easy.

Alexandria Topaz: Totally agree. Lot's of Hungry Actors with lots of conflicting schedules, which can set any Director behind on production. All the more for then to take and active role somehow. Get to know Directors when they're not busy, and pitch in any way they can. The more help given the easier it can be for Directors to just focus on their passion and as a result produce the best projects. 

This interview came quite easily. I dub Katina Cazalet as having the Midas touch "Everything she touches turns to gold" Matched with the personality to go with it. Witty, Humble, Hardworking and Dedicated. Personally in my eyes while she does not reflect on titles, I already see her as one of SL'S Leading Ladies in the industry. It's going to take quite a bit of work for plenty to surpass her. The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand,  Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of the hard work they put in. Katina has already reached that Plateau. Thank you for the Interview Kat-Hugs.. Glad to have you aboard as a friend.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Spice Girls OF SL

Ella Tyran- Porny Spice
Alexandria Topaz- Insatiable Spice
Monique LeFry- Violating Spice
ƛイҺȼռα- Spanky Spice
Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet- Enthralling Spice
 Brought to you by Drop Dead Diva Production's
.:: Diva Poses::. Made By: Barracuz
Photo Taken and Edited By: Barracuz