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Up Close & Personal: Serenity Kristan-Faulds,Louise Kristan-Faulds-Legendary

All Photos Courtesy of Rachel Avro

These two ladies have been in the business when I was just in the background. I was modeling but also looking to get into Producing Porn as a Means to create short plots/stories. Then I saw several productions by them and told myself. I can do this!! I can create like  this somehow. There's a song by Madonna "Vogue" and in one of the versus the recording artists spews out the names of Hollywood legends/Royalty  "Greta Garbo, and Monroe Dietrich and DiMaggio Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean On the cover of a magazine Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean, Picture of a beauty queen..etc etc. The artists simply taking you to a time paying tribute to regal artists who made their  mark in Hollywood. The only difference here is that we're not in Hollywood but on Second Life and we're depicting creativity through porn to turn our viewers on. Personally there are many creators, Directors, Models, Actors who bring out their own level of work. Some will be remembered for what they have produced others will just fade to black. These ladies have always captured my interests because they were not just pixel bumping with fellow model/actors out there. They were creating porn through their own visions, with story lines that made plenty of actors/actresses in the scene appear appealing to the masses.  In today’s landscape, hungry actors/actresses/models don't have as much access to roles due to the lack of Directors. However, that wasn’t always the case. If it weren’t for visionairies like Serenity Kristan-Faulds,Louise Kristan-Faulds and Porn Legend, Emmanuelle Jameson around there wouldn't be the likes of creators like Rachel Avro, Krystal Steal, Deelite Zenovka, Miss Emily, Ayara.illios, Rachel Swallows, Katina Cazalet, Priscilla Balogh, Be, Isa Cheviot and  last but surely not least Moi-Alexandria Topaz lol But lets not forget all our Leading men in the scene. Men Like Larry Vinaver, Talisker Braveheart, Damien Godard, Eros Plutonian, Dillon, Ryu, Travis Wagner, Dope, or Rob Huxley. The list is endless and if i failed to mention anyones name my apologies.

We all know that porn is all about sex but your stories as good as seeing someone in-world have sex at an open sim, if there's nothing behind it. It gets dull rather quickly. Add some story line to it big or small and you have yourself work one will always remember. In order to be the bests you're going to have to learn from some of the rests. This is exactly where I came into the picture. It was Ladies like Serenity Kristan-Faulds, Louise Kristan-Faulds and plenty of other "Glamour Dolls" as I like to call them, that paved the way to make the scene as big as it is today. I'm glad I got to create past work that have caught their attention. It only made it easier for me go to Serenity with advice on just about anything. There's nothing more complimentary when your work is admired and your told "I'd love to work with you some day or I can see you in one of my movies". Just hearing that from her mouth lets me know I was making my own mark.  I sat down for an interview with these two. A lot of strong points made here that should be followed within the industry. I don't want them to appear as queens of porn that would just make them sound antiquated. While they have taken a short break from filming they're still out in the scene. But I will say Legendary because no matter when you come into the scene their names will always come up in conversation. Have a listen.

Alexandria Topaz: How long have you ladies  been in the "Porn Industry"? How long has it actually been? 

Serenity: I made my first movie in August 2010, so i've done six years! I should be due for parole any time now! The first movie was produced while Louise was on Vacation. So she came back to find we were involved in the Porn world. Luckily Louise had always had a photo studio, she was also very creative with ideas, and building too. We co owned a Pole Dancing/Escort club. All very sexy. So, it 
was all a great fit for producing movies and porn photography too. So, both of us now are into our 7th year. 

Serenity: Some people may not realize that Louise has been part of the scene with me since the beginning. In the early days and movies she was well known in her old persona Arwen Juneberry. A name you will often see in the credits at that time. I was 'Serenity Juneberry' for most of my porn days. So, everything i mention, and list here, has been done together with her between the two names. Bombshell! 

Alexandria Topaz: What started your interests in taking an actor/Director Role with the projects you've worked on?

Serenity: Initially, i never looked to be in Porn at all. It was all about our Club, Erotique. Louise had just built new escort suites. I'd seen one or two sex videos shot in SL, and felt if i made a video myself, filmed at the Club it might be a great advert for us. So that's how the first movie came about. It got spotted by Emmanuelle Jameson, she blogged it, friended me, and invited me into the Pornstars Group. Then it all went crazy! 

Lol I went through a similar story with Emma myself and it's still going crazy.

Alexandria Topaz:: Speaking of projects, Now I can't  recall all your films but  I can recall you definitely putting  a lot of work into the pieces as far as plots, genre/niche, editing and vision for the project as a whole. In your own words what were the film projects you most enjoyed working on and why?

Louise Kristan-Faulds

Serenity: Thank you for saying that. I loved our movie Pandora's Box, which was a Avatar parody. Also we did Star Wars. Loved the  Dinosaur film we did too 'Vibrations in Time'. Always really enjoyed visual effects and technical challenges on the videos, also building sets and stages together, so to mix those with second life sex was huge fun. In the early days i absolutely loved a film we       made called 'Dolled Up' where we were turned into horny busty dolls in a lab. It was sexy, and i loved getting dressed up for it. Another memorable one for me, was 'Stranger On A Train'. Shot in Black & White, like an old movie, Hitchcock style, with a great Burlesque dance routine. We've done lots of fun challenging stuff, and naughty things too, i even seduced a catholic priest in one movie! 

Strangers on my Train was amazing This one as well as the others are excellent examples of a true artist using their editing talents.

Alexandria Topaz: How many films have you both produced? (both)

Serenity: Studio Erotique has produced 38 movies to date. Many have been joint ideas with Louise. I shoot, and edit the movies, and if i got inspired with an idea i just used to rush into it and do it to get it all down. Always with great support from Louise, and always some good input too. Other times we would both brainstorm and produced concepts together. All the movies were collaborations to a big extent. Even if an idea was more mine, then Louise would build the sets for example. Or if one was more Louise's idea, then I'd film it. I'd never have made the movies without a feeling of working together. That was all the appeal to me. Doing them together.

Alexandria Topaz: I've noticed that you not only took a role to directing but have branched out to photography as well. Katina Cazalet mentioned assisting you both in the Erotique Photo Gallery (The Erotique Group Blog!), Studio Erotique. How did these ideas come about and what other roles/titles did you take aside from the traditional Pornstar/Director Role?

Serenity: I've always been the movie director, Louise the Photographer. Just as Louise has contributed ideas and concepts into the movie side, i enjoy suggesting some photography concepts too. I really enjoy photography but Louise has the great eye for pictures. She's full of ideas and can bring what's in her mind out onto the image beautifully. Louise's passion for Photography got me keen on  the Erotique Gallery concept and photo side. Flickr was big, Louise's Photography was representing an equal share in our Studio at the time, and now pretty much all of it. So, the Erotique's Gallery seemed a obvious move. it was fun, and we hosted Pornstars Parties in there too to help showcase peoples work in contests.

Alexandria Topaz: What thrills you most of partaking in the films aside from the sexy actors/actresses..the sex itself?  Like what captures your interests about it as a whole?

Serenity: I've never been a prolific actress really. Outside of our own movies. I think i've done maybe 12 movies in 6 years for other Directors. Always happy to be asked though. I'd always be thrilled to be in anything by a director who has some vision to tell a good fun story, or took a lot of pride in the production. I'm also an exhibitionist, we love public naughtiness. So i guess seeing myself on screen with hot people is a turn on. The ultimate public sex! As you all know, filming is not too sexy in itself, directing you're too occupied, and if you're a pro actress you have to listen out for the director. Seeing the end result is where the hotness comes in i think.

Alexandria Topaz: It's certainly understandable how one's RL can get busy and  Directors/Actresses  take a break from the scene itself.  I've noticed some of the veteran Actors/Directors have left the scene. Now I see plenty of photo work being displayed by both of you. The question on everyones mind as well as mine  Is  what's to come as far as film projects are involved? Will we all get to watch you behind the Directors Chair again? :)

Serenity: It's been well over a year since our last movie now. I have been asked a few times if anything new is coming. I have come up with a concept i'm looking forward to shooting though. In fact i did shoot the opening shots months ago. Really need to pick it back up again. It is a idea that makes me giggle, so that's hopefully a good sign, and with lots of opportunities for guest stars and sexy scenes. Definitely old school Studio Erotique. Should be hot and fun! Keep nagging me to do it please! 

Alexandria Topaz: What actors/actresses have worked for you in the past and which ones would you currently work with if asked? :) 

Serenity: We have worked with and shot lots of hot people. Many would be referred to as SL Porn legends. We did a movie called 'Love Juice' and we had a superb cast on it. Emmanuelle Jameson,  Krystal Pearl, Kai Baby, and EmeeLee. On Star Wars too great people like Moonie, Rachel Swallows, Be, Katina Cazalet, Partee, Ali, Kelli Kristan, Rachel Avro, and guys like Edvard, Jinx, Mirko, and Ryu. So many more too. As for people i've not worked with yet. Leading men, among many others i'd go for Larry Vinaver, Talisker Braveheart, and an old favorite of mine Hard Rust who i still want to shoot one day. So many lovely girls too. One i always think of as a true sexy' Pornstars Babe'. Who really does her thing exactly how myself and Emmanuelle always intended this group to be. That's Alexandria Topaz! I promise i can be quoted as saying that a long time before this interview! 

Humbled by her words and yes Serenity surely appreciate you plugging my name into the scene but i'll also have to quote what we shared in conversation. Like plenty of others who are also busy i manage to jump in peoples boxes, when not busy just for a chat and to see what they're up to.

Serenity Kristan-Faulds (serenity.kristan): thank you for your words on your blog, it really meant  alot to me. hugs 

Alexandria Topaz: oh it's only the truth I Like to pay homage to those that have been in the industry prior to us for if there's not that bit of respect towards them most of us wouldn't be learning/growing from one another. You're definitely welcome :)

Serenity Kristan-Faulds (serenity.kristan): that's lovely thanks. x

Serenity Kristan-Faulds (serenity.kristan): you are the best of the best out there right now. A true pornstar

Serenity Kristan-Faulds (serenity.kristan): go ahead, you can put it on a movie poster lol

Alexandria Topaz: laughs

This is just her being the person she's always been in my eyes. I don't have to kiss ass to get her attention and vice versa. It's just a respectful and cordial conversation amongst creative folks. 

Alexandria Topaz: What's your thoughts with regards to how the scene has evolved now? .. The New Faces.. The taking to using flicker as a means of being used as a Model or Actor/Actress.

Serenity: Flickr is great, it's gotten a bigger and is a bigger part of porn since i first went heavily into featuring it on the Pornstars Blog. The great thing is it does make so many more people feel involved in the scene beyond movies. It makes being a Pornstar more accessible. Photography, and also magazines are a huge part of RL porn, so i always felt it should be a huge part of SL porn too. 

Another great side of it is Flickr is a ongoing portfolio for any Pornstars member. Even if your thing is movies, a Flickr stream is a great thing to show a director. Giving great exposure. I really hope Flickr can feed the movie scene too by allowing talent to be spotted, and all genres can link up. Also love the Magazine side of Porn. It gives the scene a really glamorous side, making a lot of members feel special. I'm amazed to see the group pass 2,000 members now. It's the biggest and the best! Also very pleasing to see the number of producers in the group has quadrupled since earlier times. It all points to lots of newcomers, and a very active scene.

Since myself and Louise hosted the first weekly Pornstars parties at Club Erotique around 6 years ago, i'm very happy that side has grown too, and the group has got much more social as a result. Members can mix, make friends, and make contacts much more easily.

Alexandria Topaz: Both of you have both always been helpful in assisting newcomers, current veteran actors/actresses, that are still in the Scene to this Day. What advice would you give the "new generation of folks looking to fit in the industry? 

Serenity: They really should take full advantage of the social side of the group. Parties, and joining in with group chatter. Getting a good casting call is a bit of a lottery. Many producers/photographers feature friends, or people they've been impressed by in person, be it looks or sense of humor, or just by having a fun time with. So it's a must to go and get yourself on their radar and get yourself in the mix.

The most important thing though, really have a go at producing something yourself. Photo's or movies. It's a 100% way to be in a porn project! Invite others to take part in them, and then you'll find you get asked in return, and you're off and running! 

Even more importantly, have fun with everything you do. Enjoy it, you won't last the course otherwise. Not many got to the top miserable, and worrying about what another person is doing. Most of the great Pornstars members had fun all the way. This is a scene based on hot sexy people having fun, creating, and producing stuff to turn us all on. If you get that, then you'll really get on. 

You'll also have one hell of a sexy blast while you do it! 

*. Thank you my dear friends for taking the time out of your busy schedules to partake in my upclose and personal Interview. Yes I will continue to nag ya on your next flick when you mentioned the part I might play in it? Hugs and continued success to you both.

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