Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Upclose & Personal-Scotty

Rather then going to a veteran in the Porn Industry, I decided to choose  a semi newcomer-Photographer, Model and Actor, Scotty07 who is known for both several of the films he has worked on as well his photography on flicker. I sat with/on Scotty :) and asked him several questions to get a perspective of what he has done and up to.

**All Photos Courtesy of Rachel Avro**

Alexandria Topaz: What started your interests in becoming a Model/Pornstar? 

Scotty (scottr07): Well i had been interested in Photography and that got me into doing some modeling.  The Porn came about from meeting several  people in the industry and then started going to the parties, the rest is history.

Alexandria Topaz: As a semi new-comer to the industry how many films have you worked on?

Scotty (scottr07):  I have been in 7 movies and 3 more in the works right now

Alexandria Topaz: What Directors have you currently worked for?

Scotty (scottr07): I have worked with Isabelle Cheviot, Miss Emily, Paolo Julius, Erin Cederbridge  and Erinyes Celestials. Then an independent film with Jenny Starveling.

Alexandria Topaz: what have you noticed behind the scenes when working with these directors?

Scotty (scottr07): How much work really goes into making the films.  The prep work that goes on before a shoot . 2 hours of shooting and several days worth of editing can lead to 10 minutes in a movie.  Lots of respect for the directors.

**Appreciate the sentiments on that as actors can't relate to what a Director does until they're behind the scenes.

Alexandria Topaz: What excites you about being in porn films aside from the sexy actresses..the sex itself?  what tells you, Hey i want to do more of this.?

Scotty (scottr07): The satisfaction of the movie itself.  Like I want in the photos  I  take  I  want the film to speak to the person that is watching it. Like your latest Movie "Through the Lens" the feeling of turning on the person that is watching it..  If I were to move into the Director role that is the kinds of films I would like to produce.

That scores you some nookie... so right now i'm going to - 

Banging Intermission

Back to the interview.. :)

Alexandria Topaz: Aside from acting you've also taken the role of working on photography for production groups and on your flicker page. What's that like for you? 

Scotty (scottr07): I enjoy doing the Pictorials for Dog Star Productions-(Isa Cheviot).  Getting to meet new models and trying my hardest to make them look their very best.  Like I had said earlier any picture I take I want it to speak to the person looking at it.  I enjoy when taking a picture of the model I am capturing it gives me an idea and we make it happen.  On me being a model It is fun to be on the other side of the Camera too.

Alexandria Topaz: What are some actors/actresses that you'd like to see yourself work with in the future?

Scotty (scottr07): One is yourself as we have been in several photographs together but no films.  I know maybe Katina Cazalet we have also worked on pictures together but no film.  Always enjoy working with Monique LeFry to name a few. So  many Great actors and actresses out there its fun to get to know new ones too.

I'm thinking they left an impression on him at some point lol...Moving right along

Alexandria Topaz: As you can see there's a shortage of Film Directors out there and plenty of Hungry Actors. Very few have been able to continue their passion for creating films-porn. Others may have stepped back a bit due to RL. What would you suggest to any newcomers with regards to patience  and introducing themselves to folks in the  Porn Industry?

Scotty (scottr07): The key word you said there is Patience.  With so few Directors out there and so many Pornstars and New Pornstars popping up all the time , there are only so many roles out there right now.  The key is to stay busy yourself.  Get yourself a  flicker page, start sharing the pictures you take of yourself as well as others.  Go to the Parties and really try and get to know everyone there. Be yourself let people know who you are and then the roles will start coming in. 

Listed below is a list of Scottys Work So Far:


Dog Star Movies  
Producer Isabelle Cheviot

My Role:  The Waiter

My Role:   The Dream Man

 In 3 some in one and Gang Bang in other

Independent Movies 

Producer Jenny Starveling   
 My Role:  Surfer

Producer Erins Meow Productions
My Role:  Office Worker

Producer :Paolo Julius
My Role:  Dream Gardner 

Miss Emily Production IGS

Producer Miss Emily
My Role : Bartender

Up Coming Roles

2 Dogstar Movies Producer Isabella Cheviot
1 movie with Producer Erin Cederbridge


  1. Ok now I am just feeling a bit embarrassed and blushing. ;-). Thanks so much Scotty for thinking of me. And another great Up Close article and set of photos, congrats to the team!

  2. Wonderful interview, and great pictures :)

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