Thursday, April 21, 2016

Behind The Scenes-Rachel Avro

I came about this Next Actress at one of Emilys Porn Star Parties. Her look was soft and sexy and I knew she'd be great for the character I was in search of, Only she's playing the opposite role.:) I like to present avatars in a different light. So instead of soft and sexy you're going to get just a tad bit of Delicious Wickedness from her character. Rachel may never be seen the same again lol.

Rachel has an extensive portfolio that speaks for itself. She indeed carries the title of a professional, for her added input also made my directing go smoothly. She gave me what I wanted and I indeed captured it :)

Listed Below are the Films Rachel has worked in.

The Rocky Porno movie Show

Charlies Hookers

trick shot

"If Girls Picked Up Guys! "

Maid in The City

Corruption is Bliss

the Maid

Rachels Flicker

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