Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bitch Boy Camp-Chapter 1

The first Chapter In my first Erotic Series

Bitch Boy Camp-Chapter I
By Alexandria Topaz
Photos By : Scotty 
Set Locations Rural Farms, Mysterium’s Masked Mansion
Actors: Dax Rahl (daxie777), Zepp (zeppo.sicling)
Alexa shoot_1
“I still can’t believe I am going through with this.” “This could so easily
be a trap!” “I could be killed and yet here I am on the highway heading to
see her. I was given a choice, I can still back out, but part of me wants
to keep going…….lets face it, most of me does. I can’t go back there and
stop everything now, I’ve come too far. Haven’t I? But still, what if this
is all a set up? I could be kidnapped, robbed, even killed! She always
told me that this was about trust but I mean c’mon she has all the cards, I
have no leverage here. Yet, here I am driving to the specific address. I
am dressed how she told me to be, blue jeans and a white polo shirt, no
underwear of any kind, no change of clothes, no cell phone but why did I bring it?,
no bags or luggage. Yes, I am sure of it, this is a set up, I’m dead, I’ll pull
off at the next exit and turn around. My mind gets to me as I drive and I begin to
argue with myself. I can’t turn around now, I want this, I need this, and
she expects me, she won’t be happy if I am a no show. But what if I’m
right? What if I am headed to my doom am I willing to accept that. What
will those that know me think? I haven’t even told anyone where I am going.
That’s it! I pull over and call my friend Tom, and tell him that if I am
reported dead or missing where he can look for answers. Perfect, this is my
one piece of leverage, even if I’m killed, the killers will get theirs. I
pull over at the next rest stop I can find. I am practically running to the
nearest pay phone I can find. I dial 411 my friend Tom and begin to dial
his number. Just as I punch the last digit I hang up the phone, and begin
to argue with myself again. This is about trust remember. If you do this
it shows you don’t trust her and you’ll never truly be what you and her both
want. Just do this………take a chance.
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