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All out Exclusive With Friend and Motion Capture Animator-Stroker Serpentine

Interview by PNC Staff Writer: Monique LeFry

Models: Monique Lefry, Alexandria Topaz, Scottyr07, Stroker Serpentine, Anyka Aiséirí

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
Groundbreaking leader in digital rights within virtual environments. Subject of RL documentaries. Maker of the pioneering SexGen series of erotic animations.  And... modest? "I hate talking about myself".  A few hours later, I find there is so much to talk about when it comes to Stroker Serpentine. Peaches and Cream Productions is proud to bring you a short yet fascinating look at this legendary figure in Second Life. We are equally excited to be bringing you a ONE-TIME, SPECIAL OFFER of a FREE POSE PACK (!!) in conjunction with Stroker Serpentine, to celebrate the re-opening of his Strokerz Toyz shop. You really want to read through to the end and learn how to claim this tremendous prize, that will make everyone Thankful this week. But wait! There's more! An additional exclusive announcement on some upcoming releases with the relaunch of the store. Read on!

Stroker Serpentine came to SL in 2007 "from a 2D adult MMO that was based on Amsterdam". He "created the first poseball because we had them in the other world and not SL." He also made "the first sex bed and collaborated on the first menu-driven animation system." You could say that Stroker gave birth to all of our dreams of a sexy virtual world. Yet Stroker was not just a creator in SL looking to make some cash. "When Second Life was at it's prime, 2006-2008, I was doing quite a bit of conferences as a speaker and evangelist." Stroker has been heavily invested in building SL as a true virtual world, and making sure it had lots of good sex as well.

His early success and investment in SL lead to a bleeding of interests into RL, as Stroker was part of "several RL documentaries, showcased by NatGeo's 'Taboo' series." But perhaps even more interesting, he was a leader in groundbreaking legal proceedings addressing digital rights in virtual worlds. "I took a copybotter to court (in real life) and won a judgment. That made international news. 'Avatar sues Avatar'".

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
But in terms of his creations, they really speak for themselves. Ultra-realistic and smooth, you know that there is an artist behind them. But more than that, you know there is something more about Stroker that makes his work such high quality: "I am a Motion Capture Animator in real life. I have a studio in my home." He lives and breathes his work and provides his services in many different areas and fields, not just SL. The investment continues in his prep for the new world of Bento. " I recently invested 25K USD in a system that has full fingers (mocap gloves) and a facial capture camera. Bento Baby!" I for one, would love to see some of the modeling sessions capturing erotic motions with live models... all hooked up to special outfits and electrodes and so on... HOT! "Going forward, all my content will be mocap, primarily aimed at Bento." Even still, some animations require a bit of extra time and effort after the capturing is done: "some positions we take for granted in SL require acrobats. My models are good..but not Cirque de Soleil." I do wonder how one becomes a model for this type of thing?

I am sure I don't have to remind anyone that has been in SL for any length of time how prevalent Stroker's work is: "Since I have released hundreds of sex animations over my 13 years, many for free, just about every porn created has one of my animations in it." Yet, you may have noticed that things have been quiet of late in the Stroker world. 

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz

"There has been an Adult Animation Recession of late, where many builders use the same Full Perm animations in every piece of furniture they have created for years. I am about to change that! I took a year and a half off from SL and I came back two years ago." For those two years, he has been working on "a new animation base that is the latest in my SexGen Series, SexGen6! It will feature a considerable amount of motion capture and multi-speed sequences. I am re-opening my shop, Strokerz Toyz, next weekend for the launch."

But, this is not just a launch of the latest SexGen6 animations base, of course in conjunction with it Stroker will be releasing new products incorporating the SexGen6 engine. Shared exclusively with Peaches and Cream Productions, Stroker is launching the SexGen6 Bed! perhaps even more interesting in my mind, is the other release. "The 'Plush Mod' I am releasing this coming weekend will easily add 100's of animations to any sex bed, without any scripting or building skills needed." You heard that right! Add Stroker-quality sex animations to any bed with no technical skills required! I can't wait to take this mod for a.... umm... test flight. Anyone want to be my co-pilot?

Photo Courtesy of Photographer: Scottyr07
As part of the launch of the new SexGen6 animation base, SexGen6 bed, and Plush Mod, Stroker is working in collaboration with Peaches and Cream Productions to showcase the power of his products for use in realistic SL porn machinima. Stroker and Alexa Topaz-Rodgers have known each other for a very long time and have been anxious to collaborate. "I admire her work and dedication. She is an amazing machinamatrix. I plan to do custom motion capture sequences for her videos. I am flattered to be working with her on specific scenes." Keep an eye out for upcoming productions from Peaches and Cream Productions and see if you can pick out some of Stroker's handiwork. Wow, that is a phrase I am not sure I thought I would ever type...

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
And as a reward for our loyal P.N.C. readers and in recognition of this special collaboration, Stroker has a special gift for you! As of the launch date of this article, for ONE WEEK ONLY, send an IM with "Peaches and Cream" in it to Stroker Serpentine, and you will receive a FREE POSE PACK of Stroker original poses! If you are reading this, stop right now and send that IM. But then come right back! I will miss you... But remember, you only have ONE week starting the date of this posting. If you send an IM after the week is up, I can't be held responsible for Stroker's replies.

Photo Courtesy of PNC-Alexandria Topaz
So, keep an eye out for the re-opening of Strokers Toys, and for upcoming productions from Alexa and Peaches and Cream  Productions featuring the stunning work of Stroker Serpentine. We here at PNC would like to thank Stroker for his support and work with us, and thank YOU for taking the time to read and continuing to support our blog. Enjoy your free gift  courtesy of Stroker Toys and Peaches and Cream Productions!

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  1. Great interview! I knew Stroker was back, and been to a couple of events at his place. But it is REALLY great that he is back and bring back his creative side back to SL. Fantastic news for sure.