Friday, March 1, 2013

InnsMouth-The Carnal Rapture

Actors:Katina Cazalet Bosley Diavolo Joe Smoker Alexandria Topaz

The town of Innsmouth has awaken to a new type of deviant.

Bosleys addictive behavior catches up to him as he partakes on

a trip with his girlfriend, Katina realizing that his dreams

are becoming a reality. A story filled with lots of hot sex

and a descent to the unimagineable.The film is lengthy but

takes you on a non-stop adventure from beginning to end...

I thought this film would never get done. For starters my 

schedule was hectic and I was busy being Glamorized as one of 

the BarbieMates. 

I've always wanted to do a film at Innsmouth. There are just 

so many ideas one can get from this sim. I have to thank 

Darmin Darkes and BaileyMarie Princess for providing me with a 

replica of one of the buildings.

While this film is long it's certainly entertaining. There are 

2 sex scenes followed by a story throughout the entire movie. 

I have to thank my actors Bosley Diavolo for being open to my 

story. Mmm what a hottie he is. I especially have to thank 

Katina Cazalet for being extremely patient and always being 

flexible with her schedule. Katina had the look I was 

searching for prior to even starting production.  While 

Grueling, both of these actors stuck to their schedule and 

showed the upmost of professionalism. I would certainly 

recommend them to any producer out there and hope to use them 

for future productions. 

What's next for me? Certainly some more erotic photo shoots as 

I prepare for my next production. Hurry Hurry and step up you 

gorgeous males.

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