Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hollywood Premiere-Tabloid Story

Hot Off The Press.

Rumor has it some photographers would do anything for a quick pixel bang with any girl eager to get in the spotlight. News flash fame doesn't exist here, only creative minds. Fame doesn't mean anything unless you getting paid top dollars or Hollywood is calling you. Hell I even heard my ex was getting in on it and bragging to his friends.. Smh. It's all well and good if that's what both individuals want but I would never lower myself to those standards in any world. In my opinion a girl would just be cheapening herself since she wouldn't know that behind that computer is a man covering up his insecurities to who he really is. You Know, Because he can't find a real woman in real life? Or even have sex? Or maybe his appearance is just not up to par? 

Real life photos were sent of some of these Photographers and I'd be lying if i said i wasn't itching to release them. I'd just hate to ruin those vixens thoughts if they were to see who's really snapping them. I'd soooo be laughing my way to the misery presented as they're retching from the disgust. Smarten up girls you're just going to appear as weak as that man. Personally, there's only a few "leading folks in the "industry" the same ones I came in with several years back who have befriended me and I'm still friends with to this day. They know who they are. 

Rumor also has it that there's a vixen who wants to steal my spotlight? Silly Girl, I don't have a spotlight, I'm just doing what I enjoy best, filming whether anyone likes it or not. I have nothing to prove I'm just entertaining my mind for my own liking, making some good friends with extremely talented folks and staying away from the drama. But if you want my Star BITCH.. come and take it.. it's right here if not have  a cup of Shut the Fuck UP... 

Fact Or Fiction?  Hmm some could be true mixed in with Fiction...You decide  lol.. Ok Ok.. so I'll keep it Juicy The Vixen part is true/ As for the photography story? well you'll just have to wait and see smiles More to come.  In the mean time this tunes for that Girl that just can't get enough of me... 

Good Girl Gone Bad.....

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