Thursday, May 3, 2018

College Daze- The Series Episode 1- Coming Soon

I have FINALLY been able to get this series off the floor. It is officially my new baby and I'm so proud of it. This production came as a result of an idea I presented to the talented Luke N. Fortacos who serves in a plethora of talents Photographer, Writer, Model. I had an idea of doing a soft BDSM flick in a college setting. Luke N. Fortacos quickly got to writing an episode and then a second. Once he presented them, I quickly got to scouting for location, props and Models. The episodes have been condensed  as Luke N. Fortacos left me with plenty to play with. I then just added several episodes to keep me busy during the fall. Luke I want to thank you for taking your time and I promise you it will surely not go Unnoticed.

Additionally, I'd like to thank Anyka Aiseiri, Dillon Lecker and Racheal Rexen. Three known Directors who took time out of their schedules to be my extras in this production. You don't normally see Directors take part in another Directors production, as everyone has their own agenda, idea and styles. Rest assured if you ever need anyone or want to work on a collaborative production, I will certainly not hesitate to say yes. Followed by my good friend and sis, Partee Mytili. Thank you for assisting with props. Always appreciate you even with our busy schedules. 

Before I proceed to introduce my Actors/Models, this project was started a while back as we were in the precipice of Bento heads. Some of the actors were already in the process of changing, even myself. Dialog was surely needed to proceed forward. Thankfully everyone is already updated which should make epiosdes 2,3,4 etc, flow better. I don't normally take this long to present projects but with my rl work schedule and other meaningless matters, time was taken away. I am not one to leave anything undone and this project will certainly be proceeding as planned. I will be presenting the 1st episode now and being that the school season is almost over, get back into production Mid to end of August.  Give or take my Actors Schedule - Raised Eyebrow - You all better be ready. :) In between this time I will be shooting small projects. Lastly noted some of the Main Characters may not be present in the 1st episode but  you'll be seeing them as the series moves forward. The 1st episode may appear a bit mild but will get interesting as it moves forward.

Most Exciting is the fact that Serenity Kristan-Faulds and her partner Louise Kristan-Faulds will be partaking in the series as main characters. Have to love that i'm pushing on Directorial Collaborations. They will both be coming in as the series progresses.

Love my school template. perfectly designed for this series by moi. I took the liberty of listing all Main Characters and Extras. However, once we move to episode two, it will be changed to add the additional main characters and extras that are used. Not too happy with my poster but that will be changed as we come back in the fall. Originally, I had Hector set to play my boyfriend but he was a bit busy so I switched Cody in for the part. I then switched it back from Cody to Hector when he returned, as Hector was actually who I wanted. A new poster will be created for the fall. Last but not least while the Burners play extras, I have a feeling I might be bringing Monique back and replacing Scotty Rodgers. SO Males interested in a part here's your chance Just contact me and i'll fill you in, if you fit the part.

College Daze - The Series. 

We're going to take a journey into the lives of  Byrony Taste and Penny Slots, two overly sexual college freshmans who are beginning their studies in your not so normal educational institution run by a wacky organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges. 

Episode 1

Class is in session and continuously interrupted by Penny and Byrony. Professor DuCreme doesn't take lightly on having any of his lectures interrupted and request both to  report to his office. The girls get sidetracked having Professor Ducreme trail the school searching for them. He finally catches up with Byrony as she receives her first mild lesson in obedience or is it pleasure? 

The Cast is as Follow:

Byrony Taste - Alexandria Topaz - 18 yr old oversexed freshman, who dates the not so bright but good looking Lance Slots, star running  back.

Penny Slots -  Rachel Avro  - Bryony's best friend, Slut and trouble maker.

Lance Slots -  Hector - Pennys Step Brother and Bryony Boyfriend.

Professor Ducreme - Larry Vinaver - Need I say more? This professor is heavily into training his students to be future subservients.

Mrs. Ducreme - Partee Mytili - Professor DuCreme's Wife and Subservient. She gives in oh so willingly. :)


Mr. & Mrs. Burner - Monique Lefry * Scotty Rodgers- Neighborhood friends penny babysits for.

Dillon Lecker - self - Class Student in Episode 1
Anyka Aiseiri - self - Class Student in Episode 1
Racheal Rexen - self - Class Student in Episode 1
Cody -          self - Class Student in Episode 1

Movie Stills

Stay Tuned!!!

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