Monday, May 28, 2018

A Taste Of Ecstasy

A Taste of Ecstasy-Alexandria Topaz

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Alexandria Topaz

Pose: ETC Poses -Envy Watts-Slightly Altered
PNC: Fasion Decor Set-Sonji Prevost

Azealia Banks-The Big Big Beat

You've been 'round the world
Looking for love in the strangest places
Don't you think it's time you confess your love to me?
Shining diamond
All of your facets you've so many faces
Bet your evil smile'll convince anyone who sees

Ooh, boy, ooh, boy
Ooh, boy, I think I know just what you need
Ooh, boy, ooh, boy
Ooh, boy, yeah you need a taste of ecstasy
Ooh, boy, ooh, boy

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