Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Up Close and Personal-Brea Brianna/Jinx Jiersen

I decided to take an up close and personal approach to everyone in the industry. So as time allots I will just be mingling around to get a feel of those around me.  Most of them I already know and I'm  enjoying getting to know those now coming in. My thoughts will always be good as I'm not one to knock anyone. I'm here to enjoy myself  but then  I also don't need to define myself to anyone. If the drama drops by I'll be glad to nip it in the bud. I also feel this personal approach with others and myself, will give those around me an opportunity to get a feel of how I really am.

It was great to just unwind, relax and go out and chit chat a bit. Sometimes I can get caught up in my projects without giving myself a breather. I decided to drop by Teqi's Lounge to listen to some tunes and mingle a little. To my surprise I ran into Ponrstar, Covergirl, and Playmate Brea Brianna. Also close by was one of Sl's former Pornstar and Photographer Jinx Jiersen who i'm assuming will be working on photography again. 

It's amazing how you really don't know someone until you sit down and converse with them. Brea and I chatted for hours on end about Photography, the Porn Industry, parties, and most importantly to me, SHOPPING lol. Needles to say from the photo above, Brea was equisitely radiant in the attire she was wearing and  on point with her Avis appearance. I got a better feel of Brea while chatting with her. She reminds me of me when I first started out. A go-getter. She doesn't sit down and wait for things to happen. She knows she has to go out there and Make it happen. That's exactly the mentally one needs to have in this virtual industry to succeed at what they truly aspire to present of themselves. Most importantly one should never let their notoriety or fame get to their head. We're all here for our own interests, amusement and pleasure and we need to respect that of one another. Anything else will just have you shun from being thought of when working with Photographers, Directors, Designers or Magazine Editors. But back to Brea. It was extremely pleasant having that one on one time with her she was not only amiable but in professional mode which is what we need more of in the industry. As a Pornstar and Director that's one of the qualities I like as it makes working on projects pleasant. I will definitely be working with Brea at Some Point.

Close by us was Jinx Jiersen who tried to get me up on the dance pole and when that approach didn't work he said his lap was fine. Lol. too funny. Although I did see him enjoying the view while Brea and I were conversing. I was going back and forth with both. Jinx and I have known each other for years as friends but we also had our own things going on. Jinx has done quite a bit of photography with top Directors Like Serenity Kristan-Faulds and her partner, Pornstar Louise Kristan Faulds. He's also won various awards. Jinx and I were always cordial with one another when we met up. Our personalities are similar in that we have that no holds barred tell you in your face personality. We did take more of a personal approach with one another last night. I also appreciate him being Genuine. What you're going to get from Jinx is exactly who he is regardless of who you are. I'm glad to see him back and hopefully we can sit down create or just shoot the breeze. Yeah man Yeah..  lol....

To sum this up you can get a feel from the aforementioned, of what gets my attention. Someone working towards doing what they love (Passion), shows interest and not afraid to be challenged. Another is One who keeps it true to themselves regardless of how far they've come. I didn't intend on chatting or meeting up with Brea or Jinx. I really did just go out for a Booty Call. (lol) but It just happened that the conversation kept my interests and was enjoyable. As mentioned, I'll continue to be chatting it up with others at parties and events. I welcome you all on my venture. Well  I'm off to decide what to wear to the Brit-X Magazine One Year Anniversary Issue. Maybe I'll see you there. Although I would arrive early as it can get quite crowded. Brits Rock!!!.. Until next time..

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  1. Thankyou Alexandria , wonderful idea and blog . I loved every minute of our chat too <3