Sunday, May 8, 2016

Naughty Pixel Productions Movie Premiere

Last Night was not just about being in the spotlight but about showing support to other Directors Out There. I like to support my fellow Female Directors as there's a load of us out there that should receive the recognition for all the hard work we do. Additionally, with Directors Like Zoey we can expect to pave the way for New Startlets to Join the Acting Scene Or even be Directors Themselves.

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Sex & Sexuality picks up where Episode 3 left off on Porn Star, Producer, Director and Photographer, Zσєʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀє-Rєɪɴσɪʀ New Episode of The Business Of Women. The Cast Includes Porn Stars Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir, Stacia Reinoir, Porn Star, Director and Designer MissEmily, Sandy Miggins, Katina Cazalet and Adele Simondsen. Now I can give you a synopsis of what it entails but what good would that be when you can check it out on your own. What I can say is that the episode has turned out to be quite steamy with these insatiable Vixens. Added Cast Members will give girls and guys alike something to cream for. Zσєʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀє-Rєɪɴσɪʀ stated there will be a couple of Episodes more. I myself would carry out this show for many seasons. Great Job!

Followed by the premiere was a nice sizzling party filled with cast members and porn starlets dancing the night away as  DJ Stacia Renoir mixed some excellent tunes. Below are some quick shots I took at the event. 

Actress/Model/Director & Producer: Alexandria Topaz
☑ Sєcᴏɴᴅʟıғє  Pᴏʀɴѕтaʀ  Dıʀєcтᴏʀ  Pʀᴏᴅᴜcєʀ  Pнᴏтᴏɢʀaᴘнєʀ: Zoey Winsmore Reinoir
 (Naughty Pixel Productions)

Porn Star Katina Cazalet
Model Actress & Editor Of Aroused Magazine

Actress, Model, Playmate 

 Model / Actress / Director / Photographer 

 DJ & Cast Member  Stacia Reinoir

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