Monday, May 2, 2016


Stroker Serpentine*Alexandria Topaz

If you're not familiar with this Hottie,Than you're not having enough Sex!.. Stroker Serpentine is probably in your bedroom right now. Well Known as one of the Best Sex Engine Maker that SL has encountered. Being the network Gal that I am I gave Stroker an Idea to create an Exclusive pose of me Stroking Him and to make it all the more fun I told him I would do so with my Ass. :)  Just to make sure I was stroking at the appropriate speed he kept tapping-Spanking my ass Harder and Harder thus Making me his STROKE-HER for the evening.. we're both not done with each other and will plan on collaborating on some ideas.. You'll just have to wait and see
Now if you want to see how well i stroked him from behind you may want to check out my flicker page..                                     

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