Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Serenity & Louise Grand Tour-Ep1. Alexa meets two strapping girls

It's not every day that you have two excellent creators knocking on your door to be part of their next creation. Such was the case when Serenity and Louise knocked on my door  and invited me to be part of their Grand Tour Series. Let me just say this is a Milestone for me as I've always wanted to work with  "The Best" Directors and Photographers  and personally it doesn't get any better than these two. So yes I've certainly arrived at my Destination.  "I'm all the way up and nothing can stop me" lol.

I've admired Serenity's work ever since I've entered the porn industry. I must say her work has inspired me to open up to my own creativity when filming and for that I thank her much.  It was with that inspiration that kept me in her I.M. Box  wondering when her next masterpiece would be created. Little did I know i'd be part of it..  This indeed is my first Lesbian Debut. :)

Here's a look at Serenity & Louise's Grand Tour Film in her own words. 

Serenity Kristan Faulds:

Welcome to our brand new series. 'Sere & Lou's Grand Tour'. In this new series we'll be traveling around in our trusty camper van, visiting Pornstars, and the hot, horny, and fun people we meet around the virtual world.

In this first episode. We visit the lovely Alexandria Topaz-Rodgers! You can follow how we get to see her in this fly on the wall, reality, stupid travelog kind of film! Ironically, the 'Grand Tour' was conceived to be a 'vehicle' in itself, to just have a blast and shoot fun ideas and scenarios. Incorporating them into meeting a bunch of nice people around Second Life.

Alexa made the perfect first guest star for the 'Grand Tour'. She really did make my return to directing a pleasure. Look out for our follow up post, containing a photo shoot and much more on our super hot guest. We hope you enjoy the movie just below. 

Have a look at some of the Salacious Scenes Captured:
Photos Courtesy of Serenity Kristan Faulds- Louise Kristan Faulds

This is just the beginning of their road trip. Go check it out Now!!!

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